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Americans, Follow These Steps If You Want to Retire Early

Em Norton

by Em Norton

Moneywise Editorial

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Setting yourself up for a comfortable retirement is nerve-wracking — especially with a 9.1% inflation rate and a potential recession peeking around the corner.

With only 36% of non-retirees feeling confident about their retirement savings, it's clear many Americans need help to navigate their finances and make sure their assets are protected.

This is where WiserAdvisor comes in — their free and easy-to-use platform connects you with experienced financial advisors in minutes.

Protect your money against inflation and recession

To safeguard your savings against recession and the rising cost of living, WiserAdvisor matches you with vetted financial advisors suited to your unique needs — all you have to do is sign up.

One customer, Stacy Lee, wrote in a review that she "didn't know where to begin looking for a financial planner," but through WiserAdvisor "was able to immediately get in touch with three options."

Enjoy your life, even before retirement

Life is short. Why not let a professional take the weight of financial worry off your shoulders? With WiserAdvisor, you know your savings are in good hands.

Another user, James, raved about the options of WiserAdvisor's qualified and experienced advisors, saying “it was an unusual feeling to have three good candidates to choose from knowing that any one of them could handle the job."

Try it for free with no commitment

With no fees to get started, you can browse your advisor matches with WiserAdvisor’s comparison tool and book a free consultation.

Teresa says WiserAdvisor was "so caring and helpful. I couldn’t have asked for better, understanding people. I interviewed and researched their candidates and am now happily managing all of my financial needs and more!”

Your future is yours, and so is your present. WiserAdvisor looks out for both.