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Americans could save over $1200 from unwanted subscriptions this year

Em Norton

by Em Norton

Moneywise Editorial

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Life moves pretty fast, which means the nitty gritty of managing personal finances can often be left behind — and that means you’re likely letting money slip away, unnoticed.

A recent study by C+R Research found that 42% of people had forgotten about a monthly subscription that they were paying for but no longer using. A few bucks a month in wasted fees might not seem like much, but it definitely adds up.

This app will keep you up to speed on your spending and help you stop wasting your hard earned money.

Stop paying for things you don’t use

Rocket Money is a money management tool that helps you gain awareness of your spending habits, maintain a budget and track your savings.

One of Rocket Money’s most notable features is its subscription tracking system, which helps customers weed out unnecessary payments.

Say you’re paying $19.99/month for Netflix but you haven’t opened the app since the days of Tiger King. Rocket Money will gather your recurring subscriptions in a single list and you can cancel any memberships you don’t use with the click of a button.

You can even swap out the cash you were wasting on unused memberships to start saving with the autopilot savings option. Just set a savings goal and preferred frequency and Rocket Money will take it from there.

Money management in the palm of your hand

The all-in-one nature of this app makes it a great choice for anyone needing to get a handle on their finances without spending loads of time wading through the daunting waters of personal finance.

It’s free to download and provides you with a one stop shop for viewing your investments, transactions, recurring expenses and more.

You can even automate your payments through Rocket Money and avoid the risk of late fees or of overdrafting your account.

Getting started is quick and easy. Simply provide your email and link your bank account to start saving.