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No offense, but if you have a variable mortgage please take a look at this

Chris Middleton

by Chris Middleton

Moneywise Editorial

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Inflation is rising and benchmark interest rates have increased for the second time this year. Anyone with an adjustable-rate mortgage is likely feeling the pressure.

If you haven’t been keeping tabs on all the options concerning your mortgage — like refinancing at a fixed rate — you may be missing out on major savings.

Luckily, Quicken Loans can help you get up to speed on making the best of your mortgage.

Don’t wait to refinance

As economic experts are predicting that interest rates will continue to rise, your optimal mortgage refinancing options are decreasing.

Quicken Loans is prepared to help you act fast and lock in at a great rate.

If you’ve kept a good credit score, lowered your credit-to-debt ratio since your initial mortgage and are able to take on a shorter-term lease, your chances of refinancing your mortgage for a better result are looking good.

Sign up with Quicken Loans today to learn more about refinancing your mortgage.

Get started in a few easy steps

Start by providing a little bit of information about your home, mortgage and refinancing goals, and Quicken Loans will instantly provide you with their available rates.

Their refinancing experts can guide you in exploring your options — whether it be lowering your interest rate or changing your mortgage term.

Your mortgage made simple

Quicken Loans is one of the nation’s largest residential mortgage lenders and ranks the highest for customer satisfaction in the U.S.

With multiple loan and refinancing options to suit your needs — and eClosing, which allows customers to close electronically and quickly — the process of refinancing your mortgage couldn’t be easier.

Their experts are just a phone call or online chat away, so you won’t be alone in the process of finding the best mortgage rate.