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The "retail apocalypse" isn't over yet.

More than 6,000 stores have gotten obliterated in 2018, and now retailers are already working on wiping more off the map in 2019.

Here are 15 chains that plan to empty out even more of their stores in the year ahead, counting down to the retailer that may close the most locations.

15. Macy's

Indianapolis - Circa February 2016: Macy's Department Store. Macy's, Inc. is one of the Nation's Premier Omnichannel Retailers II
Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock

Stores closing in 2019: 1 (so far)

At Macy's, it's practically a tradition that the going-out-of-business sales season starts as soon as the holiday season ends. The department store giant typically starts each year with an announcement of store closings.

But this time, Macy's got an early jump on things. It revealed in November that a store in Nanuet, New York — about an hour northwest of New York City — would close in early 2019 after more than 30 years.

That's likely just a start. Analyst Neil Sauders with Global Data Retail says Macy's needs to dump more of its locations "where the return on investment is not viable."

14. Target

Indianapolis - Circa August 2016: Target Retail Store Baskets. Target Sells Home Goods, Clothing and Electronics VI
Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock

Stores closing in 2019: 6

Even popular and trendy Target finds itself with money-losing stores that it wants to shake loose.

The company is closing a half-dozen by February, in what has become an annual thing. The retailer shuttered 13 in February 2018, and a dozen a year earlier.

But don't worry, Target fans: The chain is still healthy and growing. It's planning to open roughly 20 new locations in 2019, primarily smaller stores.

13. Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor is a department store in the United States, Oak Brook, IL April 22, 2018
Tahaa / Shutterstock

Stores closing in 2019: 9

Lord & Taylor is closing its iconic flagship store on New York's Fifth Ave. before the end of 2018, and the company plans to put several more of its department stores out of business in the new year.

The New York store has stood for more than 100 years and was the first to place animated displays in its store windows at Christmas time. The chain's other locations are mostly found in malls.

Meanwhile, L&T is hoping its survival will come via a unique new partnership with Walmart. A Lord & Taylor site within Walmart's website will feature over 125 upscale brands.

12. Kmart

Indianapolis - Circa June 2017: Kmart Big K Retail Location. Many Kmart and Sears stores are closing in an effort to bring the company back to profitability III
Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock

Stores closing in 2019: 11

Target, Kmart and Walmart opened their first stores in the same year (1962) and were once known as the "big three" discount retailers. But soon, there might be only two left standing.

Kmart appears to be spiraling toward its death. By our count, the chain's ailing parent company Sears Holdings has closed more than 150 Kmart stores in 2018, and it plans to start 2019 by shutting down 11 more.

Back in 2000, Kmart was everywhere — nearly 2,200 stores blanketed the U.S. and its territories. As of August, just 360 remained.

11. Henri Bendel

Henri Bendel flagship store on New York's Fifth Ave.
Shinya Suzuki / Flickr

Stores closing in 2019: 23

Handbags and other items from the upscale accesories store Henri Bendel may soon become collector's items.

After 123 years in business, the luxury chain has announced it will be closing its doors in January 2019, including at its flagship location on New York's Fifth Ave.

The Henri Bendel stores have been losing money, so parent company L Brands wants to concentrate on its other chains, namely Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works.

10. Sears

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA - OCTOBER 19, 2017: Sears Store Front in Southcentre Shopping Mall in South Calgary
Autumn Sky Photography / Shutterstock

Stores closing in 2019: 29

Things have been looking grim for Sears, which recently filed for bankruptcy and announced a slew of store closings before the end of 2018.

It has followed up with news that even more of its department stores will go out of business early in the new year.

As customers shun the retailer once known as the "store for everything," Sears has been shrinking and shrinking. Hundreds of Sears stores have disappeared in the last 10 years.

9. Shopko

ROCHESTER, MN/USA - JANUARY 19, 2015: Shopko retail store and sign. Shopko is a chain of retail stores in the American midwest.
Ken Wolter / Shutterstock

Stores closing in 2019: 39

The regional discount chain Shopko has announced plans to shut down more than three dozen of its stores — around 10% of the total — by the end of February. And that could be just the start.

The retailer also may be getting ready to file for bankruptcy, Bloomberg reports.

Shopko has stores in 24 states, mostly in the Midwest. The company made its name by going into smaller markets that other chains ignored, but now Amazon is in all of those places.

8. Christopher & Banks

Christopher & Banks, Clothing Store, 2/2015
Mike Mozart / Flickr

Stores closing in 2019: The first of up to 40

A lot of things haven't been going right for the women's clothing retailer Christopher & Banks, which has decided to close between 30 and 40 of its more than 450 stores over the next two and a half years.

Executives say the company wound up with more spring and summer clothing than it could sell. Then, shipping delays made it tough to put new merchandise on the racks.

C&B reported a nearly $9 million loss from its late summer 2018 quarter and said sales were down 7.5% at its established stores. But the CEO tells analysts that the chain is making progress.

7. Lowe's

Greenville - Circa April 2018: Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse. Lowe's operates retail home improvement and appliance stores in North America I
Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock

Stores closing in 2019: 51

Home improvement retailer Lowe's is taking a hacksaw to part of its business. It's cutting 20 stores in the U.S. and 31 in Canada by February.

Lowe's will still have more than 2,000 locations between the two countries. CEO Marvin Ellison said in a statement that the downsizing is just part of "building a stronger business."

The company says most of the closings involve Lowe's stores that are operating within 10 miles of another location.

6. Destination Maternity

Destination Maternity, Avalon, Alpharetta, GA
Thomson200 / Wikimedia Commons

Stores closing in 2019: Up to 67

No surprise here: Many expectant moms would rather shop from the comfort of home than trudge to the mall. So, Destination Maternity — which also operates Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in the Pod stores — has been struggling to compete against online retailers.

The company has announced it's closing up to 280 stores over the next four years, including as many as 67 during its 2019 fiscal year, which starts in July.

The retailer wants to sell more of its maternity clothes online and lose its less profitable brick-and-mortar locations.

5. Performance Bicycle

A Performance bike, parked in Richmond, Virginia
Tom Woodward / Flickr

Stores closing in 2019: Up to 102

The operator of Performance Bicycle shops in 20 states from coast to coast has started liquidation sales at all of its more than 100 stores.

Parent company Advanced Sports Enterprises filed for bankruptcy protection in mid-November and then hit the brakes on the Performance chain, which started as a bike catalog business in 1981.

Executives say the company is wallowing in debt and has been struggling with higher costs due to tariffs imposed as part of the ongoing trade war.

4. The Children's Place

TORONTO, CANADA - JANUARY 19, 2018: Children's Place store front in the Fairview Mall in Toronto.
JHVEPhoto / Shutterstock

Stores closing in 2019: Up to 109

If you're used to taking your kids to The Children's Place to get them clothes for back-to-school, be warned that your store might be gone by the next school-shopping season.

The retailer is still working toward a goal of closing 300 stores by 2020 and has a little more than 100 stores to go, Forbes reports.

The Children's Place is trying to get its arithmetic right. It's shutting down stores and is giving its website more attention in hopes of boosting profits.

3. Starbucks

SURFERS PARADISE - OCT 28 2014:Starbucks Cafe.
ChameleonsEye / Shutterstock

Stores closing in 2019: 150

Starbucks coffee shops are all over creation — sometimes you even find three on the same corner. So you might assume that all Starbucks knows how to do is grow and open new stores.

Nope, they do close them occasionally. And, the number expected to go out of business in 2019 is three times the roughly 50 that Starbucks usually shuts down each year.

The company says it will weed out weaker stores in saturated markets while it opens new ones in spots that don't have as many Starbucks shops. (Apparently, those places still exist!)

2. Gap / Banana Republic

Toronto, Canada - February 12, 2018: Banana Republic storefront
JHVEPhoto / Shutterstock

Stores closing in 2019: 200 or more

It's a mixed (shopping) bag at clothing retailer Gap Inc.

The company said in 2017 that it wanted to close around 200 of its Gap and Banana Republic stores over three years. It's not clear how much progress has been made, though executives said in November 2018 that "hundreds" of Gap stores could be shut down "quickly."

At the same time, Gap Inc. is beefing up its other brands. It's working on opening 270 new Old Navy and Athleta locations.

1. Gymboree

New Jersey, NJ, October 6 2018:Entrance to Gymboree Store featuring 60% off entire store
Helen89 / Shutterstock

Stores closing in 2019: 450 or more

More trouble on the playground for Gymboree.

The chain that sells clothing for kids and babies came out of bankruptcy last year. But now it's exploring whether to shut down more than half of its roughly 900 stores, Reuters reports.

Gymboree is still losing business to competitors including Amazon, Walmart, Target — and The Children's Place, which has been strengthened by its own store closings.

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