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The other wedding

Couple texting on their phones
Andrey_Popov / Shutterstock

My buddy was engaged to be married. Everything was going great up until about two months before the wedding, when the bride freaked out about something very minor during a family vacation and stopped speaking to him.


They would text once a day, so the other knew they were okay. They would say "I love you," and she would assure him she still wanted to get married.

One month before the wedding, she called it off.

They still hadn't talked except for the texts. He called all his people and told them the wedding was off. Only he forgot about one of his friends who had been on his fiancee's list, as he was a mutual friend.

Mutual friend still went to the wedding, where he found ... a wedding. The woman had been seeing someone on the side. She still went through with the wedding but to a different guy, all on my friend’s dime.

He had left her in charge of cancelling everything.



Maid of dishonor

Bride and made of honour hugging
Bogdan Sonjachnyj / Shutterstock

I went to a wedding where the bride ran off during the reception.

The wedding was lovely, the reception was pretty lavish and we all had a sit-down meal, then drinks and dancing.

Just before the first dance, the bride got up to sing a song. After that, she went to the bathroom with her maid-of-honor.

Eventually, it was realised that they hadn't come back, and people began searching for them.

Not sure how it was found out, but it turned out that the bride had run off with her maid-of-now-(dis)honor, because they'd been having an affair.



Emotional baggage

Woman angry at man
wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock

My fiance had issues. I knew that.

I was going to be okay with becoming stepmom to three children and knew that I would be bringing home the bacon. I even bought a house that would be big enough to house him and the three kids.

He told me he never married his baby-momma and that he would leave my house at night for occasional night-shift work as a cop.

I asked to see the court decision regarding the kids, just so I knew what was going on. He kept the first page from me that read "Divorce Decree.”

So when his parents made a "second marriage" comment, I was thrown for a loop.


I told him to leave, and he swore up and down that was the only thing he lied about. I called his "employer" and it turns out he's not a cop either.



A public affair

Wedding arch and chairs in park

Not me, but a wedding I attended in a public park.

The bride was watching from a house across the street for two hours when she decided there weren't enough bystanders to give her attention and called it off.

A friend of hers had her wedding at Hoiser Lane in Melbourne, and while taking wedding photos, she had quite a lot of random strangers watching and taking pictures.

So the bride thought that doing it in a park in a busy area would attract the same thing. It didn't. She had over 200 people invited but wanted the attention of random strangers.



One way to make an entrance

Bride and bridesmaids drinking
Jacob Lund / Shutterstock

I was standing at the entrance of the church. When the bride was walking towards the stairs, she tripped and face planted on the steps. Being a wine farm there was a lot of dirt everywhere, so her dress was filthy.

She dusted herself off and continued walking. I noticed she was wobbling from side to side and thought she got hurt in the fall.

As she started walking down the aisle, she was stopping to greet people, making jokes, making faces.

It immediately hit me: She was loaded. By the time she got to the groom, she was swaying from side to side and slurring.

The best part is that she insisted the wedding proceed. The more the groom wanted to suspend proceedings for a bit, she insisted they proceed.


Then she exploded at him in the church in front of everyone, shouting and accusing him of ruining her wedding day and then she stormed out of the church, crying.



It's the fall that hurts

Broken wooden deck
Wkanadpon / Shutterstock

My cousin was getting married and about 15-30 minutes before the wedding started, she was told that the man she was going to marry was arrested.

We found out he had been on Washington’s Most Wanted for illegal activity.

He ended up in prison for whatever it was he did, and right after she told everyone, the back porch collapsed right under her and her friends.

Luckily, it wasn’t much of a drop, like six inches, but that’s when she burst out in full blown tears.

It was a very awkward day, and honestly if I wasn’t there to witness it, I wouldn’t believe it either.



One-woman show

Bride sitting alone with bouquet
Frantisek Czanner / Shutterstock

After 30-45 mins of waiting, the old ladies in the church and my aunt started talking. I found out that this is the second time the bride and groom have tried to get married.

We continue waiting (one and half hours total) and finally they tell everyone to go to the reception space.

During the reception she does it all: the first dance (with my uncle), the dance with her dad, all the traditional wedding reception things.


No one knows what to do at this point, can’t really give speeches because the groom isn’t here and it just seems awkward to celebrate something, that for the second time, did not happen.

The bride decided to get on the mic and tells everyone about how maybe she’s just not meant to be married, how she’s tried twice to get married to this guy and it just isn’t happening.

Then she goes, “You know where this jerk is?! He’s in jail because his dumb groomsmen let him drive home from the bachelor party, and he got a DUI. Yeah, he’s in jail and we’ve been trying to get him out.”



Seen it all

Guesting sitting in chairs during wedding ceremony
IVASHstudio / Shutterstock

My mother owns a wedding photography business and she has personally shot well over 1,000 weddings in her career. She has so many stories.

One of my favorites, though, was when the groom put photos of his fiance cheating on him under everyone's chair during the ceremony.

When the ceremony was about to begin, he told everyone to look under their chairs and grab the picture.

He called her a cheater and walked out, leaving her father with the bill and leaving her standing there in front of everyone.

The ceremony never happened.



Life with a wooden spoon

Unhappy boy with parents
Syda Productions / Shutterstock

My best friends ex was getting remarried to his long time girlfriend.

The new wife has two sons from a previous relationship, as does my friend and her ex.

The new wife was nice enough, but she was a bit uptight (to give you an example, her two new stepsons are not allowed to call her by her name, but they have to refer to her as "Miss Kate").

Anyway, during the wedding the pastor asked the sons how they were feeling on this "joyous occasion."


The younger of the two, who was about eight at the time, leaned forward and said quite clearly into the microphone, "I honestly don't like it. Her sons are bullies and she hits me with a wooden spoon when I’m bad.”

My friend caught it all on her cellphone. Best wedding video ever.



The third time’s not always the charm

Fingers of unhappy married couple
Victoria 1 / Shutterstock

Wedding was called off and back on again three times during the week before the ceremony, including the night before.

The bride and groom were so hungover at the altar it took all they had not to throw up on one another. They both mumbled their vows and fumbled the unity ceremony and the ring placement.

My mother, his father, his brother, and the groom’s best man all begged him not to marry her the night before the ceremony.

We told him that we'd all just go have an epic party and drink ourselves sober over and over the rest of the weekend.

He went through with it, and the rest of us drank ourselves sober anyway.

They lasted three years. Bride made off like a bandit (10K ring, new college education, new car).



This takes the cake

Ruined cake
Dina Photo Stories / Shutterstock

This bakery had a thing of not doing wedding cakes because the brides typically go crazy over them.

My friend's fiancee, though, she was friends with the owner of the bakery, so she decided to make it just to be nice. Part of her gift, a free cake.


The bride went absolutely crazy. She was screaming and yelling and in tears over this cake. This was the day before, so the friend was trying to be nice, decided to remake the cake from scratch and got zero sleep that night working on it.

The next day, me, the bride and groom were in the bakery to pick up the cake, and she just got so angry, she picked it up and threw the cake over the counter.

She starts screaming her lungs out over how her friend ruined her wedding and how awful the cake was.

She turned to the groom and said, “What are we going to do about the wedding now?!”

The groom responded with, "What wedding?"



Crazy is as crazy does

Crazy looking bride
ipolsone / Shutterstock

I was supposed to be in a wedding yesterday that got called off three hours prior.

A lot of us were glad about this decision.

The bride was crazy. Supposedly she threw lighter fluid on her fiance when she had a lighter in her hand. She would throw household objects at his head constantly. One time she even tried to slash his tires with a huge butcher knife.

She did a bunch of other crazy stuff too.

Then, she put on Facebook that she hoped God had no mercy on his worthless soul.

She has no sense. Gladly he saw this and came to his.



Run away fast

Man hiding behind tree
Little Pig Studio / Shutterstock

I've been to one wedding where the bride bolted about 20 minutes before the ceremony.

She asked everyone to leave the room she was getting ready in, saying she needed a minute.

The family thought she was being super spiritual, but in fact decided to leave.

And another one, in the middle of the vows, the guy stopped the priest and said, "I can't do this," and literally ran out of the place.

From what I found out later, he hid on the resort's property in some bushes until his mother (who hated the bride-to-be) happened to walk by.

He had her retrieve his cell phone and keys from his room. The groom also went on the honeymoon trip with his mom.



Not how a wedding should begin

Bride and groom handcuffed together
Dieter Hawlan / Shutterstock

I was at a close friend’s wedding in Manchester, U.K.

Everything seemed to be going as planned. Sort of.

Suddenly, the police came in and arrested the couple.

'Someone' had notified the police that an 'illegal' (sham) wedding was taking place. Lots of people from both sides of the families explained that they have known the couple for quite a few years, but the police didn’t care.

Everyone was confused and had no idea what was going on.

The case went to the court, and the CPS (crown prosecution service) got told off. My friend and his then fiancee (now wife) were compensated 22.50 pounds!



Don't underestimate a sister's influence

Bride and sister posing together
YoulaAngel / Shutterstock

A friend of my family had been together with his lady for seven years and decided to have a lavish destination wedding.

We're from Australia and they wanted to have a Las Vegas wedding. If you wanted to attend you had to pay the ridiculous amount to fly over to America, and for most of the family it took a lot of savings.

Apparently, for months before the wedding, the sister of the bride had been saying spiteful things about marriage and about not going through with the wedding.

The big day came, everyone had spent a lot of money getting to their dream destination and the ceremony was beautiful.

However, when it came time to sign the documents and make it legal, the spiteful sister decided to have one last "joke" about marriage being forever.

The bride then proceeded to freak out and didn’t sign the paper, she just said, "I can't do this" and ran out.

The sister and the bride ended up taking the honeymoon.

Needless to say, everyone was pissed that the bride insisted on a lavish overseas wedding that most family members couldn’t afford, and didn’t end up going through with it.



A missed photo-op

Crying bride and unhappy groom
Nomad_Soul / Shutterstock

I was hired as a photographer for an old high school friend's wedding.

Up early, photographed the run through, and the girls getting their hair done. There was some tension between between the bride and groom at the reception site, but thought of it as just jitters.

We arrived at the chapel site, no guys, so we set up the girls for the bride and bridesmaids pictures.

Finally the guys arrive, and I direct them around for groomsmen and entire wedding party pictures. More tension between the bride and groom, the groom getting irritated with the number of pictures I was taking.

The time for vows draws near, the chapel fills up with people. The time the wedding is supposed to start and nothing. The bride and groom are in a separate building from the chapel.

I'm running through my route for shooting, when the pastor and the groom walk into the chapel, down the aisle to stand at the altar. They face the family and friends in the pews and the groom announces that his heart isn't into it.

The pastor falters for words, the groom is tearing up and the bride is bawling.



Blame it on the distance

Wedding invitations being written and mailed
Grodon Swanson / Shutterstock

A while ago, two of my friends planned to get married.

Meanwhile, the groom-to-be was working a job in another state, so they hadn't been spending much time together. A month or two before the wedding — I don't remember exactly — he said he wanted to postpone the wedding.


He said that they'd spent so much time apart, he wanted to get to know her better again, before the wedding. Spend some lost time together. That sort of thing.

Unfortunately, this turned out to happen just after the bride-to-be had sent out the wedding invitations.

She was mortified, and absolutely enraged, and thus the relationship ended there.



She’s not waiting for him until the cows come home

Cow in pasture at sunset
sw_photo / Shutterstock

My mom called off a wedding to a man she was engaged to, before she met my dad.

It was only one week before. She said they got into an argument over something very trivial (something having to do with cows) but it was enough of a wakeup call for her that they were not right for each other.

I know this man and she was right not to marry him. There were people that did not get word the wedding was cancelled and showed up at the church.

I had to ask my mom what the deal with the cows was. I guess they passed by a pasture and my mom commented on how lovely the sound of cowbells are.

He basically told her she was dumb for caring.



This marriage is a sham

Wedding gift table
Jayme Burrows / Shutterstock

The ceremony was never called off.

In fact, the bride and groom had decided not to get married, but didn't tell their guests that.

So my friend was telling me how this couple were having problems before the wedding. He would say going to their house was just awkward and that they would always complain about each other to him.


On the day of the wedding, everything from the outside looked normal. Bride and groom seemed like they were genuinely happy, but the bride and groom had decided not to actually get married.

They never went and got a marriage certificate, so it was basically a fake wedding.

They had a ceremony where they exchanged "I dos," but it wasn't actually real. Guests brought gifts and everything for the couple and they just cashed in and went separate ways afterwards.

My friend said he found out months after the wedding that the whole thing was just a hoax, and how they weren't giving any gifts back.



Patience is a virtue

Bride holding up clock
HBRH / Shutterstock

The groom's mother had painstakingly planned the wedding for months and even spent a considerable sum on the wedding as a gift.

Cue the wedding day, and two flight cancellations meant the groom's mother would be at least two hours late.

The catering company, priest and everyone else were all happy to wait, and the mother offered to pay any extra fees.

The bride declared the wedding must go on and simply didn't want to wait. Regardless of the groom's attempt to convince her, loudly and in front of everyone, she was adamant that she be listened to.

The groom declared that if he was marrying that, then he didn't want to get married. He stormed out, leaving her for good.



Next-level poker face

Man losing at slot machine
massimofusaro / Shutterstock

My best friend called her wedding off nine days before the big day.

She discovered that he had emptied their joint wedding bank account playing online poker after he emptied his own personal bank account.


She told me that the feeling of losing a down payment on a house, as well as the catering money, wasn't anything compared to how she felt when he asked her for her inheritance from her mother to pay off more gambling debts.

Her mother had only passed a year ago.

She walked, and eight years later she's happily married to another guy.



Liar, liar

Woman upset with man
AT Production / Shutterstock

A friend of mine was engaged to a girl. She turned out to be a pathological liar.

She was an army vet. Came from old money. She had a daughter, or maybe she didn't, or maybe the girl was her niece or her friend's kid. She was military police.

The lies got so bad that she decided to move across the country in the middle of the night, with my friend, to avoid a warrant out for her arrest for fraud and impersonating a police officer.

She told him there were jobs for both of them waiting there with her family business. He had been working on a Ph.D. but had dropped out at her suggestion.

So they moved in with her mom, and there weren't jobs for either of them. I think to distract him from that fact, she told him she was pregnant. He proposed.

The ultrasound photo she showed him showed up on the first page of Google image results for "ultrasound."

He finally broke it off and called his dad to get some money to fly home. She called him a few weeks later from jail to talk about their "baby."



Never forgiven, never forgotten

Groom arrested in front of bride
Dejan-Milosavljevic / Shutterstock

My own wedding got called off mid-ceremony.

I had just finished saying my own vows before being arrested by local police on an assault charge.

I beat up my almost brother-in-law for stealing my car.

For what it’s worth, he punched me in the face first, but that doesn't matter in my state.

Police didn't care what was going on, so I got carried out in handcuffs in front of all of my family and friends.

There are many negative consequences to having your wedding day end like that, beyond the obvious.

I have never been able to repair my relationship with her family.



Cut them both out

Man texting on smartphone
Tero Vesalainen / Shutterstock

After a day of trying on wedding dresses, just me and my maid-of-honor, we met my family and hubby-to-be at my brother's house for dinner.

While showing a picture of myself in a dress to my mother, which was on my maid-of-honor’s phone, she gets a text message from my fiance. This is odd because I can see him in the next room and I can see my friend in the kitchen.

I read it, and it’s a huge confession from him to her, addressing how they had fooled around a few weeks ago and he was really regretting he hadn't taken things further with her.

He had no idea I had her phone in my hand.

I simply stood up and walked the 10 feet to him, held up her phone and looked him in the eye.

The look on his face was priceless. Needless to say, I don't speak to either of them anymore.



Never speak of this again

Divorce decree
Fabio Balbi / Shutterstock

My idiot brother was married before. He and his new fiancee had been together for a while and had a little boy together.

As the wedding approached he ‘learned’ that his ex-wife had never finalized the divorce papers and was not in any rush to do so.

This was a surprise to the new fiancee, who had asked him repeatedly about it.


He then showed little interest in trying to get her to finalize the papers, and just let it carry on for months, until they were ultimately unable to get their license for the wedding (as he was still married).

She kicked him out of their apartment and ended the relationship.

He tried to move in with me, but I didn't have room, so he moved in with his ex-wife and her new boyfriend.



Guess Who

Wedding reception table / Shutterstock

I know of a wedding where the groom asked everyone in the room to stand up and started asking people with certain characteristics to sit down, he made it into a game.

He was left with eight men standing and asked them to turn over their plates and the men without orange dots on their plates were asked to sit down.

He then proceeded to tell everyone in the room how his wife-to-be had cheated on him with the four men left standing. He dropped the mic and left.

I know it's not a left at the altar story but that man goes down in history as a hero.



Forced proposal

Couple looking at jewelry
dotshock / Shutterstock

I left my ex-fiancee a month before the wedding.

Backstory: I never actually proposed to her, she more or less did it to me.

We were in a mall and she wanted to go to a jewelry store to look at engagement rings. I wasn't expecting to walk out of there with one, but we did.

The salesperson even took a "just engaged" polaroid.


She became more and more controlling, and I couldn't take it anymore. After I left her, her friend texted me on the day of the supposed ceremony telling me the cake was delicious.

My ex also somehow managed to break into my email. After I left her, I had received an email from a girl, and my ex asked me who she was. I could understand her reasoning if it was before, but it wasn't.



A promise is a promise

Man drunk lying in grass
IVASHStudio / Shutterstock

My mom's friend was dating a man with a drinking problem. When he asked her to marry him, she said she would marry him if he never has another drink again. He agreed to give up alcohol for her.

The night before the wedding, his friends threw him a bachelor party, and he got loaded.

When he walked down the aisle, he was staggering a bit and she noticed.

When asked, "Do you take this man to be your lawfully, wedded husband?" She replied, "No, I don't."

They paused the wedding and went to the back with the priest for a counseling session. The priest came out and sent all the guests home.




Couple about to get married
East Meets Dress / Upsplash

After trying on wedding dresses with my maid-of-honor, we met my family and husband-to-be for dinner.

While showing my mother a picture of myself in a dress on my maid-of-honor’s phone, my friend got a text message from my fiancé. He said he regretted not taking things further with her when they’d fooled around a couple of weeks ago.

I walked over to him, held up my friend’s phone and looked him in the eye. The look on his face was priceless. The wedding was called off.

| UnicornPrime


Still in love with her ex

Wedding rings
Tyler Nix / Upsplash

A few weeks before the wedding, my soon-to-be-wife confessed she was still in love with her ex. I had her call my mother to tell them she was calling off the wedding.

At least I got my ring back. I’d proposed to her with the same ring my grandfather proposed to my grandma with before leaving for WWII.

| This account has since been deactivated


Here comes the… BABY!

New born baby feet
Izabelly Marques / Upsplash

[I was at a wedding where] the groom had a secret girlfriend who showed up at the church with their newborn baby.

We all witnessed it. The bride's father took control of the situation and sent everyone home.

| cwtches10


So, what exactly happened?

Photo of a beautiful beach
jcob nasyr / Upsplash

I went to Spain for my friend's wedding, but a few days before our flight, we discovered the wedding was canceled. No one could get their money back for the flights or accommodations.

We still went because we’d fully paid for our trip and had a good holiday. The bride also came to Spain, even though she was no longer getting married.

| Redbeard2588


Bride swap

Bride on wedding day
Maria Orlova / Upsplash

I was invited to a wedding on short notice once. I wasn't close to the bride (she was a colleague of mine). A few of us from work were invited, and we were all a bit puzzled as to why.

Turns out, the groom was previously going to marry someone else that day. The wedding got called off with 10 weeks to go.

He hooked up with this new girl (our co-worker), and they kept his previously booked venue, but just switched the bride.

| Katietori


When “sorry” isn’t enough

Leaving a note behind
Kelly Sikkema / Upsplash

One of my old coworkers was very proud that she was getting married. She was visibly excited, and would tell people in massive detail how things were going, and was absolutely besotted with her husband-to-be.

He left her at the altar. He left a classic “I’m sorry” note.

| WolfColaCo2020


She’s already engaged

Man shocked facial expression
krakenimages / Upsplash

I dated a girl for a while, and I finally proposed to her. But it turns out she was already engaged to another guy at a different university. I found this out a month before the wedding.

| FinestRedditor


Where’s the ring?

Man looking confused
Ludovic Migneault / Upsplash

My dad called off a wedding before he met my mother. He was with this woman who pressured him into getting married. She just started wedding planning… without a proposal.

One night, she and her mother discussed what food would be served at the reception. So, they asked my dad what he thought.

My dad replied, "I don't care which one you're having because I won't be there." The wedding was then called off.

| zeroshiftsl


Runaway bride

Bride posing on the ground
Megan Ruth / Upsplash

None of us wanted my friend to go through with her wedding. Her soon-to-be husband was unemployed and lazy and, apparently, he'd been sleeping around with other women, too.

On the day of the wedding, instead of saying, “I do,” she looked around the room and ran back down the aisle. We were all dumbfounded, except for her father, who yelled a variation of what we thought was, "Thank you, Jesus!"

| SFbaimei


Sober up

Photo of Johnie Walker Black Label
Brian Jones / Upsplash

My cousin was at the altar, waiting for her soon-to-be husband, who showed up completely intoxicated.

He threw up on the altar when he got up there. The wedding was called off.

| countrytime


A not-so-fairytale wedding…

Woman upset in thought
Kyle Broad / Upsplash

I realized my ex was more in love with the idea of getting married than she was with me. I was her avenue to marriage.

She felt that I was a loyal husband and would be a good father. But I could tell she really didn't love me.

| blitzbom


At least they had a happy ending

Machine at the hospital
Marcelo Leal / Upsplash

We called off our wedding because my fiancé got cancer. We spent what was supposed to be our wedding day in the hospital.

However, he is cancer-free now, so we've decided to start thinking about getting married again in a year. We've both decided we're not planning the damn thing, though. Elopement all the way.

| sawace


Better off alone

Man upset he was caught cheating
Marcos Paulo Prado / Upsplash

I planned my wedding, and paid for most of it, only to find out my soon-to-be husband was cheating. I still tried to make it work, but that failed.

A surprising number of (female) vendors were empathetic. I'm happy with where I am today, and the biggest thing I learned is that you can handle life on your own and don't need a partner.

| DangerousPrize4545


It was still a party

Wedding reception
Al Elmes / Upsplash

A friend decided a week before the wedding that she did not want to get married, but had been swept along by all the planning. As everything was booked and paid for, the party went ahead!

Both sides were there, including the bride and groom. One of the best wedding’s I have ever attended. Both are now married to other people, but remain good friends 20 years later!

| AsleepEquipment355


What happened to the cake?

Wedding cake
Samantha Gades / Upsplash

I worked for a bakery and we were commissioned to make the cake for an expensive London wedding. The bride called it off the day before due to trust issues.

Didn't she think of that before she decided to get engaged?

| GovernmentPrevious75


A double life

Silhouette of a couple
Jonathan Borba / Upsplash

I was invited to a wedding that got called off because the groom was married to someone else and living a double life.

| TunaSurprise


Lucky No. 5

Someone holding up the number five
Sincerely Media / Upsplash

A friend of mine has had five canceled weddings. The first one was due to cheating, and they broke up.

Second and third, due to the man claiming he was scared/overwhelmed/not ready only weeks before, and they limped along for a bit despite her being heartbroken, then eventually broke up.

The third and fourth were cancellations due to Covid.

The fifth wedding finally went ahead in 2022. She's had four engagement rings and three wedding dresses, but only one wedding.

| 2023mustgo


In honor of the queen

Silver coloured crown
Church of the King/ Upsplash

I was invited to a wedding last year, but it got cancelled because it was the day of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. I guess it’s understandable, but I felt so bad for the couple.

They found out the day before that the wedding was canceled.

| WitchofDunwich


A weird turn of events

Couple of wedding day
Nathan Dumlao / Upsplash

We were invited to a wedding that was canceled (thankfully, a few months beforehand) because the bride-to-be had cheated on the groom.

The bride-to-be ended up married to the person she cheated with a few years later.

The remarkable part is that, in the same timeframe, the groom married the (now ex) wife of the person the bride cheated with.

There was a lot of stress at the time, but now everything worked out happily for all involved.

| Wenlocke


The runaway groom… and bridesmaid

Man keeping a secret
Sander Sammy / Upsplash

My bride-to-be friend caught an interaction between the groom and her bridesmaid at the reception and said she “just knew.” A huge fight broke out, and the groom left with the bridesmaid.

She said she thought things weren't right, but they had two children, and he'd pushed for the wedding. She didn't have another relationship for years. He married the bridesmaid and had two more kids.

| Crochetqueenextra


It was so sad

Group of people gathered around for funeral
Rhodi Lopez / Upsplash

I canceled my wedding two weeks before because my mom died. This was the second cancellation; the first was because of COVID.

It was such a sad time.

| LifelessLewis


It wasn’t a total waste

Finding a place where they want to travel on map
Glenn Carstens-Peters/ Upsplash

My sister and her boyfriend got engaged. His family was from South Africa, and we made plans to go on a joint vacation there and have a ceremony in their home village.

Shortly before the trip, things went south, and they broke up. We couldn't cancel, so we rerouted what we could, and my sister, dad, and I went on what turned out to be the best vacation ever.

| Pepsirackstackin


30 years later, it all worked out

Heart for love
Kristina Litvjak/ Upsplash

My mom called off her first wedding a week before. She met my dad about a month after she got engaged (they worked together), then a week before getting married, she called off the wedding and married my dad four months later.

The downside was that, when it came to her marriage to my father, many people mistreated her, joking/assuming it wouldn't last.

Her own father didn't even go to the wedding because he didn't want to “'waste his time.”

My parents got the last laugh: they have been married for 30 years and have four grown children and a grandchild.

| HatesMe


Everyone was grieving

Man grieving
Gadiel Lazcano/ Upsplash

My mom's husband's brother died three weeks before the wedding date.

My mom insisted that they postpone the wedding for at least three months, so that everyone would have time to grieve. Both families understood and they got married three months later.

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She was crazy

Couple enjoying each others company
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My brother was due to get married in August last year, but his fiancé left him a month before.

The wedding was supposed to be in Greece and since I was the best man, my partner and I had forked over the money it would cost us for the two weeks.

But I'm glad she left him. As much as I felt terrible for my brother, the girl was crazy.

| Joedoesntcare


We just weren’t in love

Getting heartbroken
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I called off my wedding one month before it was going to take place. When I told my mom and stepdad, I worried they’d would be angry because we couldn't get that money back.

In the end, they were OK with it. They were sad that my partner and I split up, but understood.

My mom called and canceled everything for me. They are wonderful people, and I am eternally grateful for their support and understanding that I couldn't marry someone I didn't truly love.

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The battle of the centerpiece

White and pink floral centre piece
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We called off our wedding because I had a meltdown over centerpieces.

We realized our priorities were all wrong, and it was becoming more about a wedding than a marriage. We canceled the wedding and eloped the next week.

No regrets.

| jadebear


Cracked under pressure

Woman upset after her wedding was called off
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The engagement put so much external pressure on our relationship that we cracked. It took planning a wedding to make me realize how much I didn't want to marry that person.

| smilernoel


He did not make it to the wedding

Car driving fast on country road
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I have a friend whose fiancé ran his car off the road on the way to the wedding.

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The honeymoon isn’t canceled

Couple on a honeymoon
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My brother called off his wedding a week before it was supposed to happen. He ended up going on his honeymoon anyway, with all his friends.

He is now married to someone else, and he is really happy.

| MaeBeWeird


Didn’t make it to cake

Slice of wedding cake
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I went to a wedding, and it was pretty eventful. The groom went to cut a piece of cake to feed it to the bride. He shoved the cake in her face, trying to be funny. All of a sudden, the bride starts crying and screaming.

The father-of-the-bride went over and punched the groom in the face.

They filed for divorce the next day.

| McLovin03


Dad never showed

Church altar
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My dad stood my mom up at the altar. I had already been born and was about two years old.

The wedding was about to start, everyone was in their seats, and my dad didn't show up. My parents stayed together for another six years, but separated when I was eight.

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Just a wardrobe malfunction

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During an Indian wedding ceremony, when the bride and groom stood up to start their tradition, the bride's skirt fell.

The groom had a fit and stopped the wedding because of it. Apparently, it was disrespectful on her part. They ended up calling off the wedding.

| ElectroJade


I ruined a marriage

Man walking holding hand on ring boy
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When I was little, I was the ring bearer at a wedding. I was supposed to walk down the aisle and dance with the flower girl.

Once I got to the front, the girl reached for my hand, and I turned tail and ran away from the altar shouting, "NO, MOM! I DON'T WANT TO GET MARRIED!"

I had thought I was the one getting married, and I was not happy with that thought. Right after that happened, the bride's mother started wailing and saying that the wedding was ruined.

The bride and groom called off the wedding.

| Boofyostaff


Not as sad as we thought

Woman holding her flowers getting ready to walk down aisle
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The bride was getting ready at the church while waiting for the groom to arrive. The groom never showed.

He eventually called the bride's dad and had the dad come into the room where we were all getting ready to break the news to her.

Weirdly enough, she didn't see all that upset. They barely knew each other and she knew it was probably not going to happen one way or another.

| BTfromSunlight


The trashy days

Clubbing and party night
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My dad left a lady at the altar. My mom refers to her as "dad's trashy days."

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Something in the universe

Sirens going off
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I've been to a wedding where right after the priest said, "Speak now or forever hold your grace," the tornado sirens went off.

Then the bride and groom thought the universe was trying to tell them something and they never got married.

| MrRawrr


Never be a second-option

Couple giving each other intense looks
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A couple of co-workers got married on a Saturday. At the reception, with at least a few drinks in them, the husband told his wife, "You know you weren't my first choice."

Monday morning, we found our wedding gifts on our desks.

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The fourth graders were sad

Elementary school class art supplies
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One of the fourth-grade teachers at my elementary school got left at the altar on the day of the wedding.

Apparently, the groom just didn't show up. I wasn't there because I was in a different class, but she invited her entire class, so a lot of my friends were there and it was a little awkward the next Monday.

| attackpanic


The bride was MIA

Eat, drink and be married sign
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My best friend was getting married to his high-school sweetheart. They showed up together a couple of hours before the ceremony. People shuffled in, my friend and the rest of the party were at the front of the chapel, and the music started playing.

The officiant tells my friend, "Son, I've got bad news. You're not getting married today."

The bride had left.

| soylentabsinthe


A good damn time

Looking on Facebook
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A female cousin on my dad's side of the family got stood up at the altar.

The only thing about this wedding that I've seen are old pictures of the event on Facebook.


A caption under one picture, in which she is dressed in her wedding gown, complete with veil, says, "I thought I was going to get married. Oh, well, it was a good thought at the time."

| Cdtco


The father-of-the-bride caused this

Bride and her father
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My wife's friend was getting ready to walk down the aisle with her father when he said, "It's not too late; you can back out now."

Then all of a sudden, the bride and father ran away.

| HolyJuan


Happy birthday to you?

Happy birthday sign
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My boyfriend and I barely knew the bride and groom, but felt obligated to go because he met them through work.

Although the wedding was called off, we stayed and celebrated her birthday instead. It was the most awkward experience ever.

| WeTameLions


A case of cold feet

Floral arrangement
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According to my father, back in the 1970s, he was invited to his friend’s friend's wedding. The groom got cold feet and called off the whole thing months in advance.

The bride refused to accept this, and so all the preparations were drawn up only for there to be no groom on the wedding day!

| maxdisk9


Cheer to the happy… couples?

Hotel wedding venue
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I have worked in hotels for a number of years. This time, I was working in a banquet hall, and we had two wedding receptions that evening. Both couples had already gotten married, and now it was party time. Everyone was pretty drunk.

Anyway, pretty late at night, someone walks around a corner to find the groom making out with the bride from the other wedding.

News spread pretty quickly, and eventually the other groom found out and proceeded to chase the other bloke around the hotel.

| drhomeschool


Talk about being backstabbed

Alina Ryabchenko / Upsplash

My husband's best friend married a girl I went to high-school with. At the time of the wedding, she was four months pregnant.

She gives birth to a son when, a few months later, she dropped the bomb: she'd had a relationship with a female friend since before the wedding.

| ktchnmama


They left after the altar

Running away from wedding
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An older buddy of mine invited all his friends to his wedding.

We all got piss drunk at the bar like college kids do, but my buddy got ridiculously drunk and called his father-in-law some names.

The marriage was soon over.

| willofdukes ·


The ALTAR-cation

Man with his hand in a fist
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I've been at a wedding that got called off. The woman's ex-boyfriend came up and punched the groom in the face. It was a pretty bad ALTAR-cation.

| NothingButPuns


She never left her house again

Woman sitting on sofa with pet cat
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A woman who lived on my street when I was young had something go wrong with her wedding. I don't know the details, but the groom called off the wedding.

She didn't leave the house for months.

| LeadOn


The selfish sister

Jealous sister
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I recently attended a wedding where the groom's sister spoke about how selfish the groom was. Just completely bashed her own brother the whole time.

She was young, and it was probably her first speech, but it still came across really bad.

| totaleclipseoftheass