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Kyle Trattner, contributor at

Kyle Trattner

Chief Executive Officer

Kyle Trattner is the CEO of Wise Publishing, Inc. and has eight years of experience in the digital publishing industry. He is an accomplished entrepreneur with a varied background. He founded an online community called Tickld, which was sold in 2015, and also co-founded Wise Publishing, which owns and operates Moneywise, a top source of personal finance information. With years of experience in the personal finance industry, Mr. Trattner is renowned for his expertise in educating individuals on personal finance.

Author Expertise

  • Sophisticated investor
    Sophisticated investor

Author Education

  • Education
    Bachelor of Arts, McMaster University
  • Education
    Bachelor of Laws, University of Nottingham

Author Credentials

  • Credentials
    LL.B. (Hons.)
  • Credentials
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