Let Fiona help you pay off your credit card debt

Fiona is a free online service that shows you the best lending options to consolidate your debt and save a ton on interest charges.

You’ll see all the lenders willing to help pay off your credit cards with a single personal loan, and be able to comparison-shop for the lowest rates.

You can borrow up to $100,000 (with no collateral) at interest rates as low as 3.84%, and you get to choose your repayment schedule – typically 24 to 84 months.

Depending on how much interest you pay on your credit cards, a debt consolidation loan could save you thousands of dollars.

Take Julia, for example. She had a store credit card with a killer 22.99% interest rate, and was swamped with $12,500 in debt. By trading in that debt for an 84-month personal loan at 5% interest, she's saving a total of $10,400 in interest costs.

If she'd stuck with her credit card and just made the minimum payment of $350 per month, she would have paid around $22,000 in interest alone over 11 years. Yikes.

Even if you're just curious about your options, checking rates on Fiona is a smart idea. It won't hurt your credit score, and it will probably save you a bundle.

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