That’s why step one of any redesign, big or small, is to install Capital One Shopping. The free browser add-on instantly sweeps the internet for lower prices and coupons when you shop online at the big stores. It even takes tax and shipping into account.

To demonstrate, here’s how much we were able to save while browsing for patio decor and equipment on Amazon:

Light it up

With the right lighting, you can keep the party going all night long during the summer months. And fairy lights in particular can add a touch of magic to your private oasis.

A set of multicolored LED string lights with a remote timer caught our attention. Amazon offered them for $20.12; however, Capital One Shopping showed us we could save a couple bucks at eBay instead.

Take a seat

egg chair

Why read inside when you can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air? A hanging egg chair works perfectly as a cozy book nook for large or small patio spaces.

We spotted this wicker porch swing for $528.94 on Amazon. Capital One Shopping pointed us to JCPenney, which carried the chair for $511.98 — but the modest discount wasn’t the real bonus.

By choosing JCPenney, one of many brands partnered with Capital One Shopping, we got an extra 25% of our money back in the form of Capital One Shopping Credits. That’s over $120 in Credits, which we can redeem for gift cards at all kinds of big retailers, like Lowe’s or Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Grilling and chilling

Instead of ordering takeout yet again, show off your grill skills and cook up a delicious steak for your family and friends.

We found a three-burner propane grill for $878.74 on Amazon. Capital One Shopping suggested we buy from Lowe’s instead, which offered the same product for $846.94. Plus, a 2% special offer left us with $15.98 in Capital One Shopping Credits.

Redeem your meat

meat thermometer

OK, so maybe the grill skills need some work. Nothing is more disappointing than cutting into a tantalizing slab of steak to discover it’s bone dry or blue all the way through.

We checked out this digital meat thermometer with a probe, timer and light system for $27.54 on Amazon. Capital One Shopping saved us $7 by directing us to eBay instead.

Stay warm

It can get a little chilly when the sun goes down, so consider investing in a fire pit. They make a mesmerizing centerpiece, and you can even toast some marshmallows, just like you would with a proper bonfire.

We liked the look of a "cosmic" fire pit with a star and moon design. Amazon listed it for $232.14, which was cheaper than JCPenney — but the department store offered a full 25% back in Credits, making that a way better deal.

Ward off the bugs

citronella candles

Mosquitoes and other pests can turn a relaxing evening outdoors into a sudden scramble for shelter.

We discovered this three-pack set of large citronella candles on Amazon for $29.99, but Capital One Shopping automatically added a $5 coupon, dropping the price to $24.99 at checkout.

Entertain your guests

If you’re planning to invite some friends to your backyard utopia, a couple cheap folding chairs won’t do. A full set of patio furniture is a must for any entertainer.

We picked out a glass table and rattan chair set that was selling on Amazon for $308.48. Capital One Shopping indicated that Office Depot carried the same product for $233.19 — and we got $21.99 back in Credits.

How much we saved with Capital One Shopping

Here’s everything we picked up to bling out our hypothetical patio, with the original Amazon prices and the savings we found. The prices listed are the approximate totals after shipping and taxes.

Capital One Shopping savings Capital One Shopping
Zerproc LED String Lights $20.12 $17.87 (eBay)
Sunnydaze Cordelia Hanging Egg Chair $528.94 $391.23 (JCPenney, with Credits)
Weber Genesis II Grill $878.74 $830.96 (Lowes, with Credits)
ThermoPro Digital Meat Thermometer $27.54 $20.13 (eBay)
Sunnydaze Cosmic Outdoor Fire Pit $232.14 $183.07 (JCPenney, with Credits)
Citronella candles, 3 pack $29.99 $24.99 (Amazon, with coupon)
Flash Furniture glass table and four rattan chairs $308.48 $211.20 (Office Depot, with Credits)

With the help of Capital One Shopping, we saved around $352 on patio stuff — plus all the time we would have spent searching for deals instead of kicking back with a cold drink.

Whether you’re splurging on a brand-new barbeque or just stringing up a few lights, you can make your money go a lot further by downloading Capital One Shopping. It’s totally free, and you can get it all set up and geared to go in about 30 seconds.

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