2021 Ford F-150

2021 Ford F-150

Ford’s signature pickup needs no introduction; the company says its F-series has been America’s best-selling vehicle for 35 years. This latest update is pretty special, though.

With a hybrid V6 engine and an onboard electrical grid that can turn the pickup into a mobile generator, the 2021 F-150 brings the power in more ways than one.

That’s right, you can plug all of your power tools directly into the truck.

And the next generation of the F-150 even provides the space you need to get the job done. The truck bed can now double as a flat work table, with built-in rulers and slots for tools, pencils, screws and even phones or tablets.

There’s also a 360-degree overhead camera integrated into the navigation system, so you’re not at risk of nicking anyone else’s ride while maneuvering around the tailgate party.

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck

The upcoming Tesla Cybertruck wouldn’t look out of place on an army base or, you know, Mars.

It makes sense, considering the first Tesla pickup’s polygonic exoskeleton uses the same stainless steel used in SpaceX rockets.

The truck also features a 100-cubic-foot truck bed; that’s nearly 40 more cubic feet than the latest F-150. Promotional photos reveal a tent attachment, in case you wanted to catch some Z’s in the pickup, and storage in the frunk (that’s gearhead talk for a front-storing trunk).

Whether you think the design is an eyesore or appealingly alternative, there’s no doubt the Cybertruck will be in a class of its own when it rolls out in 2023.

2021 Genesis GV80

Genesis GV80

Genesis is known as a leader in the world of luxury sedans, but this year will be its first foray into the world of SUVs with the GV80.

The GV80’s burlier body is still sleek and unassuming on the sides, while its face is emblazoned with a massive eye-catching grille.

The SUV’s extra space only accentuates the emphasis on luxury. The interior console features a classy woodgrain finish, and all seats are not only reclinable but also heated and cooled with their own interior fans, making sure you and your crew are pampered properly on the way from point A to point B.

BMW i4

BMW i4

The i4 is BMW’s first all-electric sedan. While we’ll have to wait a while longer to see official models — it’s not scheduled to enter production until 2021 — the concept images are as futuristic as they come.

Its interior is accented in rose gold and chrome, and the touchscreen display stretches across the dashboard, right behind the steering wheel.

The i4 will even sound different compared to the other cars on the road.

Since electric vehicles are so whisper quiet, many jurisdictions require them to play extra noise to warn people that they’re coming. Instead of using some canned engine hum to comply with the law, BMW has decided to partner up with legendary composer Hans Zimmer to create a series of sounds that’s truly special.

2021 Alfa Romeo Tonale

Alfa Romeo Tonale

Alfa Romeo is gearing up to launch its first hybrid vehicle and first compact SUV, all in one. The Tonale marks a distinct departure from the automaker’s lineage of sports cars.

But even though its designers are clearly looking to the future, the Tonale still contains a nod to the history of Italian luxury automobiles. The “phone dial” rims of the 2021 Tonale borrow from the 33 Stradale, one of Alfa Romeo’s first supercars.

And, to keep you thinking Alfa at all times, the 2021 comes preloaded with a new lifestyle app that lets you purchase parts, equipment and merch right from the driver's seat.

2022 GMC Hummer EV

The upcoming Hummer electric vehicle is teased in this silhouette image.

The Hummer was an unmissable icon on the roads until the brand was discontinued in 2009. But with the industry shifting toward more electric vehicles, the Hummer is being jolted back to life.

While there aren’t many details on the electric pickup, fans can expect a full reveal this fall. For now, GMC boasts that the self-described “supertruck” trades in its former V8 engine for up to three motors cranking out up to 1,000 horsepower with zero emissions.

It’s a far cry from the Hummer’s previous reputation as a gigantic gas guzzler.

2024 Aston Martin Vanquish Vision

Aston Martin Vanquish Vision
Aston Martin

Although this curvy car isn’t expected to arrive until 2023, that hasn’t stopped the heads at Aston Martin from sharing their pride at the revived Vanquish.

“Its beauty comes from a shift in emphasis from the aggressive, function-driven surfaces ... to more flowing and sensuous forms,” said Miles Nurnberger, Aston Martin’s director of design, in a press release.

The new Vanquish features a clamshell fender and a low-profile chassis made of custom bonded aluminium, rather than the carbon fiber of predecessors like the Valkyrie and AM-RB 003. That will hopefully make it cheaper to build and cheaper for eager fans to acquire.

Audi TT E-Tron

The 2020 e-tron, pictured here, is being released in a high-powered model expected 2023.
The 2020 E-Tron, pictured here, is being released in a high-powered model expected in 2023.

Though the Audi TT was scheduled to be discontinued in 2019, it’s being sent for one more spin around the block.

Audi’s main coupe is scheduled for an eco-friendly upgrade, rolling out in 2023. Judging by preview images, the electrified TT is taking design cues from its gas-powered predecessors, including the rigid creases surrounding the wheel wells that help define the profile of the car.

The new TT will use a common Volkswagen platform designed for consumer vehicles rather than luxury cars, according to Motor Trend magazine, but it will still distinguish itself with its styling, performance and high-tech interior.

2023 Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster

Tesla fans and sportscar enthusiasts alike have been waiting for the next-gen Roadster since Musk said it would release in 2020. That announcement was back in 2017.

Since then, production on several new models and the expansion of Tesla “gigafactories” have taken priority. The company even launched a Roadster into space, and yet production of the sleek coupe has yet to start.

If Musk is to be believed, the powerful electric car is expected to go from zero to 60 in 2.1 seconds — and that’s without the “rocket thruster option.” As the base model starts at a whopping $257,000 dollars, it’s probably a wise move to skip the jets and save up while the car is delayed.

2021 Acura TLX Type S

Acura TLX Type S

Acura gives its TLX a sporty update with the 2021 Type S. The 3.0-liter V6 engine makes this the fastest Acura sedan ever — it can provide 355 horsepower, compared to the previous TLX high of 290 — but upgraded brakes should help it handle corners just fine.

Acura’s signature pentagon grille is framed by a stylish new design, with widened fenders giving it a more heavy-duty look.

With its bolder appearance and performance enhancements, this super-powered sedan is sure to turn heads at a record speed.

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