1. An essential oil diffuser

essential oil diffuser
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There’s no denying the calming effects of a pleasant smell.

There’s no denying the calming effects of an appealing aroma. For some, it’s freshly cut grass. For others, it’s Nana’s home-cooked spaghetti and meatballs.

For those of us who hate cutting the lawn and don’t live with our grandmothers, there are essential oil diffusers.

Experts recommend essential oil blends like lavender, frankincense and orange to relieve stress, but I say it’s important to find a scent that takes you to your happy place.

You can actually buy fresh-cut-grass essential oil on Amazon, and basil essential oil smells a lot like Grandma’s home cooking! What’s more, basil oil is soothing.

If part of your stress stems from your messy home that smells like gym socks and the "dog's" flatulence (I'm looking at you, significant other), essential oils also are great at masking that "unwelcome energy."

Th VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser gets mostly excellent customer reviews and is priced under $35. If you’re purchasing your first essential oil diffuser, you also should pick up this essential oil sampler kit .

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