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Moby stock picking service review

Moby stock picking service review

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Updated: June 24, 2024

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Real expert analysis5

Educational materials4

Number of stock picks available4


Customer Support3

Moby is a stock-picking service for investors seeking expert analysis and educational resources to make informed decisions. Its products suit individuals looking to leverage professional insights to enhance their strategies. Digital platforms like Moby have democratized access to high-quality financial analysis and stock-picking services, previously available only to insiders or those with significant financial means. 

Moby offers expert analysis and educational resources, making it increasingly popular among everyday investors who need timely information. And for good reason: It appeals to desktop and mobile-first investors with its accessibility and affordability. Investors get real-time stock picks, in-depth research reports and educational content to simplify trends and strategies.

But does Moby stand out?

What is Moby Invest and how does it work?

Moby, also known as Moby Invest, uses real expert analysis to provide investment recommendations. Founded to democratize access to high-quality investment advice, Moby offers a variety of features to help users make better choices.

Moby features:

  • Real-time stock picks
  • Expert analysis and reports
  • Educational materials
  • Mobile app for on-the-go access
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customer support

Who is Moby for?

Moby is ideal for novice to intermediate investors who want professional stock analysis without the high fees typically associated with financial advisors. They’ll get reliable, jargon-free research, stock recommendations and educational resources to improve their investing acumen. 

It’s crucial to understand that Moby is not a trading platform. Currently, investors cannot execute trades on Moby. For this, you’ll need a separate broker. This clarity is key to managing expectations and ensuring you have the right tools for your investment strategy.

Main features:

  • Real-time stock picks: Get up-to-date recommendations on potential investment opportunities.
  • Expert analysis: Access in-depth reports and analysis from financial experts.
  • Educational materials: Learn about investing with comprehensive guides and tutorials.
  • Mobile app: Stay connected to your investments with the Moby app.
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Can I buy stocks on Moby?

No, Moby currently doesn’t facilitate trades. Users will need a separate brokerage account to execute trades based on Moby’s recommendations.

We reached out to the Moby Team for clarification on whether they would be integrating trading features and they immediately responded they are working towards a launch in 2025.

As we're continuing to grow and diversify the Moby products, over the remainder of this year, we're anticipating to have a trading integration with a wide variety of preferred brokerages, available in 2025. For us, we're heavily focused on investing our resources into building the most favorable and easy experience for everyday investors, in having a one stop shop for understanding what's happening in the market today, at just the palm of their hand. As a result, keeping our product as "jargon-free" as imaginable, we're always looking at ways of enabling Moby users to be investing in smarter ways with all aspects of their life, whether it's with traditional investing, but also when it comes to how people are investing their time into spending on everyday purchases, saving their money, and much more to come across a variety of new areas that we're exploring as well.

The Moby Team

Does Moby offer investment guidance?

Yes, Moby offers investment guidance through its expert analysis and stock picks, helping users make informed decisions based on pro insights and data. The platform goes beyond mere stock picks, offering market alerts, economic calendars and investment research on cryptocurrency.

What we think of Moby stock picking services

Moby’s stock-picking and cryptocurrency information service is robust, and beginners will appreciate its focus on attracting new investors—aided by an impressive library of educational resources. 

Newer investors will also appreciate that Moby’s research and recommendations are stripped of intimidating jargon, which decodes the complex forces shaping the market. And while the platform’s choices and explanations are straightforward, they can also be sophisticated enough to appeal to seasoned investors. (Fun fact: Moby even watchdogs politicians, aggregating these power brokers’ stock trades inside a dashboard that updates weekly.)

Moby does have its limitations. Customer support feels limited, and its pre-signup website makes support options hard to find. Moby does offer a comprehensive FAQ section, and dedicated email support is a step in the right direction. But this reviewer couldn’t find a reference to phone support or live chat on Moby’s main website.

The platform’s premium features could feel expensive to new investors, especially considering they won’t be able to execute trades based on Moby’s research (at least for now).

Finally, while Moby boasts more than 75 stock picks that generated 100-plus percent returns, this impressive stat should be treated with caution since all investing is risky. Platforms rarely call attention to their picks that didn’t pan out.

Moby pros and cons



  • High-quality expert analysis

  • Real-time stock picks

  • Comprehensive educational materials

  • User-friendly mobile app

  • Competitive pricing



  • Limited customer support options

  • No direct stock trading capability

  • Premium features may be too costly for casual investors

Moby fees

Moby offers both free and premium subscription plans. The free plan provides access to basic features, while the premium plan unlocks more expert analysis and advanced tools, including the platform’s comprehensive investment education library, sector rankings and morning newsletters, among others.

Moby Basic
Moby Premium monthly subscription
$29.95 a month
Moby Premium annual subscription
$8.33 a month

Consider the potential cost savings of an annual sign-up. In mid-2024, Moby offered this option for just $100, a significant discount compared to the normal pay-by-the-month membership, which would cost $29.95 a month, or about $360 annually. This could be a smart financial move for you.

Moby Premium – Is it worth it?

Moby Premium offers significant benefits over the free version, including access to all stock picks, detailed expert analysis and exclusive educational content. For serious investors, the premium plan is worth it.

Premium features:

  • Full access to stock picks
  • In-depth expert analysis
  • Exclusive educational content
  • Priority customer support

How to sign up for Moby.co?

Signing up is straightforward:

  1. 1.

    Visit the Moby website

  2. 2.

    Click on the "Sign Up" button

  3. 3.

    Enter your email address and create a password

  4. 4.

    Choose your subscription plan (free or premium)

  5. 5.

    Provide payment information if selecting the premium plan

  6. 6.

    Confirm your email address and complete the registration

Sign Up for a Moby Account

Moby app review

The Moby app offers the same functionality as the desktop version, with the added convenience of mobile access. Users get real-time stock picks, expert analysis, and access to educational materials directly from their smartphones. The app’s user-friendly design eases navigation, making it a smart choice for new investors. Beware, however, of the platform’s seemingly limited support options.

Chris Clark Freelance Contributor

Chris Clark is freelance contributor with MoneyWise, based in Kansas City, Mo. He has written for numerous publications and spent 18 years as a reporter and editor with The Associated Press.


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