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2. Before choosing a bank, do your homework

The InterGalactic Banking Clan
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The "Star Wars" fiat currency was introduced by the InterGalactic Banking Clan.

In the "Star Wars" universe, fiat currency was introduced as the "Galactic Credit Standard" by the InterGalactic Banking Clan, which resides on the planet Muunilinst.

The Banking Clan gives loans to whomever they want, because all they care about is making a profit on interest payments.

This is similar to banks in the real world. You won't get turned down for a mortgage simply because you're a Democrat or a Republican. All the bank cares about is if you pay your loans back on time.

In the war between the Republic and the Separatists, the Banking Clan uses loan payments from one side to lend to the other, while they pocket the interest. This is why customers (like you!) need to investigate banks before settling on one.

The bankers eventually are arrested for embezzlement, and Senator Palpatine gains control over the "corrupt banking system." At the time, everyone is very happy about Palpatine's rise to power, but anyone who has seen all of the movies knows that this is bad news.

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