10. Stop, Drop, and Wait 10 Seconds

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Impulse buying is your greatest enemy

Impulse buying is your greatest enemy. Credit cards make snapping things up so easy, and online shopping is 100% geared towards encouraging people to click and spend as fast as possible. Think about how you feel when you see a deal countdown timer or a flash sale ad.

To combat those evil marketing geniuses, always have a shopping list and try to stick to it. Every time you are about to buy something that isn't on your list, stop. Put the item down (or take it out of your virtual cart) and think about whether you really need it right now.

Taking 10 seconds to think a purchase through is usually enough to make a better decision. Consider how your credit statement will look at the end of the month. Is there anything else you need more? If the purchase can wait, then don't rush it. You might find a better deal somewhere else, anyway.

There's also a traditional wait time of 30 days on a bigger purchase. If you stop yourself from buying something immediately but you still need it or want it 30 days later, then it's a fair bet you can go ahead and get it. Just don't forget to shop around for the best deal first!

11: If You Haven’t Already, Butt Out

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Is there a more expensive and destructive habit?

That is, quit smoking already! Is there a more expensive and destructive habit? We don't think so. Cigarettes are a black hole for money — and if they don't kill you outright, medical bills down the road might. Kick this habit to save your money...and your life.

For more information on the money you can save from quitting smoking and drinking, you might be interested to visit our article on the subject, Here's How Rich You'd be if You Stopped Drinking and Smoking.

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