If public speaking is a personal weak spot, The Mastering Presentation and Public Speaking Certification Bundle can help you boost your skills and improve your confidence for a very small investment. Right now these six courses are available for just $39.99 — making them less than $7 a course.

Your teachers

Get the confidence to speak everywhere from the public stage to a private Zoom meeting with help from skilled instructors. Speaking expert TJ Walker has coached executives on their presentation skills in the corporate world and amassed over 1 million students on Udemy. He'll walk students through The Complete Storytelling Course for Speaking and Presenting, which gives you a unique skill set that allows you to captivate any audience. There are 29 hours of content ready to turn you into an expert storyteller in your presentations, armed with tools that will have you speaking in a memorable manner.

Meanwhile, award-winning MBA professor Chris Haroun has scored a 4.5-star instructor rating with students and teaches The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking/Speech Coach. Learn how to give a great speech in both your professional and personal life through exercises, examples and templates. Then let senior project manager Jennah Mitchell walk you through Confident Communication and Powerful Public Speaking. You'll gain even more tips and strategies that will help you excel at everything from casual conversations and phone calls to public speeches.

What students are saying

Students who've completed this course bundle are raving about the benefits, with Ruth boasting, "It helped me fine-tune my speaking projects!"

Tori remarked, "This course contains more than 900 lessons from the actual craft to the business side of public speaking. What a great value."

Improve your public speaking and be prepared for any position with The Mastering Presentation and Public Speaking Certification Bundle. It's available now for $39.99 for a limited time.

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