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Tony Robbins — @TonyRobbins

Followers: 3.1M

Topics covered: Financial freedom, investing

Tony Robbins

Why you should follow them: Though his expertise is scattered across disciplines, Robbins is well known for books such as Money: Master the Game, which advises readers on wealth management and personal finance.

Through his seminars, workshops and social media presence, Robbins has built a community of loyal followers. His unique philosophy on financial freedom - a blend of motivational speaking and financial know-how - has inspired and motivated his audience, earning him a reputation as one of the world’s most influential financial thinkers.

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Robert Kiyosaki — @theRealKiyosaki

Followers: 2.5M

Topics covered: Investing, stocks, personal finance

Robert Kiyosaki

Why you should follow them: Robert Kiyosaki is an author and game-show creator whose book Rich Dad Poor Dad (1997) has taught millions how to think differently about money. Known for simplification and fearless truth-telling, Kiyosaki considers himself an advocate of financial education. Through his incorporated entity, Rich Dad Company, he sells books, seminars and educational games that help convey his message about financial independence and wealth-building. His straight-talking mantra advises people to invest in assets (i.e., buying things that make money) instead of liabilities. Kiyosaki has built a sophisticated business around the idea that anyone can be financially free if they follow his lessons and make a commitment to challenging long-held beliefs about what constitutes work, savings and investing.

Ryan Serhant — @ryanserhant

Followers: 2M

Topics covered: Real estate, entrepreneurship

Ryan Serhant

Why you should follow them: Across social media, Ryan Serhant has pioneered real estate and finance, founding Serhant, a prominent New York City residential brokerage company.

His TV career skyrocketed when he starred in Bravo’s hit show, Million Dollar Listing New York, showcasing his strong personality and knack for aggressive, yet effective, sales. His personality and success at closing high-end deals have propelled him to become one of the leading real estate agents in the US. His social media presence empowers entrepreneurs and investors across the globe to achieve their dreams of wealth creation. Serhant’s real estate journey is empowering and educational, making him a great role model and a must-follow on social media for any entrepreneur or investor.

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Brian Jung — @Jungernaut

Followers: 1.84M

Topics covered: Cryptocurrency, personal finance, investing

Brian Jung

Why you should follow them: Brian Jung is one of the most influential YouTube influencers and shares different perspectives on crypto assets and the evolution of financial markets. Jung is among many YouTubers bringing crypto content to a dedicated audience.

With a background in finance, Jung reviews various coins and tokens, provides market analyses and trends, and even discusses certain investment strategies as he tries to demystify the industry so it’s accessible, entertaining and above-board. Jung’s insights offer actionable insight for his viewers navigating the ever-changing crypto ecosystem, whether it’s heralding a new DeFi token or weighing in on an upcoming token presale, revealing details about the latest ICOs. His perpetual YouTube clips and business have not just grown; they have flourished, bringing in thousands of new channel subscribers and hundreds of new merchandise orders, weekly. This thriving audience of crypto YouTube investors and community members is constantly clamoring for his insight, making it a vibrant and engaged community.

Suze Orman — @SuzeOrmanShow

Followers: 1.2M

Topics covered: Personal finance, retirement planning, investing

Suze Orman

Why you should follow them: Suze Orman is America’s financial expert, an author of New York Times best-sellers and host of an Emmy nominated series on CNBC. She’s helped millions of people take control of their financial lives.

She transcends generations with her messages, bringing financial education via social media and the web to an exponentially larger audience. Orman’s passion for changing lives through financial literacy, particularly among women, continues to drive her mission to inspire ordinary people to build wealth for a lifetime.

Haley Sacks — @MrsDowJones

Followers: 1M

Topics covered: Personal finance, financial literacy, budgeting

Haley Sacks

Why you should follow them: An expert in all things finance, Haley Sacks has made a name for herself with her humanizing memes and amusing videos. By mixing financial insights with hilarious jokes, Sacks engages a younger audience keen on following her money management and business investing lessons.

Sacks’s insight is that by slicing up big, complicated concepts in bite-sized chunks – advice for entry-level investors, insights on global stock-market trends, essential personal finance tips or the latest financial news – she makes finance a discussion that anyone can follow. Sacks has emerged as a popular pundit and trusted voice in the financial world, enabling readers, viewers and listeners with her trademark compassionate wit and wisdom to gain control over their financial futures and make better, more informed decisions surrounding money.

Dave Ramsey  — @DaveRamsey

Followers: 963.6K

Topics covered: Debt reduction, budgeting, personal finance, investing

Dave Ramsey

Why you should follow them: Dave Ramsey is one of the most trusted financial influencers in the personal finance and debt-relief space. His multiple best-selling books, his top-rated podcast and radio show, and his Financial Peace University programme, which is taught in cities across the US, have helped millions of Americans get out of debt and become financially independent. He encourages a focus on budgeting, saving and investing, overcoming a consumer mentality, eliminating debt and maintaining a basic, no-frills approach to life.

Dave Ramsey's impact is not confined to the US. His practical style and financial wisdom have resonated with individuals and families worldwide, inspiring them to take charge of their finances and live with financial peace. Ramsey's global reach across media platforms has created a sense of community and connection among those facing financial struggles.

Ryan Scribner — @RyanScribner

Followers: 818K

Topics covered: Investing, stocks, personal finance

Ryan Scribner

Why you should follow them: Ryan Scribner is a significant financial influencer with a large social media following. His YouTube channel helps people become better at managing money, investing and building wealth. His content is in-depth but keeps things pretty simple.

With a background in finance and a passion for teaching, Scribner attracts many viewers who are eager to gain the valuable knowledge that he can provide. He discusses topics that cover stock market strategies, buying and selling real estate, negotiating and budgeting tips, among many others. Scribner's personal journey, including his financial struggles, resonates deeply with his modern-day millennial viewers, making them feel informed and empowered.

Josh Altman — @thejoshaltman

Followers: 811K

Topics covered: Real estate, investing, entrepreneurship

Josh Altman

Why you should follow them: Josh Altman is a successful real estate entrepreneur and financial influencer best known for buying, selling and leasing luxury real estate and investment worldwide, emphasizing Los Angeles, where he resides. He always strives to cater to the needs of his elite clientele.

Appearances on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and a robust following on social media, teach fans about the landscapes and politics of real-estate investment and personal wealth-building. Altman is master and entrepreneur, advisor and guru, drawing on his years of experience to guide investors and aspiring real-estate brokers in producing the next generation of multimillionaires.

Jeremy Schneider — @personalfinanceclub

Followers: 621K

Topics covered: Personal finance, investing, financial independence

Jeremy Schneider

Why you should follow them: Jeremy Schneider turned his passion in personal finance into a social media channel with a large base of followers. Schneider, a financial professional, has a knack for demystifying daunting finance topics in digestible advice. He covers topics such as budgeting, investing, retirement and debt. His approachability, rationality and upbeat disposition, make personal finance accessible to a wide range of audience.

His mission was always to help people become financially successful, make better financial decisions and become financially independent by showing his viewers how he invests his own money and wealth. Schneider strives to aid his customers and followers in achieving this goal and attracts a dedicated fan base of followers who are eager to increase their financial literacy and accomplish their financial aspirations.

Humphrey Yang — @humphreytalks

Followers: 611K

Topics covered: Personal finance, investing, financial literacy

Humphrey Yang

Why you should follow them: Humphrey Yang has amassed a substantial following as a personal finance influencer, drawing upon his strategies for investing, entrepreneurism and financial betterment. Through his online challenges, savvy platitudes and motivational monologues, Yang leverages his social media influence on YouTube and Instagram to educate his loyal fans on the art of financial independence.

Yang's investment topics, including the stock market, real estate, passive income streams and financial independence, are not just theoretical concepts. His practical advice and relatable success stories instill confidence in his followers, showing them that financial mastery and freedom from the rat race are within their reach.

Charlie Bilello — @charliebilello

Followers: 598.3K

Topics covered: Investing, market analysis, personal finance

Charlie Bilello

Why you should follow them: Charlie Bilello is a major force in the realm of financial influencers, known for his commentary and analysis of market data, investing strategies and economic trends. As the founder and CEO of Compound Capital Advisors, Bilello strives to share his knowledge of the financial markets and provide investors with the best insights and research available.

His well-known Instagram feed and relevant articles for major financial journals advise on asset allocation, risk mitigation and portfolio construction. His data-driven approach and ability to simplify complex financial concepts have garnered a massive following of investors.

Brian Feroldi  — @BrianFeroldi

Followers: 555.3K

Topics covered: Investing, stocks, financial education

Brian Feroldi

Why you should follow them: Brian Feroldi is a prominent financial influencer who provides a wealth of advice on investing and personal finance. Feroldi specializes in stock market analysis, investment strategies and financial literacy tips for a broader audience — all of which help people make wise money decisions.

His articles cover all aspects of wealth-building and long-term strategies, including stock valuation, market trends, and day-to-day personal finances. Feroldi’s human approach, making the complicated world of finance relatable, reinforces his loyal group of followers — those wanting to become financially savvier and get where they want to be, investment-wise.

Morgan Housel — @morganhousel

Followers: 525.1K

Topics covered: Behavioral finance, investing, economic history

Morgan Housel

Why you should follow them: Morgan Housel is a leading finance influencer and writer who has built a substantial following with a nuanced understanding of the psychology of money management. His views on investing and wealth building have earned him a reputation for decisive analysis and a unique ability to leverage persuasive storytelling to illuminate complex financial phenomena. Housel is a partner at the Collaborative Fund and a former columnist at The Wall Street Journal.

Housel’s book, The Psychology of Money, has not only become a Wall Street bestseller but also a must-read for those intrigued by the psychology of money.  Through his writing and speaking engagements, he delves into the emotional and psychological aspects that influence financial decisions. His work encourages readers to adopt a long-term perspective on investments and financial growth. Housel's message is clear: By staying committed and building wealth over time, individuals can pave their own path to success.

Andrew Lokenauth — @FluentInFinance

Followers: 378.1K

Topics covered: Personal finance, investing, financial literacy

Andrew Lokenauth

Why you should follow them: Andrew Lokenauth is the personality behind TheFinanceNewsletter.com, a personal finance and investing expert with a thorough and holistic approach. He has a proven background in the finance industry, having worked at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. He offers insights across several fields, with views ranging from stock market analysis to retirement planning and wealth management. Lokenauth’s audience benefits from the expert’s background at the forefront of the industry as a thorough researcher with practical day-to-day experience.

His financial news and analysis site provides valuable real-time advice and actionable information about the world of finances in an easy-to-digest way. His approachable style and desire to help others become financially independent have won him a loyal following and a warm place in the financial influencer community.

Bola Sokunbi — @clevergirlfinance

Followers: 360K

Topics covered: Personal finance, financial literacy, budgeting

Bola Sokunbi

Why you should follow them: Bola Sokunbi’s budgeting, saving, investing and debt-paydown advice at Clever Girl Finance, a popular women-focused financial literacy platform, provides valuable strategies for women to become more financially secure. Sokunbi offers tools and guides to navigate the confusion of competing financial services and create a dialogue with women on social media where they can share practical advice that’s made a difference in their lives.

This platform promotes community, to help women believe in themselves about their finances, be more confident in how they handle their money, and have the tools and resources to reach their financial goals. Clever Girl Finance has articles, courses and coaches that support women to understand money, to plan their finances, pay off debt and invest. This work has established Bola Sokunbi as an advocate of financial literacy for women.

Dasha Kennedy — @thebrokeblackgirl

Followers:  313K

Topics covered: Financial literacy, debt reduction, personal finance

Dasha Kennedy

Why you should follow them: Dasha Kennedy, the founder of The Broke Black Girl, is a financial influencer dedicated to empowering black women with the knowledge and tools needed for financial success. Kennedy, who had previously shared her journey from total debt and bankruptcy to proudly debt-free, uses her real-life experience to provide relatable, honest advice on everything from budgeting to debt management and growing wealth. Her advocacy, addressing specific issues that black women face regarding money, has helped shape a welcoming and supportive community.

Through workshops, articles on her blog and social media engagement, Dasha Kennedy offers steps that have, not only improved her own financial situation, but also those in the community she’s formed around her brand. Kennedy’s work encompasses financial strategies around household budgeting and balancing expenditures, but it goes beyond that. She explores issues of finance through the lens of social justice – offering critiques on why that journey can often feel like a minefield, and pushes for systemic change to support a more equitable economy. Her work has created a sense of belonging and empowerment in the community, making them feel that they are not alone in their financial struggles.

Ramit Sethi — @ramit

Followers: 290.1K

Topics covered: Personal finance, investing, entrepreneurship

Ramit Sethi

Why you should follow them: Ramit Sethi is one of the leading personal finance bloggers, the author of best-selling books such as I Will Teach You to Be Rich and the founder of GrowthLab. He is known for his helpful, everyday tools for automating finances, negotiating your salary and investing.

With his popular blog, speaking engagements and online courses, Sethi invites people to take charge of their financial futures by concentrating on what matters most: earning more, spending smarter and investing for the long haul. His direct style and emphasis on behavior modification have earned him a dedicated following, many of whom are looking to make the most of money to build a deeply meaningful life on their terms.

Delyanne The Money Coach — @delyannethemoneycoach

Followers: 271K

Topics covered: Investing, financial independence, personal finance

Delyanne the Money Coach

Why you should follow them: Delyanne Barros, aka Delyanne The Money Coach, is an influential financial guru and advocate who helps people pursue financial independence and find pathways to building wealth. In easy-to-follow language, she demystifies complex financial terminology for the masses.

Delyanne Barros's advice is not just theoretical, but practical and actionable. By sharing her personal financial journey, she motivates her followers to take control of their money and pursue their dreams. Her straightforward advice, accompanied by practical exercises, tools and podcasts, provides a roadmap for people to invest with confidence, and build stability. Her commitment to financial literacy and her approachable style make her a trusted guide in the journey toward a secure future.

Kenny  — @AccentInvesting

Followers: 263.4K

Topics covered: Financial independence, budgeting, investing


Why you should follow them: Kenny is a popular financial authority who provides readers with savvy investment and wealth-building advice. His YouTube channel often delves into intricate investment ideas in a way that completely demystifies the stock market and supports good investing for all. In particular, his videos on stock analysis, portfolio diversification and long-term financial planning are helpful for beginners who want to build wealth over time.

Through his social media and various podcasts, he shares simple tips and techniques that allow his audience to chart a selective list of financial goals. There’s no limit to what accent investing can do for those willing to allocate the small sums of money he recommends, leading them to financial freedom and riches.

Ben Carlson  — @awealthofcs

Followers: 257.3K

Topics covered: Investing, market analysis, personal finance

Ben Carlson

Why you should follow them: Ben Carlson is a prominent financial influencer known for his wisdom on investment strategies and market behavior. His blog, A Wealth of Common Sense, comments on everything from asset allocations and portfolio management to market trends and commodities. As Director of Institutional Asset Management at Ritholtz Wealth Management, where he also serves as a portfolio manager, Carlson has shared his investment expertise in various articles, podcasts and other channels. Through his writing, Carlson integrates the principles and benefits of cognitive psychology into his applied financial strategies.

Carlson is also an author who has written two books, A Wealth of Common Sense and Organizational Alpha, positioning him as an influential finance thought leader. On his blog, in his books and on social media outlets, Carlson provides investors with a systematic approach to making more informed investing decisions, and makes sure his followers see the long view on how one should think about building wealth. Because Carlson presents a precise, data-based analysis and a heavy dose of investment education, he’s gained many followers among investing enthusiasts looking to improve their financial literacy and investment insight.

Graham Stephan — @GrahamStephan

Followers: 195.5K

Topics covered: Personal finance, real estate, investing

Graham Stephan

Why you should follow them: Graham Stephan is among the most recognized personal finance and real estate influencers. He has become a leading voice for everyone who wants to make their money work for them. A real estate investor and an agent, Stephan runs a YouTube channel that focuses on real estate investing, saving money and general questions about generating wealth. His engaging and approachable style has attracted a massive following for him, making complex financial topics accessible to a broad audience.

Beyond his YouTube channel, Stephan also co-hosts the podcast ‘The Ice Coffee Hour’ and teaches online courses on real estate and personal finance tactics. His message around frugal living, smart investing and making every dollar count speaks to beginning and seasoned investors alike. Graham Stephan’s tips and tricks have made him a go-to source of insight into how to get — and stay — financially fit for the long haul.

John Eringman — @johnefinance

Followers: 158K

Topics covered: Personal finance, investing, wealth building

John Eringman

Why you should follow them: John Eringman is an influential pioneer in finance content on short-form video networks. He is known for his education-focused, digestible and entertaining content on personal finance, investing and building wealth, emphasizing incremental steps and actions. On TikTok and Instagram, he shares information and complicated topics in digestible shorts that appeal to a younger demographic.

John Eringman is a social media money guru who offers his viewers the financial advice he wishes he had learned when he was first starting out. His channel touches on a little of everything — from why everyone needs a High-Yield Savings Account to how you should be mindful about what your finances look like once you have a significant other — in an effort to cover as much as possible.

Chelsea Fagan — @faganchelsea

Followers: 54.2K

Topics covered: Personal finance, budgeting, financial literacy

Chelsea Fagan

Why you should follow them: Chelsea Fagan is a popular financial influencer and the co-founder of The Financial Diet, a platform that aims to make personal finance accessible and engaging. Fagan has a background in writing and media and is the successful creator of content that attempts to demystify concepts around household finance and provides practical guidance on managing finances — to budget, save, invest, shop, spend and live well. She's found a passionate audience among many millennials and young adults seeking to improve their knowledge of finance.

In addition to her columns for The Financial Diet, Fagan has created a community willing and able to talk transparently about money and their financial health, sharing stories and tips that she hopes will empower others to take charge of their own financial present and future.

Michelle Singletary — @SingletaryM

Followers: 39.6K

Topics covered: Personal finance, budgeting, financial education

Michelle Singletary

Why you should follow them: Michelle Singletary is a leading financial influencer and columnist who dispenses practical personal finance and wealth-building advice. She authorizes the nationally syndicated column ‘The Color of Money’ in The Washington Post, which covers expenditures and savings, tracking debt and evaluating stocks and bonds. Singletary speaks to many followers by making otherwise complex financial matters understandable.

Aside from her column, Singletary has authored several books, including The 21-Day Financial Fast and What to Do with Your Money When Crisis Hits, where she tells her readers what they should do with their hard-earned money. Singletary travels the country and makes media appearances to discuss finance and personal development. She’s come to represent the financial side of the social finance movement — not just the concept of an inclusive and empowering financial sector but of financial literacy that reduces inequality by helping people manage their consumption.


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