Stretch out

yoga mat
Savings may vary. Sample results shown.

Before you get started with your high-intensity squat jacks and jumping lunges, you’ll want to warm up and maybe do a few yoga poses to relax your body and mind. Just make sure you’ve got a good mat that provides cushion and traction.

We spotted this gray yoga mat with a handy carrier sling for $24.35 at Amazon, but Capital One Shopping showed us we could save $3.52 by shopping at eBay instead.

Strengthen your core

Once you’ve mastered your regular routine, you can go one step further with a set of resistance bands to add some extra tension and intensity to your exercises.

Amazon had a good price for a 17-piece set of resistance bands, which came with a carry bag and towel for $33.99. Then Capital One Shopping automatically applied a 20% coupon, dropping the bill down to $27.19.

Work your legs

studio cycle
Savings may vary. Sample results shown.

When it’s too cold or wet to ride outside, don’t give up. Get your heart pumping and legs working with an indoor exercise bike.

We landed on this studio cycle that features a touch-screen display to stream workouts and comes with a 12-month iFit membership. Amazon listed the item for $2,119.98, but Capital One Shopping directed us to eBay, saving us $159.

Pump it up

You can build your biceps and strengthen your arms with a pair of dumbbells or a barbell — but why not get both?

We found an innovative weight set that allows you to attach your dumbbells to a bar, transforming the whole thing into a barbell. It sold on Amazon for $139.99, but Capital One Shopping tacked on a $20 coupon, as well.

Balance things out

exercise ball
Savings may vary. Sample results shown.

Pop an exercise ball into your home gym, or even your home office, for a fun way to tone your core and improve your balance.

An exercise ball with a pump sells for $24.15 on Amazon. Capital One Shopping found the same item for around $6 less at Walmart — and we actually saved even more money with this one.

Walmart is one of many companies partnered with Capital One Shopping, so we got an extra 3% of our money back in the form of Capital One Shopping Rewards. You can redeem these Rewards for gift cards at a bunch of big retailers, like Nike or Nordstrom.

Pull yourself up

Install a bar in the doorway to get those gains as soon as you step into the room. We came across this bright red, steel chin-up bar that holds up to 450 pounds.

Amazon sells the item for $105.99, but Capital One Shopping saved us $20 by suggesting we buy from eBay instead.

Train and tauten

bowflex machine
Savings may vary. Sample results shown.

Ready to go all out? You can get a full-body workout at home by picking up a gym-worthy exercise machine, complete with a bar and pulley system and a sliding seat rail for leg presses.

We loved the look of this Bowflex system — and while it retailed on Amazon for $1,236.92, it cost just $847.99 at Walmart. Plus, Capital One Shopping provided another 3% back in Rewards, bringing the total down to $824. That’s almost $413 in savings.

How much we saved with Capital One Shopping

Here’s everything we picked up to create our hypothetical home gym, with the original Amazon prices and the savings we found. The prices listed are the approximate totals after shipping and taxes.

Capital One Shopping savings Capital One Shopping
Gaiam Essentials Yoga Mat with sling $24.35 $20.83 (eBay)
Whatafit Resistance Bands Set $33.99 $27.19 (Amazon, with coupon)
NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle $2,119.98 $1,960.99 (eBay)
Adjustable Dumbbell/Barbell Weight Set $139.99 $119.99 (Amazon, with coupon)
Body Sport Exercise Ball with pump $24.15 $17.30 (Walmart, with Rewards)
STOZM MultiEx Chin Up Bar $105.99 $85.33 (eBay)
Bowflex Blaze $1,236.92 $824 (Walmart, with Rewards)

Just by installing a free browser extension, we saved around $630 on workout gear, plus all the time it would’ve taken us to compare prices at different retailers ourselves.

So save your sweat for your workout. It takes zero effort to download Capital One Shopping, and in about 30 seconds you’ll be ready to start turning your spare room into a temple of fitness.

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