You Might be Wasting Almost $500 Per Year on Car Insurance

by Shane Murphy


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If your financial situation has been affected by the pandemic, you’re probably on the lookout for a quick way to trim down your monthly expenses.

You could always try one of the obvious strategies — switching to generic brands, making your meals at home, or canceling subscription services you don’t use.

But when was the last time you shopped for a better rate on your car insurance?

WalletHub conducted a study saying that the minimum amount of monthly coverage costs the average American $60.

But, depending on which state you live in, your driving history and the make and model of your car, there are some insurers that can offer you as little as $22 a month for insurance.

Thanks to EverQuote, comparing multiple insurance companies is easier than ever.

How EverQuote helps you save

EverQuote makes shopping for insurance fast, affordable and easy.

You’ll find the lowest rates without the hassle of researching and manually comparing quotes because they do the work for you.

Just fill out a survey about yourself and your vehicle and EverQuote will search for policies that fit your unique needs.

They’ll even check for any available discounts — some insurers offer multi-car, pay-in-full, good driver, multi-policy, occupational discounts and more.

Stop wasting money

Saving money on car insurance with EverQuote is a simple way to reduce your expenses. You’ll often get the same, or even better, insurance for less than what you’re paying right now.

In the same amount of time it takes to watch a cat video on YouTube, you could save yourself almost $40 a month.

There’s no reason not to at least try this free service. Check out EverQuote today, and take a turn in the right direction.