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1. Extra virgin olive oil

Alt text


Price: $16.99

You can give your cooking an extra flavor kick by picking up some Kirkland brand olive oil on your next trip to Costco.

At $17 for 2 liters, it's great for your bank account — but it isn't just the price that will make you fall in love with this kitchen essential. The taste and quality are great, too.

Kirkland olive oil meets both U.S. and international standards for what constitutes "extra-virgin" olive oil. Out of several imported olive oils tested by the University of California, Davis, Kirkland consistently comes out on top.

One Reddit user can't get enough of that EVOO:

Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a steal, and their Tuscan is even better tasting (although less of a steal).

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2. Maple syrup

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Price: $10.99

Here's what you need to serve the perfect pancakes. But don't just take our word for it.

Kirkland’s dark amber maple syrup was tested by Consumer Reports and was ranked the third best maple syrup in terms of clean taste and complexity.

There are hints of molasses, caramel and vanilla, according to professional tasters. You’ll never go back to one of those national-brand supermarket "syrups" (notice how they never say maple?) again.

Reddit user Yuengling88 isn’t afraid to admit to pouring the stuff on everything:

Probably one of Costco's best items. Nectar of the gods. Grade A dark amber. $10.99 for 32 ounces at my local warehouse. I've been sipping it straight, it's that good!

3. Cashews

Alt text

Price: $16.99

Anyone who goes nuts for nuts knows that cashews usually come with a hefty price tag. Costco has got you covered: Its Kirkland brand cashews are super fresh and high quality, and at $16.99 for 2 1/2 pounds, the price is competitive.

If a couple pounds of nuts sounds like a bit too much for your tastes, remember that you can stick them in the freezer so they’ll keep longer.

An anonymous Reddit user shared how frozen cashews are good for a healthy snack on a hot summer day:

My in-laws started putting Kirkland cashews in the freezer as a treat on hot summer days. So freaking good.

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4. Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

Alt text


Price: $12 per pound

If you’re like me, you simply can’t have a bowl of spaghetti without first burying it under a mountain of Parmesan cheese. The thing is, you can only get real Parmesan from the Parma-Reggio region of Italy.

All others are just cheap imitations, but the real thing will cost you.

With its Kirkland Signature Parmigiano-Reggiano, Costco's got the goods to satisfy cheese lovers. This Parm is the real deal — straight from Parma-Reggio and aged for two years. Also, it will cost you a fraction of what you’d pay at boutique retailers.

Reddit user FoxRedYellaJack says it’s the best value for your money:

The Parmesan that Costco has under their Kirkland branding is actually really good, particularly the Stravecchio, which is aged longer. It tastes comparable to the Parmesan at Whole Foods that costs around $20 per pound.

5. Organic frozen berries

Alt text


Price: $9.50 for a 4-pound bag

The American Heart Association recommends eating four to five servings of fruit per day, but it can be hard to incorporate that into your daily diet.

Enter: frozen fruits. They're a great way to make sure you're getting your daily dose of Vitamin C, because you can add them to virtually anything: smoothies, oatmeal, parfaits and more. Your immune system will thank you.

As an added bonus, frozen fruits have a much longer shelf life than fresh produce.

Reddit user Scoobydiesel87 says it's almost hard to believe these tasty treats are good for you.

My family loves the Kirkland frozen mangos so much, it’s like having a bowl of ice cream. We also get the strawberries and other frozen fruit from Costco and love it.

6. Stretch-Tite plastic food wrap

Alt text


Price: $12 for two 750-foot rolls

Be prepared to ditch your usual plastic wrap forever.

The Stretch-Tite plastic food wrap from Kirkland is a winner in terms of both quality and price. The wrap is thick and durable, and the slide-razor is a lot easier to use (and safer) than the sharp metal teeth on other plastic wrap brands.

And, with two gigantic rolls, you’ll have enough to last through months of lunches. Reddit user code13dontask sings this plastic wrap’s praises:

Kirkland Plastic Wrap with the magic cutting built-in slide is the most underrated item at Costco. I have fought with plastic wrap for decades. I have one box in the house now and a spare in case they ever stop carrying this item.

7. Gasoline

Alt text


Price: varies

If you’ve ever seen a huge lineup of cars at Costco, you were probably witnessing customers stocking up on Kirkland gasoline. Yes, Costco sells that, too, because many of the stores come with their own gas stations.

The reason people are willing to wait behind 20 other cars on a Saturday afternoon? With gasoline prices soaring, the savings are too good to pass up.

Costco members and Costco Cash holders who stock up on Kirkland gas can expect to save up to 30 cents on gasoline, compared to what competitors charge.

More: Is Costco car insurance worth it?

8. Certified organic Grade A large eggs

Alt text


Price: $6.50 for two dozen

Kirkland Pasture eggs not only taste great and are an incredible deal at $6.50, but they’re also certified humane and cage-free. And that isn’t just a marketing ploy.

In order for eggs to reach certified organic and certified humane status, certain prerequisites have to be met. For example, the hens must have at least 108 square feet of farm land to roam around on.

Kirkland eggs consistently meet the standards, and they're a fraction of the price charged by organic food retailers.

Reddit user bartbear says Kirkland eggs are a regular purchase:

$6.50 for 24 extra large eggs at Costco. I shop at Costco once a week. Everything is great quality for a really great value, too.

9. Coffee

Alt text


Price: $9.99

For under than 10 bucks, you can get three pounds of Kirkland Signature 100% Colombian coffee, a robust, dark roast coffee that's sure to perk up your mornings. Store it in the freezer and it’ll last for ages.

Another great deal are the Kirkland Signature coffee K-cups, for those of you with a Keurig machine. You can get a box of 120 recyclable pods for $36.99, or roughly $12 per pound.

Reddit user macbreak just can’t get enough of that Kirkland cup of joe:

The whole bean dark roast is decent. It’s not over-roasted like most of Starbucks’ coffees. My household is strictly a Kirkland dark roast coffee household.

10. Dish detergent pacs

Alt text


Price: $9.79 for 115 pods

We drink a lot of tea at my house, so we’re always running the dishwasher to replenish our mug supply.

Dishwasher pods can get expensive, especially if you buy name-brand. But Kirkland Signature Premium Dishwasher Pacs work just as well as the popular big-name varieties, and they cost less than 9 cents per pod.

Reddit user billnye97 is an enthusiastic user of those hardworking little pods:

We live and die by the Kirkland brand dishwasher pacs. We used to buy the Cascade but our old dishwasher is much better with the Kirkland brand ones. They clean much better than the Cascade ones (at least for us).

11. Honey

Alt text


Price: $8.99 for 4 pounds

Kirkland Clover Honey and Kirkland Raw Source Honey are super sweet — and it's not just the way they taste. The price is pretty sweet, too.

Kirkland honey, like many Kirkland products, is rigorously tested for quality control and is "true source" certified. To get that label, the honey must reach high standards and conditions set by the USDA.

You always get a honey of a deal, says Reddit user krungloid:

For the price it's probably the best deal you'll get at these quantities. The highest quality you can get is the raw stuff. It's the difference between Welch's grape juice and grapes the farmer down the road grew.

12. Pulled pork

Alt text


Price: $6.99 for 40 ounces

If you’re looking for a great, cheap dinner that will feed an entire family, look no further than Kirkland pulled pork.

It’s a fantastic buy at less than $7, and it comes preseasoned, which means you just pop the tray in the oven for 30 minutes and it’s good to go. You get barbecue without having to barbecue.

You can try the pulled pork on a bun or use it to make quesadillas or tacos.

Reddit user shouldipropose is a big fan:

The pulled pork is a great, great, great value considering that most BBQ places will charge you $15-$20 bucks per pound for pulled pork.

13. Sliced deli chicken breast

cold cuts chicken breast
HandmadePictures / Shutterstock

Price: $4.99 per pound

Packing lunches for the whole family has never been easier than this. Kirkland brand lean meats are super juicy and tasty, and make for a great sandwich on toast with mayonnaise.

At $4.99 for 2 pounds of chicken breast, go big or go home. Load up with an extra slice of chicken or two for the best sandwich of your life.

An anonymous Reddit user can’t get enough of the deli deals at Costco:

We buy the massive packs of lean chicken from Costco’s Kirkland brand. Add in some lean turkey breast and salami, too, to make an epic three-meat sandwich. We also buy tons of fresh fruits and nuts at Costco, it makes for a healthy midday snack.

14. Sparkling water

Alt text


Price: $12.99 for a pack of 24

Sugary sodas can be just as harmful to your health as a cheeseburger and fries, so skip the fizzy pop and drink sparkling water instead.

I find that sparkling water totally nixes my cravings for soda, and it helps me get in my eight glasses of water a day. My family swears by the Kirkland sparkling water — we always keep an extra case in the garage for guests (or for ourselves, let’s be honest).

It’s virtually indistinguishable from Perrier or Pellegrino, and you can get a case of 24 16.9-ounce bottles for $12.99, compared to a smaller case of Pellegrino for $16.99.

Cheers to that, says Reddit user hydrashok:

Love this water so much. Buy a bunch! My Costco gets it in, sells out, and then it's usually a few weeks before I see it again.

15. Organic peanut butter

Alt text


Price: $10 for two, 28-ounce jars

Up your snacking game and go with organic peanut butter from Kirkland.

This rich and creamy peanut butter has no added sugars and no hydrogenated oils, which means you’re getting just the protein, none of the unhealthy stuff. It’s delicious when spread on toast, pretzels, or mixed with Kirkland honey.

Don’t be alarmed when the natural oils start to separate. Just give it a stir and spread it. Reddit user playmakeup loves this PB:

It’s awesome! Nothing added but salt and isn’t too terribly oily like some other natural peanut butters. I must be on my tenth jar.

16. Razor blades

Alt text


Price: $19.99 for 14 cartridges

Daily grooming can be incredibly economical for Costco shoppers.

If you keep Kirkland Signature Triple Blade razor blades in good condition, you might have to buy them just once a year. They're sold in a pack of 14 for under $20, which works out to about $1.43 per razor.

That’s a heck of a difference compared to a 20-blade package of Gillette Mach 3 Turbos, selling for $38.99, or $1.95 per cartridge.

Reddit user jatorres loves that close, clean shave he gets from the Costco blades:

Kirkland razors are my go-to now, they work pretty well for me, but not everyone's beard hair is the same.

17. Toilet paper

Alt text


Price: $16.99 for 30 rolls

If you’re using single-ply toilet paper, what are you even doing with your life? Upgrade that TP and bask in the luxury of double-ply goodness.

Costco takes good care of you when you take care of business, so you don’t have to sacrifice cost for quality. At $16.99 for 30 rolls of two-ply toilet paper, you’re spending only about 55 cents per roll.

Plus, you won't run out for a long time, since you're technically getting a double roll.

The way one anonymous Reddit user describes Kirkland Signature "bath tissue," you might think the product team is worthy of a Nobel prize:

Kirkland toilet paper is the pinnacle of innovation and engineering.

18. Wine

Alt text


Price: $6.99 and up

You can great deals on all kinds of booze at Costco, but don’t miss out on the signature brand of Kirkland red and white wines, which start at a very affordable $6.99.

At those prices, it’s easy to see why Costco is the No. 1 retailer of wine in the U.S, selling a whopping $1.8 billion of the grape per year, according to Kiplinger.

Full disclosure: I haven’t yet tried any of the Costco wines, so I can't vouch for the taste, but they have a die-hard following and several dedicated blogs.

Even people who live in California Wine Country can’t get over how good the Kirkland wine is, like Reddit user sydnius:

I come from the land of Glen Ellen, Sonoma County, California. Kirkland Cabernet is seriously good for the money.

19. Rotisserie chicken

Alt text


Price: $4.99

If you hear bells ringing in Costco, it’s not the fire alarm — it means fresh Kirkland Signature chicken has come straight off the rotisserie. Grab one while its hot, because Costco's juicy and delicious chickens are good enough for dinner and leftovers.

Pick up a pack of Kirkland dinner rolls ($4.99) and you’ll be able to feed the whole family for $10. You’ll have a new dinner favorite in no time.

Reddit user hau5 talks about the many uses for Kirkland rotisserie chicken:

This whole chicken cooked is $5 dollars at Costco. Not only do they do a better job cooking it than I can, but I save on the energy bill from cooking it. My wife and I each have a leg and thigh for one meal. The rest of the chicken makes three or four meals of meat and then I put onion, carrot, celery, thyme, garlic in with the bones to make a great broth for some soups. These past three weeks I've made Thai soup, potato and leek soup and chicken rice soup.

20. Bacon

Alt text


Price: $17 for 4 pounds

Americans love their bacon and can’t get enough of this crispy, smoky, delicious fatty treat.

Kirkland makes some of the best-quality and best-tasting bacon, according to Consumer Reports, and the price is unbeatable compared to other grocery chains.

Four pounds may seem like a whole heck of a lot of bacon, but it’s sold in four single-pound packs, so just stick them in the freezer until you’re ready to cook a BLT, fry up some bacon and eggs — or cotton candy bacon.

Reddit user kardashianhobbit is makin’ bacon:

Our house loves Costco thick sliced bacon. Kirkland brand. I cook it in the oven on a foiled line pan and it’s nice and crispy.


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