Car Insurance Rates Keep Going Down. Here’s How to Take Advantage

In 2020, car insurance rates have steadily decreased. See how to save hundreds of dollars.

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With the coronavirus pandemic still hurting people’s pocketbooks, auto insurance companies are responding by cutting their rates.

So when it comes time to renew your insurance policy, don’t take the expected route and just let it automatically renew like usual.

You see, this is an ideal time to look for a better deal. Even if you aren’t close to your renewal date, you can still cancel your policy and get a refund.

Major auto insurers left and right are slashing their premiums, responding to market demands. Customers figure that, because they’re driving so much less, why should they pay so much for car insurance?

The market research company J.D. Power says that, since the pandemic began, U.S. auto insurers have reduced rates and refunded customers to the tune of $18 billion overall.

Now major insurers like State Farm and Progressive, among others, are planning to cut their rates further, according to recent filings with a number of state insurance regulators.

That’s why it’s a good time to shop around. You need to get quotes from a few different places to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

So how do you know which companies to get quotes from? We suggest letting someone else do all the hard work for you.

A free website called Savvy will help you find the best price — in just 30 seconds. In fact, it saves people an average of $826 a year.

All you have to do is connect your current insurance, then Savvy will search hundreds of insurers for a better price on the same coverage. It’ll even help you cancel your old policy and get you a refund from your current insurer.

If you find a better deal, you can switch right away and don’t have to wait for your next renewal or even your next payment.

Even if your car payment is pretty much set in stone, your car insurance costs are not. You can do something to save yourself money, and now is the prime time to do it.

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