30. J.C. Penney

SALINAS, CA/USA - FEBRUARY 8, 2014: JC Penny store in Salinas California. J. C. Penney Company Inc. is a chain of American mid-range department stores based in Plano, Texas.
Ken Wolter / Shutterstock
J.C. Penney is shutting down eight stores nationswide.

8 stores

After shutting down nearly 140 stores last year, J.C. Penney has been at it again in 2018. The department store chain said eight locations, from California to New Jersey, would be out of business before summer.

Penney's, which has been losing money for years, also planned to close a distribution center in Wisconsin over the summer.

29. Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor's flagship store on Fifth Ave. in New York City
Binibining Beth / Shutterstock
The Lord & Taylor store on Fifth Avenue in New York City is an institution.

10 stores

Your grandmother may have shopped at Lord & Taylor — and your grandmother's grandmother and her grandmother, too. The department store chain has been around for more than 190 years.

But Lord & Taylor is struggling to draw today's younger shoppers. Its parent company has decided to shut down up to 10 stores in 2018 — one-fifth of the total — including the chain's iconic flagship store on New York City's Fifth Avenue.

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