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If you make $1.5 million a year…

Cardone illustrated the tax burden faced by high earners in blue states.

“You live in the state of California and you earn a million and a half, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, your gross annual income at $1.5 million means you pay federal income tax of $513,164. State income tax on top of that is $184,557. Social security would be $9,100. Medicare would be $33,450. State disability insurance at $1,600. Your total taxes for the year, dumba‑‑, would be $741,886,” he explained.

Cardone emphasized that while these figures suggest your net income could be "half of what you make," the financial obligations don't stop there, as one might also face employment taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes.

“They ain't done with you. They just keep chopping you up, dumba‑‑,” Cardone remarked.

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Blue state exodus?

Cardone’s video, titled “BLUE STATE TAXES ARE KILLING YOU DUMB A$$,” highlighted a potential reason for the migration trend of people leaving California.

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau on state-to-state migration flows shows that Florida appeared to be a favored destination for those leaving the Golden State. In 2021, 37,464 individuals moved from California to Florida, and the number increased in 2022, to 50,701.

However, an even more popular destination was Texas. In 2021, 107,546 individuals relocated from California to Texas, and in 2022 another 102,442 people made the same move.

Similar to Florida, Texas also does not impose a state income tax.

Economist Stephen Moore recently described the blue state exodus as “one of the biggest mass migrations in American history,” pointing to taxes as a primary motivator behind the movement.

Neither Cardone nor Moore have offered evidence that income taxes are truly what is behind this migration trend.

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