The Chain Restaurants That Are Disappearing the Fastest

These dining chains have been closing the most locations. Stick a fork in them -- they may be done.

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Chain restaurants are a staple of American life. Whether you love the chains or loathe them, it can be comforting to order a meal thousands of miles from home and know exactly what to expect.

But tastes are changing. More consumers are demanding healthier meals made from locally grown food. So, hundreds of restaurants are going out of business, similar to the way thousands of stores have been closing.

We count down the restaurant chains that are dwindling fastest, based on the numbers of closings in 2017 and 2018. Will your favorites survive?

17. Pieology

Arvin, CA - March 03, 2016: Pieology Pizzaria
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Arvin, CA - March 03, 2016: Pieology Pizzaria

Closings: 4

Pieology is one of those newer, create-your-own pizza restaurants that look more like a Chipotle or a Subway than a traditional pizza place.

The California-based chain operates in 21 states and Guam, and has 135 locations. But there used to a be few more.

Four out of the five Pieology shops in Michigan recently closed somewhat mysteriously. A sign on the door of the Ann Arbor location said it was shut down due to "unfortunate circumstances beyond our control," reported.

16. Bravo / Brio

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COLUMBUS, OHIO - JANUARY 21 2018: Bravo Cucina Italiana is an upscale Italian eatery with full service. They are in 33 states thorughout the USA.

Closings: At least 9

Sister chains Bravo! Cucina Italiana and Brio Tuscan Grille found themselves in a bit of a ragu and have been closing a few of their Italian restaurants where the business lost its spice.

A half-dozen locations shut down in 2017, and a few more have closed this year, including one in downtown Baltimore near the city's famed Inner Harbor.

Bravo and Brio were sold in the spring of 2018 to investors who planned to update the two menus. At the time of the sale, the chains had 110 restaurants in 32 states.