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Stop getting ripped off by your insurance provider

Car insurance shouldn’t really be a “set it and forget it” kind of thing. If you haven’t shopped around in the last six months, there’s a good chance you’re overpaying.

While you’re enjoying your morning coffee, check out SmartFinancial's quote comparison tool on your phone — it could find you rates as low as $29 a month.

In just a few minutes, you can make sure you're getting the best price for the coverage you actually need. Drivers who comparison shop can save an average $1,127 a year, a study by found. It’s that easy.

Sign up for Credit Sesame and see everything your credit score can do for you, find the best interest rates, and save more money at every step of the way.

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Make good use of your spare change

With the rising cost of food, fuel and just about everything else, straining your finances, you can make better use of your digital dimes and nickels.

Acorns is an investing and savings app, which automatically rounds up the price of your everyday purchases to the nearest dollar and places the excess into a smart investment portfolio.

Let’s say you purchase a doughnut for $2.30 with your credit or debit card. Before you’re done licking the sugar off your fingers, Acorns will round the amount to $3.00 and invest the 70-cent difference for you.

Your spare change may not seem like much, but look at this math: $2.50 worth of daily round-ups add up to $900 per year — and that’s before your savings earn money in the market.

Signing up for Acorns takes less than five minutes with this special link, and you can start saving automatically for just $3 a month.

Hedge against inflation with commercial real estate

Commercial real estate has always been reserved for a few elite investors — until now.

First National Realty Partners allows accredited investors to own a share of institutional-quality properties leased by national brands like Whole Foods, CVS, Kroger and Walmart.

You’ll get a stable, positive cash flow and the firm handles the work for you. FNRP’s team of experts vets every deal against a rigorous set of investment criteria and manages them in-house, so you don’t have to worry.

FNRP’s secure online platform makes investing in commercial real estate convenient and simple — you can get started in minutes.

What are your spending habits?

When you know where your money is going, you can make better financial decisions.

With Rocket Money, get a breakdown of your spending to see exactly where your money is going. Manage subscriptions, lower your bills and put your savings on autopilot.

Managing money just got easier with the Rocket Money app.

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