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Timing is everything

There are different approaches to timing investments. Some will try to make their purchases coincide with market lows (“buying the dip”) and some will invest at regular intervals, trusting that weekly and monthly price fluctuation will even out over the long term (“dollar-cost averaging”).

The only investors whose strategy is guaranteed to fail are the ones who keep their money uninvested, waiting instead for the “perfect moment” to make a play.

This is unfortunately common, but also understandable: If you don’t have access to high-quality information or years of industry experience, if you’re left with only your instincts and the same mainstream sources of financial information everyone else sees, you’ll be tempted to sit on the sidelines for fear of overpaying for yesterday’s blockbuster stock.

Research has shown that the best stock analysts are able to outperform the market when their research leads them to investments that are under the radar or misunderstood by mainstream financial press and retail investors.

This is the cornerstone of the Moby investment platform.

Top stock picks

Some of the top performers uncovered by the Moby team were companies that escaped the mainstream spotlight.

Aluminum giant Alcoa (AA), for instance, has delivered a total return of 1,080% since it was first recommended on the platform. This relatively niche commodity producer doesn’t get frequent press coverage and is monitored by only 13 Wall Street analysts, according to NASDAQ data. Compare that to Apple (AAPL), which is covered by 30 analysts and regularly dominates tech and financial news headlines.

Similarly, Moby users uncovered Microstrategy (MSTR) and Moderna (MRNA) before they delivered total returns of greater than 800% and 700%, respectively. By comparison, the S&P 500 is up only 87.5% over the past five years.

A lack of good coverage from mainstream media outlets and Wall Street analysts may have kept these assets undervalued for a prolonged period, allowing investors armed with better analysis to snap them up before their outperformance.

Moby’s edge

By focusing on high-quality research from experienced analysts, Moby offers its users a rare edge in the market.

Moby Premium Members have access to the top three picks from this team every week. They can also access sector ranking to find the best companies in any industry, a hedge fund tracker to see where the smart money is betting and a political trade tracker to see where members of Congress are investing their own capital.

The potency of these features is reflected in the results. In four years, across almost 400 stock picks, Moby’s recommendations have beaten the S&P 500 by almost 12%, on average, according to independent analysis[ML1] .

And the Moby team, which consists of former hedge fund analysts with proven track records, has quickly become a trusted source, even among influential Wall Street veterans, including Dan Petrozzo, a former chief information officer at Morgan Stanley.

"In my role as the former Managing Director of both Morgan Stanley and Fidelity, I've seen firsthand the overwhelming challenge investors face: drowning in information yet starving for actionable insights,” Petrozzo says. “As a daily user myself, I rely on Moby to stay informed about the latest market developments, making it the ultimate solution for effective and better investing. Moby's brilliance lies in its ability to seamlessly filter investing noise, harnessing AI for stock picks and offering portfolios for copy trading. In fact, I’ve been so impressed with the product that I eventually invested in Moby myself.”

In an environment with too much low-quality investing information that focuses on a tiny set of high-profile companies, everyday investors are likely to follow the crowd and, as a result, miss emerging trends in the marketplace that could add up to life-changing financial success.

But with Moby, you can confidently put your money in the market today and realize market-beating returns tomorrow — before everyone else has a chance to catch up.

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Vishesh Raisinghani Freelance Writer

Vishesh Raisinghani is a freelance contributor at MoneyWise. He has been writing about financial markets and economics since 2014 - having covered family offices, private equity, real estate, cryptocurrencies, and tech stocks over that period. His work has appeared in Seeking Alpha, Motley Fool Canada, Motley Fool UK, Mergers & Acquisitions, National Post, Financial Post, and Yahoo Canada.


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