Paying for a gym membership, a personal trainer and a dietician can really add up. BetterMe serves as all of these and more for a one-time price. It offers targeted workouts while fulfilling personal training needs and simultaneously provides personal diet plans to help users reach their desired results easier and faster.

There are plenty of workouts that don't require purchasing expensive at-home gym equipment and can be performed from the comfort of your home — from yoga to walking workouts. The app features a step counter, a calorie counter and a fasting timer if you're trying to get weight off quickly. A recommended water intake tracker, meal plans and dishes selected according to dietary preference are also included, as are video recipes that make cooking easier than ever.

Need support staying on track? A new community includes daily articles, tips, tricks and answers to all the FAQs. And you can rest assured that the BetterMe team has poured years of research into determining what really helps people reach their goals. Their Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategy combines traditional habit-changing procedures with mind-changing procedures to help users lose weight and keep it off.

Customers have given BetterMe 4.5 stars on the App Store, with user Evelyn saying, "Very easy to access. My daughter and I enjoy workout [sic] with the app. I will recommend to everyone."

For less than $4 a month, this BetterMe Home Workout and Diet deal gives you access to a lifetime subscription you can continue using well past 12 months. Ditch your pricey gym membership and start today for $39.99.

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