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Commission-free ETFs

Commission-free ETFs

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Updated: August 15, 2023

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Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are a great way to invest. They are easy to trade and relatively low-cost, and they offer the opportunity to invest in a variety of assets. Many investors should choose ETFs over mutual funds to create a proper asset allocation. The trading costs of ETFs can be eliminated when you choose from a stock broker that offers commission-free ETF investments.

However, commission-free ETFs aren't the only reason to choose a broker. It can be a deciding factor since long-term transaction fees can significantly decrease performance. The other factor to consider when choosing is how closely does the ETF mirror the index it's based upon? This is otherwise known as tracking error. Morningstar allows you to quickly check out this info by looking at historical returns. Click on any of the stock ticker symbols below for research from Morningstar.

We've done the research and found all of the discount brokers that offer commission-free ETFs to invest with. Most brokers' ETF lists will allow you to create a decently balanced portfolio.

Stock Brokers Minimum investment and fees Our rank Review
TD Ameritrade Minimum Investment: $0Cost Per Stock Trade $0Options Cost Per Trade $0.65/contract 4.5/5 TD Ameritrade review
E*TRADE Minimum Investment: $0Cost Per Stock Trade $0Options Cost Per Trade $0.65/contract 4.8/5 E*TRADE review
Fidelity Investments Minimum Investment: $0Cost Per Stock Trade $0Options Cost Per Trade $0.65/contract 4.5/5 Fidelity review
Vanguard Minimum Investment: $0Cost Per Stock Trade $0Options Cost Per Trade $1/ contract 4.5/5 Vanguard review
Public.com Minimum Investment: $0Cost Per Stock Trade $0Options Cost Per Trade N/A 3.5/5 Public.com review

E*TRADE commission-free ETFs

E*TRADE began offering commission-free ETFs toward the end of 2011. However, if you don't hold the ETF for at least 30 days, you may have to pay a redemption fee when you sell. Here are the ETFs offered by E*TRADE, along their expense ratios.

ETF Symbol Expense ratio
DBX MSCI Brazil Currency-Hedged Equity Fund DBBR 0.60%
DBX MSCI EAFE Currency-Hedged Equity Fund DBEF 0.35%
DBX MSCI Emerging Markets Currency-Hedged Equity Fund DBEM 0.65%
DBX MSCI Germany Currency-Hedged Equity Fund DBGR 0.45%
DBX MSCI Japan Currency-Hedged Equity Fund DBJP 0.45%
Global X Brazil Consumer ETF braq 0.78%
Global X Brazil Mid Cap ETF braz 0.69%
Global X China Consumer ETF chiq 0.65%
Global X China Energy ETF chie 0.65%
Global X China Financials ETF chix 0.65%
Global X China Industrials ETF chii 0.65%
Global X China Materials ETF chim 0.65%
Global X Copper Miners ETF copx 0.65%
Global X Fertilizers/Potash ETF soil 0.69%
Global X FTSE Andean 40 ETF and 0.72%
Global X FTSE Argentina 20 ETF argt 0.75%
Global X FTSE ASEAN 40 ETF asea 0.65%
Global X FTSE Greece 20 ETF grek 0.61%
Global X FTSE Nordic 30 ETF gxf 0.50%
Global X FTSE Norway 30 ETF norw 0.50%
Global X Lithium ETF lit 0.75%
Global X Nasdaq China Technology ETF qqqc 0.65%
Global X Permanent ETF perm 0.49%
Global X Silver Miners ETF sil 0.65%
Global X Social Media Index Fund socl 0.65%
Global X Superdividend ETF sdiv 0.58%
Global X Uranium ETF ura 0.69%
Global X/Interbolsa FTSE Columbia 20 ETF gxg 0.61%
Global X FTSE Portugal 20 ETF pgal 0.61%
Global X Guru Activist ETF actx 0.75%
Global X Guru Index ETF guru 0.75%
Global X Guru International Index ETF guri 0.75%
Global X JPMorgan Efficiente Index ETF effe 0.90%
Global X JPMorgan U.S. Sector Rotator Index ETF scto 0.86%
Global X Junior MLP ETF mlpj 2.78%
Global X MLP & Energy Infrastructure ETF mlpx 0.45%
Global X MSCI Nigeria ETF nge 0.68%
Global X MSCI Pakistan ETF pak 0.88%
Global X Next Emerging & Frontier ETF emfm 0.58%
Global X Super Dividend U.S. ETF div 0.45%
Global X Super Dividend Emerging Markets ETF sdem 0.65%
Global X Super Dividend REIT ETF sret 0.58%
Wisdomtree Asia Local Debt Fund ald 0.55%
Wisdomtree Asia Pacific Ex-Japan Fund axjl 0.48%
Wisdomtree Australia & New Zealand Debt Fund aunz 0.45%
Wisdomtree Australia Dividend Fund ause 0.58%
Wisdomtree DEFA Equity Income Fund dth 0.58%
Wisdomtree DEFA Fund dwm 0.48%
Wisdomtree Dividend Ex-Financials Fund dtn 0.38%
Wisdomtree Dreyfus Brazilian Real Fund bzf 0.45%
Wisdomtree Dreyfus Chinese Yuan Fund cyb 0.45%
Wisdomtree Dreyfus Emerging Currency Fund cew 0.55%
Wisdomtree Dreyfus Indian Rupee Fund icn 0.45%
Wisdomtree Earnings 500 Fund eps 0.28%
Wisdomtree Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund emcb 0.60%
Wisdomtree Emerging Markets Local Debt Fund eld 0.55%
Wisdomtree Emerging Markets Smallcap Dividend Fund dgs 0.63%
Wisdomtree Equity Income Fund dhs 0.38%
Wisdomtree Europe Smallcap Dividend Fund dfe 0.58%
Wisdomtree Global Equity Income Fund dew 0.58%
Wisdomtree Ex-US Growth Fund dnl 0.58%
Wisdomtree Global Ex-US Real Estate Fund drw 0.58%
Wisdomtree Global Real Return Fund rrf 0.65%
Wisdomtree India Earnings Fund epi 0.83%
Wisdomtree International Dividend Ex-Financials Fund doo 0.58%
Wisdomtree Europe Hedged Equity Fund hedj 0.58%
Wisdomtree International Largecap Dividend Fund dol 0.48%
Wisdomtree International Midcap Dividend Fund dim 0.58%
Wisdomtree International Smallcap Dividend Fund dls 0.58%
Wisdomtree Japan Hedged Equity Fund dxj 0.48%
Wisdomtree Japan Smallcap Dividend Fund dfj 0.58%
Wisdomtree Largecap Dividend Fund dln 0.28%
Wisdomtree Largecap Value Fund ezy 0.38%
Wisdomtree Managed Futures Strategy wdti 0.95%
Wisdomtree Midcap Dividend Fund don 0.38%
Wisdomtree Middle East Dividend Fund gulf 0.88%
Wisdomtree Smallcap Dividend Fund des 0.38%
Wisdomtree Smallcap Earnings Fund ees 0.38%
Wisdomtree Total Dividend Fund dtd 0.28%
Wisdomtree Total Earnings Fund ext 0.28%
Wisdomtree Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Negative Duration Fund agnd 0.28%
Wisdomtree Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Zero Duration Fund agzd 0.23%
Wisdomtree Bloomberg U.S. Dollar Bullish Fund usdu 0.50%
Wisdomtree BofA Merrill Lynch High Yield Bond Negative Duration Fund hynd 0.48%
Wisdomtree BofA Merrill Lynch High Yield Bond Zero Duration Fund hyzd 0.43%
Wisdomtree Emerging Markets Consumer Growth Fund emcg 0.63%
Wisdomtree Emerging Markets Ex-State-Owned Enterprises Fund xsoe 0.58%
Wisdomtree Emerging Markets High Dividend Fund dem 0.63%
Wisdomtree Emerging Markets Quality Dividend Growth Fund dgre 0.63%
Wisdomtree Europe Hedged Small Cap Equity Fund eusc 0.58%
Wisdomtree Europe Quality Dividend Growth Fund eudg 0.58%
Wisdomtree Germany Hedged Equity Fund dxge 0.48%
Wisdomtree International Hedged Quality Dividend Growth Fund ihdg 0.58%
Wisdomtree Japan Hedged Financials Fund dxjf 0.48%
Wisdomtree Japan Hedged Quality Dividend Growth Fund jhdg 0.43%
Wisdomtree Japan Hedged Real Estate Fund dxjr 0.48%
Wisdomtree Japan Hedged Small Cap Equity Fund dxjs 0.58%
Wisdomtree Korea Hedged Equity Fund dxkw 0.58%
Wisdomtree Midcap Earnings Fund ezm 0.38%
Wisdomtree Strategic Corporate Bond Fund crdt 0.45%
Wisdomtree U.S. Quality Dividend Growth Fund dgrw 0.28%
Wisdomtree U.S. Small Cap Quality Dividend Growth Fund dgrs 0.38%
Wisdomtree United Kingdom Hedged Equity Fund dxps 0.48%

Fidelity free ETFs

Fidelity has 91 commission-free ETFs through iShares and includes all 19 iShares Core ETFs, plus a diverse selection of international, domestic, and specialized equity, as well as fixed income, and commodities. You can find a number of ETFs with quite low expense ratios. All iShares ETFs are not available for margin for 30 days from settlement. For margin customers, positions will automatically become margin eligible in their account after 30 days from settlement.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers provides you with the opportunity invest in commission-free ETFs, including leveraged spread ETFs from FactorShares that are considered riskier. All of these are FactorShares 2X.

TD Ameritrade commission-free ETFs

TD Ameritrade features several commission-free ETFs to choose from, including equity funds, as well as sector, bond, international, and commodity ETFs.


Another broker that offers all its ETFs commission-free is Vanguard. You can choose from a number of funds, you won't pay commissions, and you can enjoy some rather low expense ratios.

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