You know that feeling when you're trying so hard to save every penny and then you see other people practically tossing dollar bills down the toilet?

Maybe the Germans have a crazy-long word for that mix of astonishment and superiority that comes over you. Blow-denfraude? Like schadenfraude, though instead of feeling self-satisfied over the misfortunes of others, you feel that way when you see how they blow their money.

On Reddit recently, the question was asked: What do people waste money on that amazes you?

Here are the most jaw-dropping responses from Reddit readers.

1. Stupid about smartphones?

Customers admiring the iPhone X at an Apple store in France
Why do some people feel it's necessary to buy a new smartphone every year?

New phones. I mean, I can understand if your phone is busted or outdated, like you've got the iPhone 4 and want to upgrade to the iPhone 7. I just don't get why people get the iPhone 7 and then immediately get the iPhone 8 a year later. And don't get me wrong, I'm not ragging on Apple users specifically, that's only an example. People to do the same thing with any line of popular smartphone. It seems like a total waste of money to me, especially considering the differences between Generic Smartphone 10 and Generic Smartphone 11 are pretty minimal.

| SupaKoopa714

A new cellphone EVERY FREAKING YEAR.

| undergroundlemons

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