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1. Rakuten Insight (Android)

Rakuten Insight is a market research app that pays users to fill out surveys and give feedback. Organizations use this feedback to design products, set policies and make decisions.

Users report high earnings per hour compared to other paid survey apps. But since it’s a newer platform, there are fewer surveys available. This makes it harder to rack up points in one survey-bingeing session.

Once you build up $5 in rewards, you can claim them via PayPal or Amazon.com gift cards. The app is currently only available on Android, but iPhone users can use their mobile browser to sign up and start earning rewards.

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2. Survey Junkie (iOS/Android)

Survey Junkie rewards you for your opinions as well. The app wants to know your thoughts on the products you use, places you go, and everything in between.

After signing up, you can start to take surveys, voice your opinions and earn points.

Once you accumulate $5 in rewards, you can redeem them for gift cards or PayPal payouts. You even earn points for filling out your profile and confirming your email address, allowing you to reach the payout threshold faster.

3. Mistplay (Android)

If the idea of filling out surveys makes your eyes glaze over, Mistplay might be more your jam.

Mistplay lets you earn money playing video games on your phone. There are a variety of games to choose from, and the longer you play, the more “units” you earn. These units can be redeemed via PayPal, Amazon or Google Play.

Mistplay also runs monthly contests for juicier rewards.

Don’t expect huge paydays for playing on your phone. But if you need to kill time, you might as well get paid for it.

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4. Evidation (iOS/Android)

Most apps that pay you money involve gluing yourself to the couch, but not Evidation.

Instead of sedentary phone use, Evidation pays you to exercise and smash your health goals. It connects with fitness apps like Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit to track your activity.

The healthier the choices you make, the more points you earn. And once your balance hits $10, you can cash out for gift cards, PayPal or direct deposit.

You can also take health surveys to boost your points balance even faster.

5. Capital One Shopping (iOS/Android)

Gone are the days of coupon-clipping and searching sketchy websites for discount codes — now, the Capital One Shopping app and browser extension do the dirty work for you.

When shopping online, Capital One Shopping scours the web for cash-back deals and applies coupon codes when you check out. These rewards credit to your Capital One Shopping account, which you can trade in for gift cards.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a Capital One customer to use it — it’s free for everyone.

6. Rakuten (iOS/Android)

Rakuten — not to be confused with the Rakuten Insights app — is another popular app for earning cash back on your purchases. Rakuten is also available as a browser extension.

Instead of buying directly through a retailer’s website, you open the app or browswer extension, search for the retailer, and buy through the Rakuten portal. This also works with many restaurants and food delivery services.

Rakuten sends out quarterly payments via check or PayPal once you’ve built up at least $5 in rewards.

7. Ibotta (iOS/Android)

Ibotta is the go-to cash-back app for groceries, but it has recently expanded to other types of purchases as well.

You can use the Ibotta app and browser extension to earn up to 30% cash back on both online and in-store purchases. For online rewards, shop via the portal in the app. For in-store rewards, use the app to scan the barcode of your qualified purchases.

In some cases, you can even double dip Ibotta rewards with other cash-back apps.

Once your balance hits $20, you can request a transfer via Venmo or PayPal.

8. Upside (iOS/Android)

With sky-high gas prices, everyone’s looking for ways to save at the pump. Fortunately, Upside provides relief with rewards on gas.

Whenever you need to fill your tank, simply open the app and search for gas stations offering rewards. The app partners with major gas chains like Marathon, BP and Shell at more than 45,000 locations nationwide.

You can stack these rewards on top of any credit card or gas station loyalty points program to earn even more cash back. There’s no minimum withdrawal requirement, but small withdrawals incur a $1 processing fee.

9. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most popular money-making apps, and it offers something for everyone.

There’s video games for gamers, cash-back for shoppers and surveys for feedback-givers. You can even earn points for surfing the web and watching videos.

These points are redeemable for cash via PayPal, or you can squeeze even more value out of them by opting for discounted gift cards.

10. InboxDollars

InboxDollars and Swagbucks are similar apps owned by the same company. Just like Swagbucks, InboxDollars offers multiple ways to earn.

In addition to paid surveys, video games and cash-back rewards, InboxDollars also pays you to read emails, test out apps and receive free samples.

InboxDollars pays you a $5 bonus just for registering, but you need to rack up $30 in rewards before you can withdraw. That’s a higher threshold than other apps, but with so many paid tasks available, you can knock them out back-to-back.

11. Branded Surveys

Always wanted to be an influencer for Fortune 500 companies? Branded Surveys is a market research company that rewards users for taking surveys adn providing their opinions.

Users collect points for every survey completes, and those points can be redeemed in the form of gifts cards or cash via PayPal or Branded Pay. You can also choose to convert your points into gift cards good to use at popular stores and restaurants around the country.

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