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Allocate at least 5% of your portfolio to art

According to financial experts, the current banking crisis is worse than the Great Recession of 2008, and close to 50% of Americans are worried about their money being safe in a bank.

As a result, they’re seeking out alternatives like fine art, which has been called “the new gold” and “one the best stores of wealth.”

Contemporary art has outpaced the S&P 500 by more than double over the last 26 years, and it’s outpaced real estate and gold by more than triple. In other words, it’s a solid place for your money to grow regardless of what’s happening with the economy. Case in point: During the 2008 crisis, art was up 6%, while the S&P was down 37%.

For years, there was no way to invest in art unless you had millions to buy an entire painting. But an innovative platform called Masterworks’ is changing that.

What is Masterworks

Masterworks gives you the ability to invest in fractional shares of paintings by artists like Banksy, Picasso and Basquiat.

Every piece of artwork available to invest in through Masterworks is thoroughly vetted by their team of industry leaders, and less than 3% of all artwork passes their criteria. Once the Masterworks acquisition team finds a piece they deem worthy based on proprietary data, they purchase it, file it with the SEC, and offer fractional shares that their members can invest in.

This is where you come in.

With Masterworks, you can own a piece of the painting, and you won’t need to get dressed up and spend millions at an art auction.

Masterworks will hold the painting for 3-10 years before selling it, or you can sell your shares yourself on the secondary market.

Because of its low correlation to equities, fine art can still go up in value while stocks are crashing – like in 2022, when every single one of Masterworks 9 exits were profitable, delivering returns between 10% to 35%.

Your money — even the crumpled $20 bill in your wallet — has a place in the art world. Get started with Masterworks today and you could make your portfolio as beautiful as a Starry Night.

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Em Norton

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Em Norton is a Staff Writer for Moneywise. Em holds a B.A. in Professional Writing from York University and has been writing professionally since 2019. Em's work has previously been published by Room Magazine, IN Magazine, Our Canada and more.

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