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For most of us, learning and earning go hand in hand. The more skills we learn, the more money we can potentially earn using those skills. Makes sense, right?

While it’s possible to make a respectable living without a degree, higher education generally leads to higher income. It also can raise your chances of being employed and can get you out of a lower-level position.

It can feel frustrating, but that’s true on both an individual and societal level. But sometimes, when you look at the United States of America as a whole, there are some states that fare better when it comes to being more educated.

We ranked the education situation of all 50 states, according to a recent WalletHub study that considers both the educational attainment of adults aged 25 or older and the quality of that education.

Our analysis also includes other data from 2019, such as detailed educational stats from the Annie E. Casey Foundation and student loan data from the Institute for College Access & Success. Information on the best schools comes from Forbes’ 2019 Top Colleges List.

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