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The 10 best job search websites for 2022

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The busiest: Indeed

Indeed calls itself the No. 1 job site in the world and claims to attract over 250 million unique visitors each month.

Job seekers from every industry search for jobs on Indeed, and find full-time on-site positions, part-time remote work and freelancing.

Unlike some other job sites, Indeed is free for both employers and job seekers. It also offers useful tools for both parties such as a messaging platform, salary comparison data, company reviews and the ability to set up job alerts.

Also crowded: Monster

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Monster claims over 7,900 jobs are searched and 29 resumes uploaded every minute to its site, making it a powerful alternative to Indeed.

Like Indeed, Monster covers every industry and type of job. It also offers salary information and a blog section full of career advice.

Monster is free for job seekers and offers a four-day free trial for employers. After that, employers must choose a paid subscription, which starts at $279 per month.

This paywall makes it an attractive option for employers because it means less competition.

Best for research: Glassdoor

Glassdoor and its sister company, Indeed, are like peanut butter and jelly. Indeed is for finding an open position; Glassdoor is for company research and reviews. They work together seamlessly.

As job seekers sift through job postings on Glassdoor (which come from Indeed’s database), they can tap into over 95 million company reviews, salary reports and other company insights.

According to Glassdoor, 86% of candidates are likely to evaluate company reviews before they apply for jobs. So if you can collect positive reviews on Glassdoor, you can leverage the platform to attract top talent.

To start building your company’s profile and reviews, sign up for its free Find Your Voice account. The sooner you sign up, the more time you’ll have to build reviews for future job postings.

Best for remote jobs: FlexJobs

Smiling young african american woman working from home
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If you’re looking for remote workers, FlexJobs is the site to use.

Online gigs and work-at-home job opportunities have a bad rap for being scammy, and remote job seekers struggle to sift through the junk. That’s where FlexJobs comes in.

It manually vets all job listings before posting on the site, making it the go-to job search engine to find freelancers and remote workers.

That said, the manpower required to vet job postings comes at a cost. Employers pay $249 to $399 per month, depending on their subscription length. But to test the waters, employers can submit five jobs for free.

Job seekers also pay a small monthly fee, which filters out less serious candidates.

Best for experienced managers: The Ladders

The Ladders is a job site and networking platform for six-figure jobs. Top-level professionals hang out here, so it’s a smart place to post roles for experienced managers.

The platform is built to attract top talent. Ladders says over 92% of its members have bachelor’s degrees, and its algorithm is designed to show your job listings only to qualified candidates.

Best of all, it’s free to test out. You can post 10 jobs and view 10 resumes per month. If you need more than that, subscriptions start at $159 per month.

Best for startup jobs: AngelList

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If you’re building a team for your startup, look no further than AngelList.

The company says over 3.2 million job seekers interested in startups use AngelList and benefit from its vetting process. Its listings laser in on U.S.-based tech startups with transparent salary ranges and equity option information. So if your company fits the bill, it’s a great place to target the type of employees that you need.

You can post unlimited jobs with a free AngelList account, but you won’t have access to the entire pool of candidates. For unlimited access, upgrade to the $250-per-month Pro plan.

To streamline the hiring process, the Pro plan also offers an add-on curated candidate service.

Best for connecting directly with recruiters: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is like Facebook for professionals and job seekers. You can create a profile for your business, network with other professionals, post job opportunities and more.

It’s one of the best recruitment sites for employers looking for a more holistic approach to hiring. In addition to posting your job and sifting through professional profiles of potential candidates, you can also network with recruiters.

If you don’t use Linkedin often, it can be intimidating. Recruiters are experts in leveraging the platform to find qualified candidates for your company.

You can create a LinkedIn profile and post jobs for free, or you can pay for advertising to boost the visibility of your listings.

Best for up-to-date listings: Getwork

Getwork by LinkUp is a bit different than your typical recruitment site.

It scrapes employer websites to gather the most up-to-date listings every day. And unlike some of the bigger platforms, it verifies all listings daily to remove duplicates, spam and outdated listings.

For employers, that means less noise to break through.

GetWork offers both pay-per-click solutions and targeted recruitment marketing campaigns to help you find the right candidate fast.

Best for recent college graduates: Scouted

Indian girl communicate with friend on-line by video call, pc screen view over female shoulder.
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Scouted is an employment matchmaking service that uses AI technology to connect employees with qualified candidates.

It markets its services to early- to mid-career job seekers looking for non-technical business roles. So if you’re hunting for recent college graduates, you can find them here.

Scouted takes a more holistic approach to the recruitment process. Instead of basing decisions on a resume alone, candidates can pre-record videos that answer interview questions and share their stories. This not only gives more depth to the hiring process, but it also can eliminate the need for phone interviews and save over 20 hours per hire, according to the company.

Pricing depends on how curated you want your applicant pipeline, and ranges from $499 to $999 per month.

Best for hourly workers: Snagajob

Snagajob says over 6 million hourly workers hunt for jobs on its site each month.

To speed up the hiring process, any algorithm automatically sorts through applicants and discards any who don’t meet your requirements. From there, you can use the built-in software to schedule interviews, which have a 90% show rate.

Snagajob costs $89 per month, per job listing. It also offers services that help you find flexible workers to cover open shifts.

Best for employers: ZipRecruiter

Smiling young Caucasian businessman shake hand of partner or colleague close deal after successful meeting in office.
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While every job search site has tools and perks to make an employer’s life easier, ZipRecruiter offers the most.

First, when you post a job on ZipRecruiter, it’s automatically distributed to over 100 other job sites.

Second, ZipRecruiter emails you a list of the top resumes in its database that match your criteria. So even if a talented candidate isn’t actively job hunting, you can review their resume and offer them a job.

Third, the site provides job description templates, screening questions, a mobile app and other tools to make your life easier.

Its jobs ads reach over 10 million candidates per week, and employers find the extra recruitment tools very valuable.

You can take advantage of ZipRecruiter’s four-day free trial, and if you don’t find your ideal candidate within that time, a basic plan starts at just $16 per day.

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