Residents are the most financially prepared for retirement in these cities

To see how a city ranked within only its state, either sort the table on the “State” column or type your desired state into the search bar.

To be considered for this ranking, a city had to have a minimum of 4,000 households with retirement income.


All data found in this report comes from LendEDU licensed the dataset provided by Great Data, which derives mainly from the U.S. Census Bureau. For some data points, like “Number of Households with Retirement Income” and “Average Household Income From Retirement,” the data comes from the U.S. Census Bureau but Great Data also calculates its own projections based on historical trends to provide the most up-to-date data.

For some cities listed in the report, Great Data provided multiple ZIP Codes within the city, with each ZIP Code having its own data. In these instances, we combined all ZIP Code data for that city and weighted the “Average Household Income From Retirement” figure based on the “Number of Households with Retirement Income” figure in order to provide a single weighted stat line for each city.

To be considered, a city, or all of its ZIP Codes, had to have a minimum of 4,000 households with retirement income.

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