We're focusing on those. We count down to our pick for the very worst stadium at college football's top level, the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision, or FBS, based on attendance, online comments and more.

15. Ball State: Scheumann Stadium

Muncie - Circa March 2017: Scheumann Stadium at Ball State University. Scheumann stadium opened in 1967 and is home to the Ball State University Cardinals I
Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock

Muncie, Indiana

Scheumann Stadium would never make a Top 10 list from Ball State alum David Letterman.

The nearly 50-year-old venue underwent a major renovation in 2007, so the building itself isn't bad. But the game day atmosphere can be abysmal, because the Cardinals have struggled for years with attendance and with attracting top-name players and opponents.

"Parking is far and walking necessary," writes one Google reviewer. "Could improve fan participating and hype."

14. University of Akron: InfoCision Stadium

InfoCision Stadium-Summa Field is a college American football stadium in Akron, Ohio and the home field of the Akron Zips football team at the University of Akron.
Ken Lund / Wikimedia Commons

Akron, Ohio

The Akron Zips have been trying to rebuild their attendance numbers that sank following some terrible seasons, including three straight — from 2010 through 2012 — that ended with only one win and 11 losses.

Fans and team spirit can still be lacking at InfoCision Stadium-Summa Field. Several Google reviewers write about how the lack of fan support ruins the experience.

"I would honestly love going there if they actually had a fan base," says one. "Almost every time I went there it was me and the marching band being the only people in the stands."

13. University at Buffalo: UB Stadium

Shot of UB's Stadium on the University at Buffalo's north campus
Davidhar / Wikimedia Commons

Buffalo, New York

UB Stadium can hold more than 30,000 fans, but the Bulls drew only 11,500 for the 2017 home opener against Colgate. The team's 25-year-old field may have something to do with their lackluster attendance.

"People rave about how wonderful this stadium is, and honestly it's a load of Bulls," cracks one Yelper, who calls the venue "uncomfortable" and "pretty average."

The Bulls say in their marketing that their goal is to provide a more family-friendly football experience at UB Stadium.

12. University of Louisiana-Lafayette: Cajun Field

Cajun Field (Lafayette, Louisiana)
Spatms / Wikimedia Commons

Lafayette, Lousiana

Home to the Ragin’ Cajuns, Cajun Field has been known for its lack of a student section, which contributes to a ho-hum game day experience.

The muted enthusiasm levels might help explain the Cajuns' relatively poor attendance numbers in a football-loving state.

While stadium does get five stars on Yelp, there are only two reviews. "Only thing it could have used was some shade, so hot!" writes one fan.

11. University of Idaho: Kibbie Dome

Moscow, ID, USA - June 13, 2016:University of Idaho campus. Kibbie Dome used for Football games
Charles Knowles / Shutterstock

Moscow, Idaho

The Kibbie Dome is one of the smallest and most unusual venues in the NCAA. The 43-year-old stadium seats fewer than 16,000 and has a domed roof made of wood.

An opposing coach once famously said the barrel-arched building looked like "a Campbell's Soup can cut in half."

The Vandals find it hard to attract great talent to field a competitive football program in Moscow, in northern Idaho. And the attendance figures tend to be well below FBS minimums.

10. University of Miami (Ohio): Yager Stadium

University of Cincinnati Bearcats at Miami University Redhawks
redlegsfan21 / Wikimedia Commons

Oxford, Ohio

Miami of Ohio may have an active student body, and a vibrant fraternity and sorority scene. But none of that translates to a lot of excitement for football home games.

The Redhawks haven't had a winning season since 2010, which may be one reason for the team's poor attendance. Their field may be another.

One Google reviewer calls the stadium one of "the blandest" in the Midwest. Another says, and not meaning it in a good way: "The atmosphere reminds you of a high school football game."

9. Central Michigan University: Kelly/Shorts Stadium

Kelly/Shorts Stadium at Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan. This game featured Michigan State University vs. Central Michigan University.
PureMichiganChip / Wikimedia Commons

Mount Pleasant, Michigan

With Michigan and Michigan State both just a few hours away, Kelly/Shorts Stadium finds it tough to attract a great crowd.

Attendance is regularly below the FBS minimum. The Chippewas have been having a terrible season, which doesn't help matters. And, some fans say the 46-year-old stadium needs work.

"Could be a great place but the steps are steep with no handrails and they have like five trash cans for the entire stadium," grumbles one Google reviewer.

8. Rice University: Rice Stadium

Aerial view of Rice University football stadium, Houston, Texas
Amble / Wikimedia Commons


The Rice Owls play in a 47,000 seat stadium — which is often half empty. That makes for a game day experience that isn't great.

The stadium dates back to 1950, and its upper bowl in particular has been poorly maintained. Fans say upgrading is long overdue.

Says one, reviewing on Google: "A good place to watch a football game, but definitely lacking the amenities we've all come to expect in modern stadiums." Another calls Rice Stadium a "throwback to the '60s."

7. University of Memphis: Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium

Panorama of Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium during a game against Ole Miss on 16 October 2015 in Memphis, TN. Memphis won 37-24.
Azyrii / Wikimedia Commons

Memphis, Tennessee

The home of the Memphis Tigers looks futuristic — for the 1960s. Liberty Bowl Memorial was built in 1965 and has not been aging well.

Seeing the place half empty only accentuates all the evidence that the place is old. For a typical game, Memphis pulls in less than half of the stadium's capacity, and that is being generous.

Multiple fans reviewing on Google complain that Liberty Bowl Memorial has no emergency plan for lightning. "This is a dangerous, understaffed facility, recklessly close to a very active major train line," says one fan.

6. University of Louisiana at Monroe: JPS Field at Malone Stadium

Panoramic view of Malone Stadium on the campus of the University of Louisiana at Monroe.
JonRidinger / Wikimedia Commons

Monroe, Louisiana

Situated deep in the boonies of Louisiana, Louisiana-Monroe has a good football program. But the Warhawks have the unfortunate combination of a small fan base and a stadium that's badly in need of a facelift.

The 40-year-old JPS Field at Malone Stadium is in rough shape, even after recent renovations to the scoreboard, playing field and exterior buildings.

"Run-down and nasty.. smelled like a sewer.. no excuse for this.. put some money back in to your football program," writes one Google reviewer.

5. San Jose State University: CEFCU Stadium

The San Jose State University Marching Band performs before the 2015 homecoming football game at Spartan Stadium in San Jose, California on October 17, 2015.
Arbor to SJ / Wikimedia Commons

San Jose, California

Since their neighbors include some of the top companies in Silicon Valley, you might assume that the San Jose State Spartans play in a palace. Instead, their stadium is tired, to say the least.

Plus, the team has an Astroturf field. In 2018. Need we say more?

CEFCU Stadium has a couple dozen reviews on Yelp and earns only three stars. "OK. I get that it's old. I get that it's small. But come on, let's put a little money into the concessions," writes one Yelper.

4. Eastern Michigan University: Rynearson Stadium

Rynearson Stadium on a winter night, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan.
Dwight Burdette / Wikimedia Commons

Ypsilanti, Michigan

This nearly 50-year-old stadium has a running track around the football field, giving the place a high-school-esque feel.

One Google reviewer recommends checking out Rynearson if you have an opportunity. "This is probably the worst stadium in Division 1 (FBS) football," he writes. "For that alone, it was worth a visit."

Rynearson used to be packed for Eagles games, but those days are long gone. Now, Eastern Michigan is lucky to get its stadium two-thirds full, even for big rivalry games.

3. University of Texas at San Antonio: Alamodome

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, USA - AUGUST 1, 2018: Aerial drone image of the Alamodome in San Antonio Texas
Felix Mizioznikov / Shutterstock

San Antonio

The 25-year-old Alamodome is massive. It has a capacity for up to 64,000 football fans — which doesn't do the UTSA Roadrunners any favors.

This year's home opener drew more than 42,000 fans, though that still meant that about a third of the stadium was empty. The lack of spectators leaves much of the game day atmosphere at the door.

The Alamodome gets just two and a half stars on Yelp. "The grading and angles of the stands create too many blind spots," says one negative reviewer. "I probably would have been better off watching the game from home."

2. University of Hawaii: Aloha Stadium

HONOLULU, HI - DECEMBER 4: UNLV vs. UH: Teams walk towards locker rooms at half time of football game. taken on December 4, 2010 at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Eric Broder Van Dyke / Shutterstock


Aloha Stadium used to be something of a crown jewel in Honolulu, but now the 43-year-old venue is looking faded.

In 2016, the venue underwent $1.2 million in renovations, but fans say they don't see much improvement. "The stadium is in desperate need of repairs," one Yelper wrote just recently.

Fans might be more forgiving if they had a better team to cheer for. The Rainbow Warriors have had trouble finishing their seasons with winning records.

1. Vanderbilt University: Vanderbilt Stadium

Vandy vs. Tennessee, 2016
Mhar564 / Wikimedia Commons

Nashville, Tennessee

For a private university once called one of the most expensive colleges in America, it's somewhat surprising that Vanderbilt doesn't have a better stadium to host their Commodores.

Instead, one of the nation's most beautiful campuses has an ugly stadium built in 1922 that often draws only half-capacity crowds for football. It's our choice for the worst field in the FBS.

"Sad excuse for a stadium," is how one Google reviewer sums the place up. Says another: "It's old and small. Nicer high school stadiums put it to shame."

Did we miss a stadium? Do want to defend your home turf? Let us know why you think another stadium deserves a spot — or why your home stadium needs to some vindication!

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