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Work from Wisconsin

Man working from home on laptop, woman and baby playing on floor
Pexels / William Fortunato

My girlfriend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in January. Her maternity leave was up in April, so we were tasked with figuring out what to do in terms of work schedules and babysitting.

I asked my bosses if it was possible for me to work from home two days out of the week. I was a copywriter — as long as I had a computer, I could work. They said no, and offered no other alternative, under the reasoning that letting me work from home would set a bad precedent for the rest of the company.

The graphic designer on our team worked from home full time. And if that wasn't enough, one of the employees in sales had recently moved across the country to Wisconsin and was allowed to work remotely from there.

I only asked for two days a week.

Needless to say, it was a huge slap in the face. I quit and ended up with a job that pays $10K more, has full, paid benefits and more importantly, a boss that actually knows what she's doing.

| ArrenPawk

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Student sabotage

Woman working front desk at gift shop
Pexels / Rachel Claire

Back in the day when I was still a retail monkey while going to university, I worked in a gift shop that was run by the owner and a manager. The owner was more hands off and came in once in a while to take care of cash and paperwork while the manager dealt more with the operation/staff side of things.

The owner loved me because I was young, quick to learn, and hardly talked back unless something was really wrong. The manager who hired me loved me too because even though she'd see me goof off from time to time, I still got stuff done in less time than other employees.

Anyway, the manager who hired me left and the owner asked me if I wanted to take on the position. I declined because I was going to school and wasn't going to make a career out of retail. So, the owner hired another manager.

Someone (I think a coworker) must have told her I was asked to fill in the position before she got hired so she ended up being threatened by my existence. Even after all the talk about how I had no desire to be the manager, she would do little nitpicky things to try to get me to look bad.

It was no skin off my back, I do as I'm told and ignore her when she's berating me in front of customers, coworkers, etc. The only time she wasn't crazy rude to me was when the owner was around.

Then, she developed some sort of inferiority complex about her lack of post-secondary education and started making snide remarks about how spoiled, entitled and ignorant university students were. Still no skin off my back. Until one day she scheduled me for a shift when I'd booked it off for exams. I didn't show up and she called (in the middle of my exam) to let me know I was fired for no-show.

The owner tried to fix it and asked me to come back and I told her that since summer was coming up anyway, it'd actually be for the best if I explored other opportunities more related to my degree.

So I made off like a fiend with two weeks of severance.

| norcat

White paint is the same as bandage, right?

Roller paint brush dipped in white paint
Pexels / Ksenia Chernaya

He had a young Labrador that he kept locked in the upstairs flat above the pub for 23 hours a day, letting it walk (read: run crazily, unsurprisingly — poor thing) around the pub garden and inside the pub after hours.

It cut its tail open badly once, and rather than call the emergency vet, he brushed white paint over the wound to stop the bleeding. He never walked it and never gave it any training or toys to play with.

He aggressively backed my little sister up against the wall when she was working there as a waitress, to shout at her for giving too generous cheese portions on a cheese board he'd refused to show her how to assemble.

I've had other horrible bosses, including some who were racist and discriminated against people with better school grades, but this guy was probably the worst. He's about 29 now and has already had two heart attacks. I didn't work there for long, luckily.

| eyesdown

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Mr. Megaphone

Man yelling into megaphone towards the sky
Shutterstock / Hurst Photo

So, first off I'd like to preface this by saying I work for a small, yet very well-known after school care program. We have maybe nine members of staff total, and everyone [else] is really chill.

I got hired at 16 and I have autism and a seizure disorder, and didn't really like to be in places where a lot of screaming happens.

I'd worked there for two and a half years without an issue, other than [my boss] telling me repeatedly that I'm really not suited for this job and I should find another one, and constantly favoring his male coworkers over the females.

There was another member of staff who had tourette syndrome. He got to take breaks whenever he wanted, for as long as he wanted, where I had to fight for a five-minute break after I'd had a seizure.

Anyways, I get hired on for the summer to work in the lunchroom and the guy starts coming in with a megaphone and starts yelling into it to get the kids to scream, knowing full well I cannot handle loud noises. I was also required to move equipment by myself that even our stronger members could not move without assistance.

I got written up when I had a meltdown or asked for help moving the equipment.

Also, after he quit very suddenly and we got our great new boss, we found out he refused to let someone quit. When she had come to him to hand in her two weeks notice, he wouldn't take it and told her he would bad mouth her to everyone that called him if she left.

| kotacub

Fired or quit, either way I’m outta here!

Woman throwing papers in air after quitting job
Shutterstock / Tero Vesalainen

My boss screamed at me for over an hour on multiple occasions, most of which had absolutely nothing to do with me, and what did have anything to do with me could easily have been explained if he didn't believe his assumptions were God's honest truth.

He wanted me to gather information, some of which was only located online, but we had dial up and I wasn't allowed to tie up the only phone line. Plus, I wasn't allowed to work from home — where we had normal internet access — to do it, because employees can't be trusted to work from home. Then he screamed at me for my incompetence because I was missing this crucial data.

My last day (though I didn't know it when I walked in that day) I had a doctor's appointment, which I had emailed him about but he claimed never to have gotten. Apparently he'd emailed me about having a meeting the same morning, which I never got (funny how he always got my timesheets, but never any other emails).

So when I got there after my appointment I could tell he was royally pissed, which is usually a good sign to stay the hell out of his way. Finally at the end of the day we had one last all-out argument when he apparently couldn't contain himself any longer.

At the end of the argument he thought I quit and I thought he fired me. Either way, I will never work for him again and I've never been happier than at my current job.

| CrabFarts

Rude and creepy

Woman being scolded by male boss
Shutterstock / fizkes

I worked in retail under a really awful supervisor a few years back — note that he was a supervisor and not anywhere close to being a manager or anyone important. He would constantly hit on the young girls and treat the young guys like absolute crap when he saw them as a threat to his "game.”

I remember walking back to a project from the bathroom, and intended to stop for not even two minutes to chat with a girl I was friends with. He happened to be there having walked over from the same project to chat with her as well. As soon as I walked up, he blurted out "is this the bathroom? No? I didn't think so." He proceeded to stare at me until I walked away.

It would be a different story if I was lazy, but I was a very strong employee with above average work ethic and everyone knew it.

| calepto

Tiny issues, big reaction

Kitchen manager giving chef instructions
Shutterstock / wavebreakmedia

Reminds me of my first kitchen manager. She was so insane that she would make a list of little stupid stuff that wouldn't be perfect when she walked in.

Common items would be: pen left on counter, microwave not set to zero — I never used it my whole shift (I'm a cook, cooks don't make food with microwaves), it was the nurses [who used it] after hours — radio not set to her station, etc. You get the idea.

When I found out she was fired right before Christmas, that was music to my ears. It blows not having income around the biggest holiday. The maintenance man gave me a heads up that they were hiring at another location, so I applied and was hired immediately for that night.

It was so great to get away from her.

| PsychedelicCucumber

Awful man with an awful plan

Trucks parked in gas station lot
Shutterstock / anna vorobieva

My first boss managed a gas station. He was good in most ways — efficient, fair, disciplined, ran a tight ship. Just one drawback.

He was racist. I don't mean that he was insufficiently outraged by Dukes of Hazard re-runs. I mean that he used the N-word often and loudly. He resurrected other racist words that would have sent Bull Connor running for a thesaurus.

The truck driver who delivered our tankers of fuel every week was a black man, and they almost came to blows over this.

His comeuppance finally came when the corporate office hired a new third-level supervisor who was a young black man out of business school. That boss just could not take orders from a black man.

When he quit, he trashed the office and tore up every floppy disk (it was the 80's) in the office so we couldn't do our accounting for a few days.

| gnujack

But that’s not my job!

Waitress looking confused at annoyed customer
Shutterstock / PR Image Factory

A few years ago, I was hired as a bartender for a restaurant.

I start my first day and meet a new guy who was also hired. Get there and I'm sent on the floor to waitress. I've never waitressed before, I applied to be a bartender.

The new guy has never worked behind a bar and has waiting experience but is told to go behind the bar.

There are two managers and the one who hired me wasn't there so I ask the other one. She tells me that the girls waitress and the guys bartend. I was a bit annoyed but figured the other manager would fix it when he was there (he didn't).

Anyway, I learned waitressing was not for me. I'm terrible at it! The female manager was getting so frustrated with me and it was making me more flustered and more bad at my job because she'd be constantly over my shoulder and shouting at me. She screamed at me in front of customers on my third night because I forgot the order of the table numbers.

I never hated someone so much! I know I was a bad waitress but I never wanted to be one. Meanwhile the guy on the bar who's never poured a pint before is left alone there and making mistakes and she's shouting at him too!

One night, he was left alone and it was quiet. A group came in and asked for mojitos and he wasn't taught how to make them and had no drink guides so I jumped on the bar and helped him. As I'm helping him, the manager spots me behind the bar and loses the plot and starts screaming at me in front of everyone. It was so degrading.

What made it worse was that everybody else working there loved her and she'd invite everyone to parties in front of me and be nicey nicey to everyone. Boiled my blood!

I was eventually fired by the manager who I'd never see because of the feedback from the female manager. And rightly so because I was so bad! Still cringe thinking about that job and that horrible witch!

| sowhatsoplenty

Runnin’ up that hill

Woman's legs running up hill, man following behind
Shutterstock / Jacob Lund

I was working at a Scout Camp a few years back, and I had a director who genuinely from day one had it out for me. The first day he told me to go put my stuff in a cabin that didn't exist, then yelled at me when I wasn't unpacked an hour later.

Then later in the summer he decided that he was unsatisfied with my ability to run, so he woke me up before the crack of dawn, sent me out to the mile-long parking lot and told me to start running laps and only stop when he told me to.

He stuck around for about twenty minutes, told me that if I stopped while he was gone, I was going to get a write up, and then left for breakfast. I kept struggling up and down that hill as the heat climbed for three freaking hours, and was only relieved of my random and rather dangerous punishment after one of my other directors pulled up in his truck and asked why I wasn't at my program area.

Then later in the summer, he wrote me up for being groggy and unenthusiastic at breakfast, then wrote me up again a week later for "leaving the camp without signing out" even though I had been in my cabin all night.

And then at the end of summer he decided that he never wanted to see my face ever again and tried to blacklist me for allegedly smoking pot on the reservation, even though once again I had spent my entire night in my cabin reading a damn book.

I was blacklisted for a year, then he was sent to direct another camp, and my blacklisting mysteriously was reneged. The jerk never got a word of reprimand for it, and I swear that if I ever see him out in public I'm gonna punch him in the back of the head.

| Anonymous

Smile through the flu

Woman feeling sick working as a waitress
Shutterstock / Luis Molinero

I worked for this guy at an ice cream store. He kept cutting my hours for arbitrary reasons, so I got another job and put in my two weeks notice.

Halfway through my two weeks’ notice, I got the flu, and tried to call in. He told me if I didn't show up I would be fired. So I showed up, and he told me I wasn't being "cheerful enough" for the customers.

So I looked at him, said nothing, grabbed my bag and walked out the door. At which point he followed me and threatened to call my new job and tell them I was a terrible employee.

I called his bluff, and then called my new job to give them a heads up. They said "we don't care, you're already hired. Feel better, we'll see you Monday."

| Invisible_23

Make up your mind

Woman working at desk, looking stressed while people hand her phones and paperwork
Shutterstock / GaudiLab

I had a boss who constantly gave wildly conflicting instructions. We'd all do something the first way, then she would get angry with us and tell us to do it a completely different way. She'd insist we ask questions if we had any, then she would get angry and condescending when we did ask questions.

Then we would get instructions from managers above her on how to do something new, they'd leave, and she would instruct us to do the exact opposite. That lasted until her managers told us we were doing it wrong, so she'd yell at us for messing up, and tell us to do it the original way again.

She was paranoid that people were using G Chat, which they weren't, and then she'd call their desk mates into the office to try and get them to rat on the suspect.

Every Friday she would give us an hour-long speech about what a horrible job we were all doing and then she'd keep firing people until she found the team she wanted. She would follow that up with how much she loved us and how much she respected us.

The following Monday we'd come in, and find that she fired 10 people over the weekend.

Naturally this had us on edge, and you could cut the stress and tension in the room with a knife. This lasted for two months before she was removed from the project by her superiors who realized she might not be right for the position.

| Anonymous

A mean boss that makes a mean sandwich

Person holding sandwich on cutting board
Shutterstock / Makistock

I worked at a small bakery when I was younger and the boss was just an insane penny-pincher.

She would get in your face for how many avocado slices you were putting on sandwiches or ridiculous things like that. Everything had to be as minimal as possible. But not only was she anal about money, she was also just a crappy boss.

I once called in sick because I had the flu and could barely stand, let alone drive. I was one of only two openers and she told me I had to come in. I explained it just wasn't possible and she hung up on me.

On another occasion, I had traveled home for my brother's graduation and let her know I could only come back on a certain day because flights weren't available. She pulled me into her office after the trip and had me explain why I lied to her about it and why she shouldn't fire me.

I was so confused as it was the only flight we found, to which she pulled up other flights available for the time she wanted me to return. Well, they were all incredibly expensive, so I explained that the flight we found was the only one in our price range. She let me off with a warning but still chewed me out about it.

I still consider her one of the worst bosses I've had. I wish I could say after I left I boycotted her bakery out of principle, but she makes the best bread and sandwiches ever.

| Briarbeauty

Dr. Late

Doctor looking at his watch
Shutterstock / thodonal88

I was a practice manager at a doctor’s office. The owner was one of the doctors. She was a terrible person who thought she was a good person.

She would show up to work 30-45 mins after her first scheduled appointment, five days a week. I started moving appointments to allow for this and was admonished for doing so as she had to see so many patients a day and clinic hours didn't allow us to schedule patients after 5 p.m. to make up for the change.

I pointed out how frustrating it can be for a patient who schedules for the first appointment so they can make it to work on time. Her answer was "my time is more important than their time.”

She would send employees to a nearby McDonald's daily to get her a big and tasty for lunch, regardless of their lunch plans. I watched her try to intimidate a young new doctor into writing narcotic prescriptions for her partner who was a long-term opioid user, and she was outraged when the young doctor demanded a patient visit with the partner before prescribing.

After threatening to quit, I got her to arrive close to on time or at least calling if she was going to be late, but it didn't last. Finally one day I had it. She showed up 30 minutes late, didn't answer her phone when I called her after not showing up and had wet hair when she got there.

The first words out of her mouth were “I'm only late because I had to wait for a train.” I asked her if it had splashed her as it passed by. I gave her my two weeks’ notice and have never looked back.

| Myfeelingsarehurt

Parental priorities

Mom meditating while kids run around

I was a nanny for over three years for a married couple and their three kids. They were some of the laziest, self entitled parents I’ve ever known, especially the mother.

They never got their kids up for school — an alarm clock did that. I had to get up at 5 am to get their daughter ready for school so they could sleep in another hour. I made meals, did household chores, bathed them, ran errands, etc. I worked all holidays just so they could sleep until noon and not have to deal with their kids.

Even when I got pregnant and had my baby, I was still doing most of these things. I was also severely underpaid compared to other nannies in the area, but I loved those kids so I made it work. The mom also took it upon herself to inform me via text that I would no longer be getting paid one of my two weeks of vacation because I was part time now according to her and that was a full time benefit.

It was THEIR brilliant idea to let me continue to work after having my baby. I still did all of what I listed above and some despite having a newborn. That didn’t matter to them because the minute my baby was having a bad day (he had colic) I got extreme lip for not playing dolls with their 4-year-old. The mom said, “My kids are number one priority over him.” (Him meaning my son).

I called my husband and he told me to give them my two weeks notice. The mom begged me to reconsider. I stuck to my guns and didn’t look back.

| cheetodust4454

Filled with dread

Exhausted woman driver feeling headache, sitting inside her car, keeping hand to head and feeling anxiety. Stop after driving car in traffic jam.Blood pressure
DimaBerlin / Shutterstock

I've been working at this company for over two years. I should’ve quit two days after I started, but I'm too stubborn and have stuck it out thus far. Here are a few examples to explain how much of a mess this place is.

When I first started, I used to arrive 10 minutes before my shift so I could get ready, but my manager would loudly call me out for being late "yet again" in front of customers every single day.

It made me look like a terrible, lazy employee. I would then have to interact with customers which was mortifying to say the least. I now arrive a half hour before my shift, because I was so sick of her yelling at me that I'd rather hang around for 20 minutes and give her nothing to come back at me with.

I also wanted to impress her and show that I was a good worker. She interpreted this eagerness as a weakness and took any opportunity to take her anger out on me and make me cry.

Her mood swings are terrifying and if she got into any kind of personal or business problem, you bet I was on the receiving end. It got to a point where my anxiety was so bad that I dreaded coming into work because I didn’t know what I was walking into.

| mortythedragon

Stole my cheeseburger

Close-up of unrecognizable brunette smiling woman holding two delicious fresh burgers with juicy roasted chicken and rocket salad.
Studio Lucky / Shutterstock

A while back, my team broke a record and reached a significant milestone so my boss decided to take us out to eat. First, we were supposed to be celebrating our accomplishment, but our boss didn’t give us an option on where to eat. We were going to her favorite restaurant.

It was a Tuesday and they had a two-for-one burger special. This is what I ordered, except since she was paying with the company credit card, she felt that she was entitled to the second burger. I was planning on eating it for lunch the next day, but she took it home for her husband instead.

It didn't cost the company more than one meal should have. I am still so mad about this and I really wish I had just said that I'd pay for it myself. Everyone at the table was flabbergasted, even the server too.

This probably wouldn't be such a big deal if she wasn't such a jerk most of the time and I didn't dislike her so much already. But she is and I do.

| BreakingGaia

Work first, surgery second

clutching stomach in agony

Last year, I started working for a company and while I was on probation, I came down with a fever. It lasted for five days so I couldn't work in the office. But I was still working from home while I had a fever. On the sixth day, I went to the hospital and I had to go for a surgery ASAP.

I informed my manager and he told me while I was waiting for my surgery, I could still work. My surgery was scheduled at 7 pm. The next morning I was still pretty groggy from the anesthesia. And at 8:30 am my manager kept calling me and asking why I was not on the zoom call yet.

I told her I was still groggy from my surgery.

One of the days, while I was still recovering, my manager scolded me on the phone for still being away. So I went back. But halfway through, my wound started bleeding so I had to rush to the clinic and was scolded by the doctor for even attempting to go to work.

Anyways, unfortunately I had exams and I had applied for leaves and they rejected it. Then my manager called me and asked me to resign and do my exams or turn up to work. I sent him an email asking why my exam leaves were rejected. He said before I joined I did not inform them that I would be taking any types of leaves including hospitalization leaves.

| pandadaisypanda

Fired via text message

Shocked business man in casual shirt looking at his phone with surprise expression, isolated on gray background
Damir Khabirov / Shutterstock

This begins with my boyfriend who worked at a Tim Hortons in the west end. One of the employers for these specific locations has no sense of professional protocol.

For example, you never text or email someone who has never had contact with you for confidential information like your social insurance number. His employer asked him to send his SIN via text message and when he asked for the employer that had given him the interview to verify this request, the employer responded with, "well, I guess you don't want to be paid then.”

Then, he was transferred to another location that he wasn't comfortable working at. He contacted his employer to see if he could stay at his original location, and then the unprofessional jargon began. A few words were exchanged and then he received a text saying, "[he's] done. Hand in your uniform ASAP."

When is it ever acceptable in any professional environment to be fired via text message? Telling someone they're being let go over a text seems petty, especially if it has something to do with a simple request.

| mademoiselle_paws

Not the nicest guy

Man proud of himself over ocher background
Luis Molinero / Shutterstock

Here’s a quick backstory on my current boss. He truly believes that he can do no wrong.

His restaurant serves the BEST food, etc. He is totally arrogant and doesn’t let you explain yourself in any given situation. And he often calls the female servers "the girls” and says, "tell the girl..."

Yesterday, he was the assigned cook and was finishing up a dish. He was being a bit goofy (we have an attached bar he spends most of the time in) and he was sprinkling the garnish on the dish in a similar fashion to the infamous 'Salt Bae' on YouTube. He was jokingly flicking some parsley at me too.

I started laughing thinking about it and then he said, "When you giggle like that, all I see is your scar bounce up and down." I have a scar from open heart surgery.

It wouldn't be as bad if he wasn't such an arrogant prick, but I totally wanted to punch him and quit.

| tink9995

Serve your own food

A plate of meatloaf with mashed potatoes and peas dropped on new carpet.
Joe Belanger / Shutterstock

I was working as head cook at a seafood restaurant when I was younger. One time, we had about 35 people and they all wanted lobster and sides. We had to put the frozen lobster tails on a pan and put it through a broiler.

The guy who owned the place loved to come back into my kitchen and throw a wrench into my system that worked EVERYDAY that I was there. He knocked the entire pan of 35 COOKED tails all over the floor.

No matter how clean the floor was, you have to understand, food that hits the floor in my kitchen gets tossed. I yelled that now I have to start over and it takes over 15 minutes from start to finish and they had waited a while already. He told me, “PICK IT UP AND SERVE IT OR YOU ARE FIRED!”

So I looked him right in his beady little shark eyes and said, “Fine, I quit!” I was the only cook that day and had about 30 other customers too and he had to do it himself, but had no clue how to run the kitchen.

I took off my apron, walked out to the dining room and made the announcement I really enjoyed,

“Excuse me, ladies and gents, I need you to hear something. The owner of this restaurant just told me to pick food up off of the floor and serve it to you. I suggest you don’t eat ANYTHING that comes out of this kitchen from here on.”

The place closed down a few months later.

| GreggChattanooga79

Ignored expiration dates

Frozen Croissant in Package, Semi Finished Product. Ready to Bake.
Alp Aksoy / Shutterstock

I currently work for a cafe and the boss likes to micromanage everything.

I threw out some half and half because it was past the expiry date on the top. I know that it still lasts a couple days after, but one of the cartons was already opened and the other one was swelling a lot.

We also don’t use half and half. We have literally one drink that uses it. He berated me today because he wanted to take it to the other cafe which has the same menu and is probably just as slow due to covid. He is also the man who told us to rip off the expiration tags on muffins because they were frozen. They expired in March. We pull out muffins and then re-freeze the ones we didn’t sell on a day to day basis.

I’m surprised that no one gets sick, but then again they don’t sell so well. I don’t understand his stinginess. He’s willing to get oneself and others sick to save a couple cents?

I get that you can still eat some things after the date, but it’s a cafe in a nice area. I would just play it safe and throw it out.

| Avocadoey

None of your business

Anger and rage concept. Young expressive woman show her bad face. Angry nervous annoyed girl portrait. Human full of negative emotions.
Anetlanda / Shutterstock

The first 6 months were great then the company appointed a new chief of operations, and that's when my nightmare began. She was 6 years older than me, had no formal education and bankrupted two of her own businesses.

She used to make comments about my expensive clothes and bags. She’d repeatedly point out that I was single during my employment and she picked on another employee's choice not to have kids.

When the pandemic hit, the company received government assistance for our wages, and they cut our hours back to nothing. They asked us to work one day a week with no pay. When I said no, I got a written warning. In that time, the company started layoffs and she was very vocal about firing half the company.

I had quietly been working on getting my Masters degree, and heard of a job from one of my old clients and I decided to apply. Two weeks later, I received a letter of offer and a contract.

I signed my contract and handed in my notice. I was made to serve out my notice period, which was fine. They announced to the company, clients and suppliers that I was let go due to poor performance. Everyone knew this was BS.

| Interaction_Anxious

A compulsive liar

Young women in store looking in bag
Kotin / Shutterstock

I have been working this part time job for almost two years now while I was in school. It’s a very small company with only about six people.

As time went on, I started to realize there are things that my boss does that are just immoral. She constantly lies to clients then brags about how they believed her once they’ve left. She’s also faked illnesses in order to get out of paying suppliers.

She managed to convince all of us that we are contract workers even though we are definitely employees. She’s super shady and never pays us on time, and often we don’t get paid the correct amount. When we ask her about it, she makes up some other ridiculous excuse.

I will be quitting soon. I just need to find a different job first.

| pink_orchid9501

Boss takes all the credit

Young and successful businessman in the office
Sergey Nivens / Shutterstock

My boss is a nice guy. He is an ex-marine that has the mindset of a hard worker. When I started my job, I was super dedicated and helped him out as much as possible. He got way too comfortable and now I do his job for him.

I’m an administrative assistant at an auto finance company. My office is directly connected to my boss’s office.

I process the funding on our contracts, take payments and answer the phones. My boss realized that I would take on as many tasks as needed so he started to give me the responsibility of the assistant manager since our branch does not have one.

Now, I do my administrative job as well as handling repos, all our legal accounts, all our bankruptcy accounts, and I am pushed to act like a personal assistant to my boss. I do 90 percent of his job for him at this point and he stays on my back constantly about doing things that are his job.

For example — an email needs to be sent to corporate about branch issues? I have to do it.

Dealer follow up? I have to do it.

Attorney conference calls? I have to do it.

Meanwhile, he takes credit for all the work when he talks to our supervisor.

| rmramirez

Stealing from the company

Fabulous woman in red coat

I was working at a farmers insurance company as a receptionist about three years ago. The boss was an older woman, maybe in her late 50s. She also had a daughter who was an absolute mess.

But besides her daughter, my manager was THE WORST. She was super rich and spent so much money on pointless things. She purchased insanely expensive TVs and projectors and set them up in our small office. She also didn't even know how to turn anything on. She had the sign in our office painted every three months. And she had the most elaborate office with paintings, statues, you name it.

It got weird when my manager was randomly audited and all of a sudden she needed me to help her organize all her receipts. I ended up doing everything for her accounts and found out that she was stealing from the company. Not only that, but she wanted me to write off a ton of things as business expenses that were clearly her daughter's trips to the doctor or whatever.

I quit after about three weeks of it.

| juliaakatrinaa0507

Just can’t win

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When I was an older teen, I worked at a parts store. My manager (not the owner) was a piece of work. He would get mad if we showed up early to work and sat in the back room until our shift started. He said something like, "If you're here, you're working."

So we would clock in early, but that made him mad too because he didn't want us racking up a lot of hours especially since we were just teens. Eventually, none of us showed up early or we would sit out in the parking lot until our shift started (again, making him upset).

Later, I was allowed to run the cash register for the first time. I counted up my register quickly and was short a dollar. I told my manager, then I counted again. It turns out, two new crisp dollar bills had been stuck together.

He asked me if I was even and I told him I was.

He immediately counted his drawer in front of me, and he was short one dollar. He accused me of stealing a dollar out of his register and threatened to fire me. Most likely, he took a dollar out to buy a soda from the vending machine.

Anyway, you couldn't win with that guy.

| cptspinach85


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