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It's a hard truth, but these days 75% of resumes go unseen by employers and hiring managers — according to job search research firm, Preptel. That’s largely due to the rise of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSes), which help companies filter out applicants. Some people can even get rejected if the file-type of their resume is incompatible. Rezi generates an ATS-optimized resume for any job position, walking you through the process step by step and giving you recommendations (a Rezi Score) to improve your chances of getting an interview request as you go.

The Rezi Score gives you instant feedback on your resume, helping you whip your qualifications into shape into a format that is Applicant Tracking System optimized to help it get into the right hands. Rezi's AI extracts keywords from your prospective job's description to help your resume stand out, which can lead to quicker job interviews and offers.

Over 100,000 job seekers have trusted Rezi to help them get interviews from big companies like Google, Spotify, Airbnb, Atlassian and Microsoft.

Unlimited resumes for life

Rezi makes resume building stress-free. The company is passionate about helping people score their dream job, so its whole mission is to make getting hired easier and more efficient.

Produce unlimited resumes and cover letters for the rest of your working years with a Pro Lifetime Subscription to Rezi Résumé Software, available now for only $29.

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