You might imagine that given their wealth and status, members of Britain's royal family would never need to take on a job beyond the monarchy, which carries with it a full plate of responsibilities. However, even members of the elite sometimes want to spread their gold-plated wings and try on a new role.

Here are five strange jobs you never expected members of the royal family to hold.

Princes William and Harry: 'Star Wars' stormtroopers

Star Wars stormtroopers
Antonio Martin/Shutterstock
Stormtroopers from "Star Wars," similar to the ones played by Princes William and Harry in the new film.

Ask any young boy what he wants to be what he grows up, and you might hear him name one of his favorite fictional characters. Princes William and Harry got to live out every young "Star Wars" fan's fantasy when they visited the set of the newest film, "The Last Jedi," and were put to work playing stormtroopers.

Their faces are covered by white helmets in the film, so it’s tough to tell the princes apart from the rest of the squad, but they still get to boast that they landed what many would consider to be a dream job.

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