Whatever your unique perspective is, there’s no denying that money has the power to influence your and your family’s lives. And clearly your conceptions about the true value of money spill over to affect things like your ability to maintain a work-life balance, and less tangible things like your ability to be happy and satisfied.

This means that our ideas about money matter almost as much as the amount of money in our bank accounts. Learning about different people’s perspectives on what money is, its true value, and how other people make and use their money will open your mind to new ways of thinking about, making, and using your own money.

Without further ado, here’s a list of 10 free online documentaries for your viewing, educating, and mind-altering pleasure.

1. How to Win the Loser’s Game

This 82-minute documentary provides insight into how to properly invest your money and come out on top of the investing game.

Watch it Here

2. Influencers

This 14-minute documentary provides a brief insight into how trends and ideas catch on and become relevant in modern society. This documentary also looks at how people become “effective influencers.” Hint: being an influencer can make you $$!

Watch it Here

3. How to Buy Nukes On the Black Market

This eye-opening documentary looks at how easy it is to buy weapons of mass destruction if you have enough money. We know that money can buy you power, but can it buy you the ability to change the course of history?

Watch it Here

4. How to Buy Happiness

This 11-minute TED Talk by Michael Norton breaks down how money can actually give you a happier life.

Watch it Here

5. Steve Jobs: Biography

This doc gives a special look at the influence Steve Jobs had on technology, film, and culture during his lifetime. How did he manage to achieve what he did? What drove him to exceed everyone’s goals and expectations? Was he driven by money- or by something else?

Watch it Here

6. When Bankers Were Good

Get historical and take a look at bankers and financial professionals during the Victorian era. Unlike the greed and other negatives we may associate with bankers today, during this time there were more important priorities outside of the bottom line. What were they? What changed?

Watch it Here

7. The End of Poverty?

This 105-minute documentary takes an in-depth look at the way that history has shaped the global poverty crisis we’re facing today. This is not a crisis that developed overnight, and there is definitely a solution — so why are billions of people still living in poverty today? What do governments and society have to gain by keeping so many people on the bottom?

Watch it Here

8. The Dark Side of Chocolate

What do child labor, trafficking, and other horrifying abuses have to do with your sweet tooth? In 2001, the shocking discovery was made that cacao farms house all of this and more. What’s happened to the chocolate industry since these shocking discoveries were made? What has changed? What laws and regulations have come in to play since we found out the real cost of a chocolate bar?

Watch it Here

9. Daylight Robbery

This hour-long documentary takes a look at the finances and assets that have been miscalculated and lost throughout the West’s tumultuous relationship with Iraq. Has more money been spent than the public is aware of? Where is it going? Do our governments even even have a clue?

Watch it Here

10. Not Business as Usual

This question-raising and provocative hour-long documentary takes a deeper look at the actual costs and outcomes of capitalism. How can a society that answers to the shareholder truly consider itself free and prosperous? What costs are we really paying?

Watch it Here

It can be easy go about your daily business using cash and credit to buy things and never give a thought to the true value of money and the myriad cons and consequences it inspires. But the truth is that everything in our lives is somehow tied to money, and it pays to be informed.

Your dollar is your power — so it’s essential that you understand how to use this power to get yourself ahead and for the betterment of the world around you.

Spread the word and share these mind-opening documentaries about the many shades of money. After all, the only thing more powerful than money is knowledge.

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Katie Winterburn

Katie Winterburn

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Katie is a freelance contributor to MoneyWise.

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