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When you grow up poor, the fact that other kids have servants picking up after them, take family vacations on the other side of the planet and get a brand-new sportscar when they first learn to drive can all be pretty hard to believe.

But those other kids --- you know, the rich ones --- can be just as baffled about how the other half lives.

This question got people going on Reddit recently: What are some things rich kids won't understand growing up?

What would you say? Take a look at 18 of the most riveting responses.

18. That not every kid gets a grand from Grandpa

Grandfather is sitting near Cristmas tree in Santa Claus's hat at table at night at home.
Andrew Angelov / Shutterstock
The kids got $1,000 from Grandpa every Christmas.

I had a good friend whose grandfather was a multimillionaire. His family lived within reason in a nicer middle-class home.

But Grandpa liked to give each grandkid a thousand dollars for Christmas, and each kid got a new car for their 16th birthday (as long as they were good, passing grades, etc).

By comparison, I don't think I held a $100 bill until I got my first paycheck.

So my buddy always has the new games and new clothes. He drove the newest car, and while he was responsible considering what he was given, he didn't know what it was like to go without.

| Seabee1893

17. That public transit isn't a Hollywood concoction

Handles for standing passenger inside a bus
Vereshchagin Dmitry / Shutterstock
She thought the bus handles were only in the movies.

My friend, whom I love very dearly, was a little ignorant when it came to public transportation.

She took the bus one day, which she had never done before.

Soon after she Snapchatted about how she didn't know that the plastic looped handles that you hang onto hanging overhead were real and not just in the movies.

| crazymermaid

16. That hanging out can be a luxury

Three young women enjoying cocktails and taking a selfie
The rich girls didn't understand why the poor girl wouldn't hang with them.

When I was young and super poor my rich friends would get mad at me for not having the money to do things with them. From their perspective I was just ditching them all the time.

More recently my significant other (who comes from a wealthy family) and I have been making common law official and moving towards being "married" and he totally freaked out about the fact that I have student loans.

Apparently he didn't realize that a kid who grew up below the poverty line wouldn't have school paid for them in full.

In other words rich kids don't seem to get that money can be scarce.

| DaughterEarth

15. That certain gifts aren't givens

Modest older home with an empty driveway
Susan Law Cain/Shutterstock
When you're poor, there's no new car in the driveway when you turn 16.

[A rich kid won't understand] that when you turn 16 you don't get a car, you just get to be 16.

| jonhalo

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