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Remember back in school, the kids who never joined in any activities, wore worn-out clothes and never paid for their meals in the cafeteria? But maybe they were just antisocial, thought shabby was chic and managed to con the system out of free food. They weren't really poor!

You may have thought that back then. But now that you've gotten out into the world, you might know better.

Recently on Reddit, people who grew up in middle and upper class families were asked: What did you not believe about low-income households that was actually true?

In the words of Reddit readers, these are some of the biggest eye-openers about how poor people really live.

Any restaurant can seem like a luxury

Plain cheesecake on a plate
The girl wanted plain cheesecake but thought she'd have to order cherry cheesecake and scrape off the cherries.

Eating out at restaurants isn't common for everyone.

My mom gave a girl on my basketball team a ride home from an away game. I can't remember what the reason. We decided to grab a bite to eat and asked her if she had a preference. She picked a buffet place, saying that it is where her family goes. Turns out it was the only restaurant she'd been to, other than fast food from time to time. A few months later she was with us at an Italian place that was slightly upscale. She didn't know how to order, so my mom did it for her. For dessert, she asked for cherry cheesecake and then whispered to me that she'd just scrape the cherries off. I flagged down the server and had them change it to plain cheesecake.

I felt so sorry for her because she was just uncomfortable. I also realized I was pretty spoiled and appreciated my parents much more.

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