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Effortless earning in the palm of your hand

Tellus is a smart financial app that helps you build wealth by saving money and never having to get your hands dirty dealing with fixing or managing real estate.

Tellus does all of the work, harnessing the earning power derived from real estate and sharing that with you. In turn, you receive a stable, predictable stream of passive income, backed by real estate and paid out daily. Whether the real estate market is good or not so good, you are not impacted by this. This means no volatility for you.

The passive income you earn can then act as a cushion for your finances, offering a stronger sense of financial security.

Because Tellus works outside of the market, you’ll earn 18 times more interest than the average savings accounts with a big bank, which earn an average annual rate of just 0.33% APY.

While most banks charge fees that will take away from your return, with Tellus you have bank-level security without the added costs — plus your money is always 100% liquid.

The mobile app is totally free, and it takes just a few minutes to get started.

In the app, you get a full view of your daily earnings and have the opportunity to set goals, budget and accelerate your savings.

Fine wine is a sweet comfort in any situation — and now it can make your investment portfolio a little more comfortable, too. Now a platform called Vinovest helps everyday buyers invest in fine wines — no sommelier certification required.

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How it works

Typically, market securities and investment options require you to put your cash at risk in the markets to earn yield (this means you can lose some or all of your principal). With Tellus, however, you stay out of the market while still ensuring your idle cash has the chance to grow.

Tellus generates returns by providing single-family home loans to American borrowers. Their mortgages are always overcollateralized to protect potential losses, and the interest comes back to you as daily passive income. You’ll get between 3.85% and 5.50% APY on your money.

Essentially, Tellus dives into the market for you and keeps your money safe while doing so with their Triple-Layer Protection framework, which takes collateral, capital and security into consideration.

On average, every $1 of your money is backed by at least $1.30 of real assets.

Bulk up your earning power without the risk

Tellus offers three high-yield savings products. A Reserve account can earn you 22 times more than the national savings rate on a deposit balance of up to $2,500. The Boost and Vault accounts can earn you as much as 18 times and 25 times the national average, respectively, with no limit on your balance.

The Boost account also hosts special features like the Daily Boost, which can earn you up to 6.00% APY just for logging in, and Stacks, which are sub-accounts that can help you track your progress.

In addition to their real estate investing services, Tellus also offers renters and landlords mobile services that streamline rental operations.

Through the app, landlords can access tax forms, track expenses, collect rent, send alerts to tenants and more. And renters can use it as a place to communicate with their landlord and submit their monthly rent payment.

If you have any questions, you can speak with an actual person on their Customer Care team, not an automated messaging system.

Fine wine is a sweet comfort in any situation — and now it can make your investment portfolio a little more comfortable, too. Now a platform called Vinovest helps everyday buyers invest in fine wines — no sommelier certification required.

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Sign up, sit back and start saving

Much like investing with Tellus, signing up is hassle free — it only takes three minutes to get started.

Simply fill in some information about yourself, link your bank account and make your first deposit. You’ll get your first interest payout the same day.

Plus, you won’t be charged any fees and you can withdraw at any time.

Get a piece of commercial real estate

Enhance your portfolio with high-return commercial real estate

First National Realty Partners is the #1 option for accredited investors seeking superior risk-adjusted returns in the grocery-anchored necessity-based retail space.

While commercial real estate has always been reserved for a few elite investors, outperforming the S&P 500 over a 25-year period, First National Realty Partners allows you to access institutional-quality commercial real estate investments — without the leg work of finding deals yourself.

Invest with First National Realty Partners now.

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