Pop culture is filled with rich and entitled brats, from Veruca Salt in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" to those arrogant characters James Spader played in his youth to those little darlings who always seemed to get not one but TWO cars as birthday gifts on MTV's "My Super Sweet 16."

But chances are you know people in your real life with way too much money for their own good. "Affluenza" is a fairly common affliction, judging from the responses to this question posed on Reddit: What's the worst case of "rich kid syndrome" you've seen?

Here are 21 of the most truly hideous cases, in the words of Reddit readers.

21. Thinking poverty is just an act

Oliver Twist, 1838, Orphan
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The fictional Oliver Twist.

The summer before my senior year of high school, I went to a drama camp. (Think "band camp" for kids really in to theatre and the performing arts). ...

I met my roommate. I'll call him Richie McSheltered III. He was a nice kid, really. But, he was completely and utterly clueless about how money worked, and how much of it he really had.

On our first night in the dorms, we were each laying in our twin beds and doing some "get to know you" small-talk. He mentioned that his father had just gotten a new car, so he was going to take the "old" one. But, he wasn't sure he wanted it.

Why not? Well, Daddy had bought a brand new Mercedes and he didn't think it was fair that he was expected to drive around in a one year old Mercedes. When I told him that my car was 14 years old, had over 150,000 miles, and was probably half made of rust, he thought I was doing some improv skit impersonating a poor person.

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