As anyone who has worked at a store, a restaurant or a call center knows too well, the customer isn't always right. Sometimes the customer is horribly, stupidly and insanely WRONG.

If you've had a job in the service industry or know someone who has, you know that there are a million stories out there about woefully clueless customers. On Reddit recently, service workers were asked: Who's the dumbest customer you've ever had?

We think these are the most hopeless cases.

28. The Holy Grail of dumb complaints

Janaka Dharmasena / Shutterstock
The customer really bought The Da Vinci Code.

Worked at a used bookstore in college. Lady was upset that The Da Vinci Code was kept in the fiction section because it's all real and "who gets to decide that it's not?"

My answer of "the author" did not appease her...

| MerryXmasMollyHooper

27. Something to crunch on

Closeup of healthy Caesar salad with croutons
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Hey, what's that crunchy meat in there?

I worked at a cafe. Received a call from a woman complaining about meat in her salad (she was vegetarian). I assured her that I took her order and our delivery person verified it was vegetarian. She said, "Well, what are these brown cubes then?"

"Brown cubes? We don't have any meat like that? What is the texture?"

"They're crunchy. Dry."

"They might be croutons."

There was a long moment of silence where she thought about what decisions in her life led her to that moment.

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