Where the heck did 2017 go? It seems like suddenly we're in a new year dealing with holiday debt hangovers and the dead of winter.

But here's a thought that might brighten your spirits during these cold, gray days: You can save a ton of money in 2018 --- and it's not too difficult.

We've pulled together five ways to save more than $2,000 in 2018. Now that seems like an idea that can warm up any cold January night!

1. Just call and ask for savings

Young woman, with man at her side, talking on her smartphone with a service provider
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You need to call service providers and ask about ways to save.

Take a close look at all of your routine bills — including your insurance, your gas bill and your cellphone plan — because you might easily be paying too much. And sometimes all you have to do to cut those costs is pick up your phone.

A quick call to your insurance agent might bring you a new discount that cuts your car insurance rate by $120 a year, a call to your gas company could reveal hidden rebates that save you $5 a month, and a call to your cellphone provider could result in a cheaper plan that costs $10 less each month.

Savings for 2018: $300

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