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20. Your cellphone data plan

The data plan is one reason your monthly wireless bill is so dang high. Lose the internet capabilities and go back to having a phone that's just a phone. Maybe it's not as much fun that way, but it's less expensive.

Businessman with bills and smart phone at the table. Calculation of costs
chingyunsong / Shutterstock
Your cellphone data plan is may be one reason why you're broke.

19. Netflix

You can chill just fine without The Crown or Stranger Things.

Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin in a scene from Netflix's
Curtis Baker/Netflix
Do you really need that Netflix subscription?

18. Concerts

Concerts can be crowded, you can have a terrible view, the acoustics tend to be awful and the performers can be off key. Just watch them on YouTube instead.

video streaming, online concert, woman watching live music clip on internet on laptop in cafe
Ditty_about_summer / Shutterstock
Watching concerts online costs less and has fewer hassles.

17. Store-bought gifts

Do they really need more stuff? Bake or make something more meaningful that you know they'll really love.

Christmas: Woman Holds Out Gift Of Home Baked Bread
Sean Locke Photography / Shutterstock
Make or bake gifts, instead of running to the store.

16. Alcohol

This may be the hardest one to give up when you've got money issues and need to save. But if you're going out to bars all the time, you could easily be spending $20 to $50 a week on booze, not to mention pushing up your calorie count.

Young man drinking a beer from glass
Ray Bond / Shutterstock
When you're on a budget, it may be a good time to quit drinking.

15. New clothes

Trust us: No one will notice if you're still wearing last season's styles. (But if you're 10 or 20 years behind, you're in trouble.)

Girl choosing what to wear sits in front of hangers with dresses
fizkes / Shutterstock
The clothes in your closet don't look as bad as you might think.

14. Amazon Prime

Why spend $99 a year just to make it even easier to feed your shopping habit?

delivered stacking packages put in front of the door
ND700 / Shutterstock
Your Prime membership just makes it easier to shop and spend.

13. Cable TV

Cut that cord that's costs an average $101 a month. There's plenty of stuff to watch for free online.

Cutting cable with clippers
releon8211 / Shutterstock
Join the cord-cutters and save!

12. Sporting events

Sports stadiums suck huge amounts of money from taxpayers and fans. Spare yourself the high ticket and food prices and cheer from the comfort of your couch instead.

man watching American football match on TV (television) with feet on table, eating snacks - stock photo
Blackregis / Shutterstock
If you're a sports fan, the best seat is probably right in front of your TV.

11. Going out to the movies

The average cost of a movie ticket is around $9, and you're also likely to blow money on drinks, popcorn and parking. You probably own a few movies that you haven't watched in a long time, so stay in and fire one up!

Close-up batch of DVDs in packing boxes
Ingrid Balabanova / Shutterstock
When was the last time you watched that "Footloose" DVD on your shelf?
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