Family moving into new house from truck @crystalmariesing / Twenty20

Americans are packing their bags (and ordering a moving truck) to escape their home states — and flocking to new lodgings in other parts of the country.

With remote work becoming more commonplace and housing prices going up, people are opting for different, cheaper locations.

Moving company United Van Lines released its 45th Annual National Movers Study in January, which provides data on the number of people who joined or left each state last year.

Many of the destinations Americans are choosing to leave were once popular states to move to. So what changed?

While work remains the No. 1 reason for fleeing, with almost a third of movers exiting their state to pursue a new job opportunity or transfer — it’s a significant decrease from 2015, when over 60% of Americans cited work as their primary reason.

The study also found that about 32% of movers were motivated to live closer to their families, a new migration trend that’s been influenced in part by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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