Don't let your insurance let you down. Here are 10 examples of what a standard homeowners policy often won't cover. With this stuff, peace of mind is likely to cost extra.

1. Flooding

flooding in luxurious kitchen interior. 3d creative illustration
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A flood that originates inside the home — like if your water heater leaks all over the floor — is usually covered by homeowners insurance.

But flooding caused by natural or physical forces outside the home — if, say, a nearby river spills out of its banks and into your living room — would not be covered by typical home insurance.

For that, you need special flood coverage offered through a government program. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) maps show whether your home is at high risk for flooding — and whether you need to get flood insurance ASAP.

2. Sinkholes

Sinkhole In Mayaguez Puerto Rico
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Homeowners insurance policies usually note that they do not cover damage caused by earth movement.

Sinkholes fall into this category because in a sinkhole, the ground opens up.

In states where sinkholes are common, homeowners can purchase special coverage for them. In Florida, a 2016 law requires insurers to make sinkhole insurance available to policyholders "for an appropriate additional premium."

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