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Don't underestimate the value of your belongings

While only some landlords require you to have renters insurance, it’s one of the easiest ways protect yourself and your belongings from unforeseen events.

Renters insurance will cushion the financial impact that property damage, personal liabilities or loss of use could have, so why not save your future self the strife?

With Lemonade, saving yourself this strife can cost you as little as $60 per year to cover assets that are worth much more.

If any of your belongings are lost or damaged due to things such as kitchen fires, windstorms, theft or even vandalism, your Lemonade policy will help you cover the cost.

But your stuff isn’t the only thing that would benefit from the protection of renters insurance.

Protect your personal belongings with Lemonade renters insurance, starting at $5/month. So you can rent with peace of mind.

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You’re on the hook for more than you think

In addition to personal property, Lemonade renters insurance covers two other categories — temporary living expenses and personal liability coverage and medical bills.

Let’s say someone is dropping off a package on your doorstep and slips on a patch of ice. You might be liable for their injury, but with renters insurance you won’t have to cover incurred legal expenses on your own.

Similarly, if your dog hops the fence to your neighbor's backyard and bites them, any medical costs you're responsible for could be covered.

Not to mention that filing claims in the event of these incidents is easy to do through the Lemonade app.

The bottom line

With Lemonade, protecting your property is simple and fast.

All you have to do is provide some information about yourself and the place you rent and they’ll provide you with your personalized policy and quote.

Having renters insurance can save you from having to shell out your savings in the event of an emergency and help you replace your essential belongings.

Check out Lemonade and get your quote today.

Get hassle-free renters insurance

Lemonade insures everything you own from damage or loss, whether it’s inside or outside your home. Easy sign-up. Fast claim approvals. Get started with Lemonade today.

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