When you grow up poor, the fact that other kids have servants picking up after them, take family vacations on the other side of the planet and get a brand-new sportscar when they first learn to drive can all be pretty hard to believe.

But those other kids --- you know, the rich ones --- can be just as baffled about how the other half lives.

This question got people going on Reddit recently: What are some things rich kids won't understand growing up?

What would you say? Take a look at 10 of the most riveting responses.

10. That hanging out can be a luxury

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The rich girls didn't understand why the poor girl wouldn't hang with them.

When I was young and super poor my rich friends would get mad at me for not having the money to do things with them. From their perspective I was just ditching them all the time.

More recently my significant other (who comes from a wealthy family) and I have been making common law official and moving towards being "married" and he totally freaked out about the fact that I have student loans. Apparently he didn't realize that a kid who grew up below the poverty line wouldn't have school paid for them in full.

In other words rich kids don't seem to get that money can be scarce.

| DaughterEarth

9. That certain gifts aren't givens

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When you're poor, there's no new car in the driveway when you turn 16.

[A rich kid won't understand] that when you turn 16 you don't get a car, you just get to be 16.

| jonhalo

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