Protect yourself first

You don’t want to start scrubbing without protecting your hands, especially if you’ve got harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach in your detergents and disinfectants.

We picked out a three-pack of rubber gloves on Amazon for $20.12, but Capital One Shopping saved us two bucks by directing us to eBay instead.

Tackle the tough stuff

scrub-it scouring pads
Savings may vary. Sample results shown.

Remember that time someone left a casserole to bubble over in the oven? Amazon carries a six-pack of heavy-duty scour pads for $15.88, but Capital One Shopping pointed out we could save $6.53 at Walmart.

As an added bonus, choosing Walmart — one of many brands partnered with Capital One Shopping — gave us 3% of our money back in the form of Capital One Shopping Credits. Once you’ve got enough, you can redeem them for gift cards at top retailers like Lowe’s or Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Sweep swiftly

This one's a must. We liked the look of a freestanding lobby broom and dustpan, designed for both wet and dry debris so you can use it in the house and on your front porch.

While Amazon offered it for $15.58, Capital One Shopping showed us we could save around $5 on eBay.

Dust it off

If only we could all be like Snow White, with her obedient army of birds and squirrels doing her dirty work. To reach those cobwebs on the ceiling, we pulled up an extendable feather duster on Amazon for $18.63.

Capital One Shopping found the same product for $16.94 on Walmart, plus a bonus 3% back in Capital One Shopping Credits.

Suck it up

robotic vaccum cleaner
Savings may vary. Sample results shown.

A good vacuum will get all the dust and debris out of your carpet and off your hardwood. A great vacuum will do the job for you.

This robotic vacuum can operate on voice command and automatically empties debris into a bagless base. The device sells on Amazon for $453.65, but through Capital One Shopping we saved a whopping $134 by switching to eBay.

Do the dirty work

Toilet duty is perhaps the worst chore of all. We spotted a six-pack of Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner that uses a clinging gel to hopefully cut down on scrubbing.

Amazon offers the bundle for $25.43, but we discovered we could save $4.24 on eBay, thanks to Capital One Shopping.

Mop till you drop

Time to polish the floors to a nice shine. We stumbled across a neat mop set that uses a twin-chamber bucket — one side for clean water, the other for dirty.

Amazon lists the set (plus five microfiber mop pads) for $49.99, but Capital One Shopping automatically found a $5 coupon to bring the price down to $44.99 at checkout.

Breathe easier

air purifier
Savings may vary. Sample results shown.

To keep your home smelling fresh — and not like bleach — consider splurging on an air purifier. If you suffer from springtime allergies, look for one that targets pollen, like the 5-in-1 Germ Guardian.

We found one on Amazon for $105.99, but our browser extension offered us 25% back in Capital One Shopping Credits if we purchased the product from Chewy. That’s another $24.99 toward our next gift card.

How much we saved with Capital One Shopping

Here’s everything we picked up to give our hypothetical home a good spring cleaning, with the original Amazon prices and the savings we found. The prices listed are the approximate totals after shipping and taxes.

Capital One Shopping savings Capital One Shopping
Rubber Cleaning Gloves, three pairs $20.12 $17.55 (eBay)
Scrub-It Scouring Pads, six pack $15.88 $9.27 (Walmart, with Credits)
Quickie Stand and Store Broom and Dustpan Set $15.58 $10.59 (eBay)
Delux Microfiber Feather Duster with 100-inch pole $18.63 $16.47 (Walmart, with Credits)
Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty Vacuum $453.65 $319.06 (eBay)
Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach, six count $28.51 $21.19 (eBay)
Squeeze Flat Mop and Bucket Set with five pads $49.99 $44.99 (Amazon, with coupon)
Germ Guardian Air Purifier $105.99 $81.00 (Chewy, with Credits)

With the help of Capital One Shopping, we saved around $188 on cleaning supplies — not to mention all the time it would’ve taken us to compare products at different retailers ourselves.

Whether you’re recruiting a robotic assistant or just grabbing a few sponges, you can save yourself some extra money by downloading Capital One Shopping today. It’s totally free, takes zero effort and you can get it up and running in about 30 seconds.

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