Be sure to watch for these eateries because they may be popping up in your area soon.

1. Bareburger

Three burgers from Bareburger

This burger restaurant serves a wide variety of organic meats including beef and elk, as well as plenty of vegetarian and plant-based options.

Bareburger proudly works with local, sustainable farmers to produce an array of comfort foods for carnivores, vegetarians and gluten-free eaters alike.

The chain is expanding rapidly: It's now in seven states and Washington, D.C., and has international locations in Japan, the United Arab Emirates and Germany. Each restaurant is uniquely built from recycled or reclaimed materials.

2. HopCat

HopCat tap handles

This Michigan-based joint is far from your average neighborhood pub. HopCat is a chain of upscale taverns offering anywhere from 80 to 100 unique draft beers from brewers based locally and around the world.

Each HopCat is unique, with its own custom design, artworks and beer list. The locations also are eco-friendly, employing a program that recycles or compresses up to 90% of the trash.

Though you may come for the drinks, rest assured you'll also find plenty of delicious food options, including HopCat's popular beer-battered and seasoned fries. They call them "Crack Fries" because they're so addictive.

3. Pinstripes

A couple on a roll at Pinstripes

Pinstripes is an Illinois-based chain of food and entertainment spots that's expanding to Ohio, Texas and California.

The restaurants offer outstanding Italian-American food, plus gaming experiences. While you might come for some homemade gnocchi and a craft beer, you'll likely find yourself sticking around to bowl or play bocce.

Combining a made-from-scratch menu with upscale entertainment, Pinstripes is a great destination for a night out with friends or family.

4. Mendocino Farms

The Mendocino Farms restaurant in Irvine, California

Sure, you can grab a quick sandwich at this California-based eatery — but don't let that fool you. Mendocino Farms is not at all your average fast-food chain, but one that strives to take sandwich-making to a whole new level.

The restaurants partner with nearby farms and artisan food suppliers to create locally sourced, seasonal menus.

As the company explains on its website, the goal of each Mendocino Farms location is to provide a neighborhood gathering place where people can enjoy high-quality food and be treated like family.

5. Beefsteak

The Beefsteak restaurant in Washington, D.C.'s Dupont Circle area

Though its menu isn't distinctly vegetarian, Beefsteak revels in the power of produce.

Farm-fresh vegetables take center stage at this fast-casual eatery featuring healthy and creative dishes overseen by lead chef José Andrés. The menu is made to fit both your diet and budget.

Beefsteak first opened in 2015 in Washinton, D.C., and has been growing slowly, though it plans further expansion in the near future.

6. Lazy Dog

A burger, crispy deviled eggs and apple pie at a lazy dog location
Lazy Dog

Though Lazy Dog debuted in Southern California, it has a cozy, Rocky Mountain-style vibe that the website says is "inspired by unplanned adventures, an enduring love of food and fireside conversations."

The restaurants spotlight seasonal ingredients on a menu served in a contemporary yet rustic atmosphere. And, Lazy Dog lives up to its name, because dogs are welcome.

The large, pooch-friendly patios feature fireplaces where you can dine with your pet while he enjoys a treat off the special dog menu.

7. Tupelo Honey

Various Southern entrees at Tupelo Honey
Tupelo Honey / Facebook

You can indulge in the pleasures of Southern comfort food at Tupelo Honey. The chain got its start in the Carolina mountains (in Asheville) and offers a menu that seeks to revive Southern classics with responsibly sourced ingredients.

Their menus rely on local farmers, distillers and brewers, and the breakfast, lunch and dinner items are all made from scratch.

The company currenly has more than a dozen locations scattered around the U.S. and is looking to expand further.

8. True Food Kitchen

Chilled Shrimp Lettuce Cups at True Food Kitchen
True Food Kitchen / Facebook

If you love the idea of eating healthy but recoil at the phrase "health food," then True Food Kitchen may be the place for you.

Though the focus is on locally sourced, organic foods, the company says its dishes don't taste like the usual bland, healthy stuff.

The chef-driven restaurant serves up seasonal creations packed with flavor. True Food Kitchen believes "delicious dining and conscious nutrition can go hand in hand, without sacrificing flavor, creativity or indulgence," the website says.

9. Rise Biscuits and Donuts

An assortment of foods available at Rise Biscuits Donuts
Rise Durham / Facebook

This breakfast spot first opened in Durham, North Carolina, in 2012 and has since expanded to Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

Rise promises that all day long you'll be craving its buttermilk biscuits topped with its crispy, buttermilk-brined "Righteous Chicken."

The menu also features Rise's "hashpuppies" made of tater tots, and dessert treats including creme brulee donuts and cinnamon biscuit rolls.

10. Überrito

Überrito nachos and tacos
Überrito / Facebook

Überrito literally puts a fresh spin on Tex-Mex food. The restaurant offers countless variations of burritos, tacos, and bowls, all said to be made with the freshest ingredients.

Customers have a choice of four different tortillas, plus fillings ranging from shredded pork carnitas to vegan picadillo.

The company says it gives you plenty of fresh vegetables and 20 different toppings so you'll create a custom-made dish you're sure to love.

11. Luke's Lobster

Alexis Lamster lobster roll from luke's in the east village
Alexis Lamster / Flickr

Luke's Lobster — founded by Maine native Luke Holden — is spreading the New England "lobstah" roll sandwich far from its roots.

Holden started with a restaurant in New York in 2009, and his chain now operates in a wide range of places including Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Japan and Taiwan.

On its website, Luke's Lobster says it partners with the Ocean Foundation to support the coastal communities where its seafood comes from.

12. Dog Haus

Loaded-up hot dogs prepared at the Dog Haus location in Menifee, California
Dog Haus

Dog Haus ("The Absolute Wurst," the tag line says) is elevating the humble hot dog similar to the way chains like Shake Shack and Burger Fi have taken the hamburger up a notch.

The Dog Haus menu includes the "Sooo Cal," featuring wild arugula, avocado and spicy basil aioli; and the "Pineapple Express," which comes wrapped in bacon and is topped not only with pineapple but also pickled jalapenos and a few other things.

The first one opened in 2010 in Pasadena, California, and there are now more than 30 locations nationwide, with another 20 or so in the works.

13. Yolk

Sunday brunch at Yolk
Yolk / Instagram

Yolk is a brunch and breakfast joint that serves "unique and innovative dishes to thousands and thousands of loyal customers each week," according to the company's website.

While the menu offers the usual stuff, like eggs Benedict, more adventurous diners might want to try the breakfast mac and cheese (loaded with ham and bacon and topped with a fried egg) or the "South Beach."

It's half a pineapple filled with yogurt, granola and other fruit. Yolk has restaurants in Chicago, Indianapolis and the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

14. Next Level Burger

Eating a plant-based burger from Next Level Burger
Next Level Burger

This one may seem like a contradiction. Next Level Burger is a burger chain that's meatless.

Though everything on the menu is plant-based, the company tries to give its customers an authentic burger experience by offering a burger that "bleeds" — from beet juice.

Next Level Burger currently operates in five states (California, Washington, Oregon, Texas and New York), primarily within Whole Foods supermarkets.

15. Slapfish

Slapfish location at Los Angeles International Airport

Slapfish calls itself "a modern seafood shack." It puts new spins on traditional seafood favorites.

For example, the fish and chips can be ordered as a sandwich, and the clam chowder can come served atop fries. The popular "clobster grilled cheese" features lobster, crab and a creamy sauce.

Slapfish is in six states but is growing quickly. Founder Andrew Gruel told QSR his goal is to have 100 locations within five years.

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