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Huntington Bank review: the bank with an option for everyone

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As someone who has multiple bank accounts across a variety of different banking institutions, I can tell you that it can be annoying to manage all these accounts.

I’d love an option where I can easily transfer money between savings and checking and have the money arrive instantly. But each bank I use doesn’t quite meet every need I have.

Huntington Bank, on the other hand, seems to include everything the average banker would ever look for in a bank. With multiple savings accounts, checking accounts, CDs, and almost everything in between, those who live in the 11 states Huntington operates can find a lot to like.

That said, there’s no denying that Huntington accounts come with fees each customer needs to consider. Is this offset by its other helpful features? I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Huntington bank logo



Interest and rewards3

Ease of use4

Account types5


Huntington Bank offers free checking, interest-bearing checking, savings and money market accounts, and CDs. And if you live in one of the eight Midwestern states in its service area, you'll be able to take advantage of its extensive network of hundreds of bank branches, in addition to its online banking.

Huntington bank pros and cons



  • A large number of account options to choose from

  • It will waive fees with the right minimum balance

  • Automatically save for all of your goals in one place

  • Overdraft protection up to $50

  • Large selection of CDs

  • Potentially qualify for a free line of credit up to $1,000



  • Most accounts come with high fees.

  • Interest rates are low compared to high-yield accounts.

  • Only available in 11 states, primarily in the Midwest.

About Huntington Bank

Huntington Bank offers personal and business banking, as well as other financial products like CDs, insurance, and investments. Currently, they have over 1,000 branches, but they only operate in 11 states, including:

  • Colorado
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Minnesota
  • Michigan
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
  • Illinois
  • Wisconsin
  • Florida

In addition to offering banking services, Huntington has long been a bank that gives back to its communities. For example, Huntington’s Lift Local Business℠ Program offers loans, business planning support, and free financial courses to minority-owned businesses, women-owned businesses, and veteran-owned businesses.

What does Huntington Bank offer?

Huntington savings accounts

Huntington Bank savings come in two different forms: Premier Savings and Relationships Savings. Plus, Huntington also offers a Money Market (MAA) account. Each account rewards different types of spending and each has a different requirement in order for you to get your monthly fees waived.

The Premier Savings account is meant to be a more basic account that doesn’t offer much in the way of interest (0.01%), but it does waive your $4 monthly fee if you have any checking account with Huntington or if you have an average daily balance of $300.

The Relationship Savings account offers a slightly higher (but by no means high) interest rate of 0.02% when you have certain Huntington Checking accounts. This rate goes all the way up to 0.06% only when you have a Private Client account. Again, your fee of $10 will be waived if you open either a Huntington Perks Checking℠ or Huntington Platinum Perks Checking℠ account. Your fee can also be waived if you maintain a $2,500 balance.

Finally, Huntington’s Relationship MMA is for savers looking for higher interest rates. You can earn more than 1% in interest when you also have a Huntington checking account and you maintain a balance over $25,000.

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Huntington CDs

Huntington offers a huge selection of CDs. Standard terms range from one all the way to 72 months. The APY you’ll earn will depend on the amount you’re putting in and how long the CD’s terms are for.

For example, their one- and three-month CDs for $1,000 – $9,999 currently offer a 0.05% APY, as of October 2022. Their 72-month CD, on the other hand for the same amount comes in at 0.10% APY. You can see the full list of rates here.

Huntington checking accounts

On top of savings, CDs, and Money Markets accounts, Huntington offers a number of different checking account options. Huntington provides a completely free account named Asterisk-Free Checking. There’s no cost to open this account and you won’t pay any maintenance fees like you do on most other Huntington accounts.

Huntington’s Perks Checking accounts come with a $10 fee if you can’t maintain $1,000 in total monthly deposits, or a $5,000 balance between your checking and qualifying Huntington savings account. You can earn a 0.02% APY and you’ll get perks like five free ATM withdrawals from outside banks.

Huntington’s highest tier checking account, the Platinum Perks Checking account, comes with a 0.03% APY, unlimited out-of-network ATM withdrawals, credit monitoring, and discounts on other Huntington projects. This account comes with a $25 fee unless you can keep $25,000 in total balances between your checking and savings accounts.

No overdraft fees

Huntington understands that things happen and sometimes you overdraft your account. If you overdraw your account and it’s $50 or less, you won’t face a fee. You’ll then have 24 hours to deposit money into your account, or else you will face a fine.

Standby Cash®

Huntington offers what they call Standby Cash® as a particularly unique perk. It’s a free line of credit between $100 – $1,000. The amount you get isn’t determined by your credit either, but rather your deposit history. You’ll have three months to pay back this loan, or else you will pay a 1% monthly interest charge.

Savings Goal Getter

Along with Huntington's many banking and financial products, they also provide useful tools to help you reach your financial goals. The Savings Goal Getter allows you to add up to 10 savings goals (and an emergency fund) to each of your savings and MMA accounts.

Simply tell Huntington your end goal and they can help calculate how much you can realistically afford to put aside for each of these goals, based on your banking history. As you add money to your accounts each month, Huntington sends you alerts so you can see if you're on track to reach your goals. You can even set up automatic transfers so you can save easily.

Money Scout®

Huntington’s Money Scout® feature is perfect for those who keep telling themselves they can’t afford to save. Huntington understands that not everyone can put aside thousands per month, so they’ll analyze all of your accounts and find the money you’re not using (between $5 – $50) and automatically move it to your savings account. Each time they make a transfer, Huntington will send you an alert so you can be sure you know where your money is going.

Huntington Bank fees and pricing

Huntington offers some impressive accounts, but they’re not short on fees. Thankfully, most of the monthly fees can be waived if you maintain a certain balance. Here’s a chart of the fees associated with each Huntington checking account:

Categories Asterisk-Free Checking Huntington Perks Checking Huntington Platinum Perks Checking℠
Monthly fee $0 $10 $25
How to get it waived No need, there are no fees associated with this account You must have $1,000 in total monthly deposits or maintain $5,000 in total balances over all Huntington accounts You must maintain $25,000 in total balances over all Huntington accounts

And here are the savings accounts fees:

Categories Huntington Premier Savings Huntington Relationship Savings Huntington Relationship MMA
Monthly fee $4 $10 $25
How to get it waived You must have an average daily balance of $300 or have Huntington any other personal Huntington checking account You must have an average daily balance of $2,500 or have either a Huntington Perks Checking℠ or Huntington Platinum Perks Checking℠ You must have an average daily balance of $25,000 or have a Huntington Perks Checking℠ or Huntington Platinum Perks Checking℠ account

Is Huntington Bank safe?

Huntington is just as concerned about your security as any other bank. For starters, all of their online banking products are FDIC-insured. Additionally, they use an SSL-encrypted system and offer a personal guarantee that your money will be sent safely and on time when you use online bill pay.

How do I contact Huntington Bank?

You can contact Huntington Bank in pretty much every way except via email. You can use any of the following options:

  • Automated assistant: A chat box for common questions they have answers to in their system.
  • By phone: They have numbers for every department listed here so you can be sure you’re talking with the right person.
  • In-person: Simply type in your zip code and Huntington will show you any local branches you can visit.
  • Via social media: You can direct message Huntington on Facebook or find them on X.

Huntington Bank alternatives

Capital One

Capital One offers savings, checking, CDs, teen and kids accounts, credit cards, loans, and more, making them an extremely well rounded bank. All of their services exist online, but they also have over 700 branches, some of which are Capital One Cafes.

Capital One has much higher APYs (their 360 Performance Savings account has an APY over 2%) and no fees at all. Even their checking accounts have higher APYs than Huntington. Their mobile app is slick and easy-to-use, and opening an account takes just a few minutes.

Check out Capital One 360


Like Capital One, Discover offers a huge array of financial products including savings, checking, MMAs, CDs, credit cards, personal loans, student loans, and more. All of their banking products come with no fees and many even offer cashback. As for APYs, Discover offers some of the best, easily keeping up with Capital One.

Discover is an online bank for the most part, but does offer over 60,000 ATMs that you can use fee-free. Where Discover tries to beat out the competition is in their customer service. With 24/7 customer service options, you can always get the answers you need.

Check out Discover Bank

Final thoughts on Huntington Bank

Huntington Bank services a very specific clientele. First and foremost, customers will need to live in the South or Midwest to access local branches. Customers will also need to be comfortable paying monthly fees between $4 – $25 or maintaining some pretty staggering monthly balances among all of their accounts.

This said, Huntington offers extra perks like overdraft protection (up to $50), multiple automatic savings options, and “free” lines of credit. If you’re looking to do all of your banking in one place, Huntington definitely has options for you.

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